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16 Best Burst Fade Haircuts for Men in 2020

Undoubtedly, burst fade haircuts are some of the trendiest and most fashionable haircuts for men in 2020. The burst fade often looks great when combined with a Mohawk haircut, and it is created by merging the taper down the nape and around the ear.

In most cases, the burst fade is rounded and coiled at the back and along the sides, making it an ideal variation of fade for the Mohawk. The burst fade resembles the drop fade, but the key difference is that, in burst fade, the focus is on the edge of the hairline. With myriad variations of burst fade hairstyles, you can rock it with virtually all the best haircuts for men.

Some of the amazing haircuts you can wear with the burst fade are: Mohawk fade, comb over, flat top, quaff, fohawk, and pompadour. Also note that though the burst fade was traditionally meant for black guys, white men can still rock it and look trendy with their long, mid-length, and short styles.

We have collected some of the trendiest burst fade hairstyles for men in 2020. Whether you are looking for a low, medium, or long burst fade, these hairstyles will motivate you to give a shot to this unique look! Take a peek.

1. Burst Fade Mohawk

A burst fade haircut styled on curly hair and a cross design created on one side. A clean cut hairline continues to the beard

Do your kinky hair causes you trouble when it comes to styling it? You got a solution for your 2020 hairstyling needs with this burst fade.

The haircut includes making high bursts on the sides, starting from a bald fade to a less deep one. Your temples and hairline are given an edgy cut, and if you have a beard, you can opt for an edgy shave. Your Mohawk gets a sassy look that is worth creating envy among your admirers.

2. Burst Taper

A burst fade style with medium hair taper and clean cut hairline

Your thick hair will never disappoint you with this style. Burst taper gives you the flexibility of styling your hair and rock the look you want effortlessly.

This hairdo does not require you to expose your skin. Its burst leaves some hair as what is essential is ensuring that your hair remains straight. You might need to trim those hair tips to give your style a high definition.

3. Curls Burst Fade Taper

A burst fade haircut featuring a low fade and long curly hair on top

This haircut is an ideal look for men who cherish their masculine vibe. The trendy hairstyle gives you a bald burst fade on the sides and does perfectly with a clean taper.

Your curly hair should be short to make this look more desirable. A razor is used to create a design to the beard, leaving you with a flawless look.

4. Comb Over Burst Fade

burst fade look with two hair lengths and a low fade. The top long hair is combed to the sides to create a comb-over look

The hairstyle suits bearded and non- bearded guys. It gets its name from how you style this haircut. Once you get a fade on the sides, you use your comb to manage your Mohawk. Usually, the hair is combed on the side, in the same direction.

You get to choose the burst you want, either a bald burst or one that leaves some hair. Whichever you feel comfortable with will give you a fresh look.

5. Hard Part Burst Fade

A top fade haircut with hair on top styled smooth using mouse

If you are looking for a men’s haircut that will leave you looking elegant and stunning, but you have no idea of a hairstyle to choose, here is your answer. A burst is created on the sides and the back of the head. A distinctive line is then made at the front all through to the cortex.

Finally, the top hair is brushed with a fine comb. The hairstyle makes you look classy and honorable. It is undoubtedly a must-have haircut this year.

6. Side Part Burst Fade

A burst fade haircut with side parted hair and barely noticeable fade transition


In this men’s haircut, the hair is given a burst on the sides and tapered around the ears. Thick hair is left on the top, and then a small section is trimmed at a different length on the side.

Hair is then brushed from the side, up, giving you a distinctive look. What else could you ask for if you have thick hair?

7. Undercut Burst Fade

A low burst fade haircut with an undercut at the nape of the neck

A haircut that looks good when styled on medium length hair. A low burst is created on the sides and the back of your head.

The undercut is cut at the back of your head. A line or two is created, usually close to your neck. You can set your hair in any style, provided you leave the undercut visible.

8. Dyed Burst Fade

A high burst fade haircut with hair dyed in brown color

Do you feel excited each time you get to work with colors on your hair? A dyed burst fade can serve you perfectly well. Once you have your burst fade, you can choose any color to dye your hair.

A dyed burst makes you conspicuous. If you are the guy who shuns attention, you may not want to try this hairstyle. It is for the boldest men out there who always want to steal the show wherever they go.

 9. Simple Burst Fade

A modest burst fade with barely noticeable hair fading transition on the sides and back

If you do not want your burst fade to be too detailed, you should go for this style. The only important part in which the barber concentrates on this haircut is around your ear.

Once he creates a Mohawk look, your style becomes complete, and you are good to rock this stylish look.

10. Ponytail Man Bun Burst Fade

Long hair styled into a ponytail man bun paired with a burst fade

It is one of the ridiculously beautiful styles you can go for in 2020. To achieve it, you need to grow out long hair on the top for the ponytail man bun.

The burst fade is created around your head and usually maintained high. The edges are given a sharp finish to provide you with a daring chic look.

11. Usher Burst Fade

Medium length burst fade style with one clean cut line at the nape of the neck

It is named after the famous musician, dancer, and songwriter Usher. He is fond of this hairstyle, which he often wore during important occasions.

It includes giving a slight burst on the sides and maintaining some length on the top. The haircut is easy to style and maintain, and you can DIY at home if you want.

12. Low Burst Fade

A low burst fade haircut with straight hair and clean hairline connecting the beard

This burst fade is ideal for hair of all lengths. It is also easy to maintain and does not require a lot of craft.

For the burst, you can choose either from high, low, bald, or medium size. The edges are given a sharp cut to offer you that outstanding look you desire.

13. Straight Hair Burst Fade

A low burst fade cut styled on straight hair

This haircut is proof that regardless of the type of hair you have, you can rock a burst fade. This haircut is styled on thick and straight manes and looks amazingly stunning. As opposed to kinky hair sported by black guys, this straight, shaggy haircut provides the perfect contrast.

14. Designed Burst Fade

A medium burst fade haircut with an eye design slightly at the back of one ear

This haircut works well with long thick hair, which is slightly curled. The burst fade is created on the sides, and it is on the fade where a design is cut. You can write a name, draw patterns, or whatever art you want.

This style requires excellent skills, and you should always ask your barber if they can do it. Highlighting this burst makes you demand attention from those around you.

15. Braided Low Burst Fade

A burst fade haircut with four light braids and clean cut hairline

You need to have some light braids to create this hairstyle. Medium length hair is convenient for this hairdo. A low burst fade is created on the sides, and the edges are cut sharp. Then, your Mohawk is lightly braided using fixed strands.

This style is easy to style and manage and should not take you long to learn to care for it.

16. Tattoo Burst Fade

tattoo burst fade cut with faded hair along the hear connecting the beard

This haircut is an ideal look for guys with tattooed necks. Depending on the type of tattoo you have, your barber should know which burst fade will match with yours.

The type of the tattoo you are wearing dictates the burst you get. Thus, these bursts may not look alike on the people wearing tattoos on their necks.

Among your 2020 bucket list should be wearing a burst fade haircut. The best thing is that there is a wide range of choices that you can choose from. Regardless of your type of hair, you can always have a hairstyle that brings out the elegance in you.

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