Best Lavender Tattoos

Top 51 Best Lavender Tattoos [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Lavender, with its purple hues, has long been associated with royalty and elegance, while the variety of uses it has makes its significance even more complex. These lovely flowers, thanks to their multifaceted nature and charming looks, are excellent inspirationand the following pieces show just how diverse and excellent lavender tattoos can be.   

1. Realism Lavender Tattoos

Wrapping Lavander Tattoo

Colored Lavander Tattoo

Turtle Carter Lavander Tattoo

Levandulova Lavander Tattoo

Fine Color Lavander Tattoo

Floral Lavander Tattoo

Bouquet Lavander Tattoo

Like all art, at its core tattoos are about self-expression and individual tastes and sensibilities: what is the perfect design for one person would leave someone else full of dread and regret. That’s why it is important to find a design and style that suits your tastes 

For some people this can only be accomplished through a realistic tattoo, and lavender makes excellent subjects for this style. The lavender plant is made up of long sprigs, each with a number of buds and flowers. The shape and color of lavender flowers provide artists an opportunity to capture the details and create a sense of depth that perfectly suits a realistic approach, and these tattoos are great examples of this style.

2. Neo Traditional Lavender Tattoos

Potion Lavander Tattoo

Crystal Lavander Tattoo

Amethyst Lavander Tattoo

Crystal Colored Lavander Tattoo

Collar Bone Lavander Tattoo

Neo-traditional is an interesting style that takes elements of American traditional tattooing—notice the bold outlines and fully saturated colors—but shakes off the strict rules in favor of a style that is more open to creative expression. The results can be stunning.  

With their unmistakable purple color and the opportunity that they provide to incorporate different elements, lavender flowers are great subjects for this style. In the hands of a talented and creative artist the sky truly is the limit for these one of a kind tattoos.  

3. Lavender Tattoos Featuring Bees

Bumble Bee Colored Lavander Tattoo

Wildflower Lavander Tattoo

Bee Lavander Tattoo

Bee Honey Comb Lavander Tattoo

Dotwork Bee Lavander Tattoo

Peony Lavander Tattoo

Without bees, there would no flowers. No, really. The bees of the world are absolutely essential for flowers to reproduce; in fact without bees the entire global ecosystem would collapse. This makes them great elements to incorporate into lavender tattoos. Plus they’re really cute.  

From black and gray pieces that utilize stipple shading and are reminiscent of lithographs, to tattoos that use vibrant colors and perfectly capture all the tiny details of these hard working insects; these tattoos are excellent examples of how bees can be incorporated into lavender designs.  

4. Delicate Lavender Tattoos

Pretty Sternum Lavander Tattoo

Flawed Lavander Tattoo

Wreath Lavander Tattoo

Rose Color Lavander Tattoo

Ornamental Lavander Tattoo

A popular trend in tattooing—especially among ladies—uses precise line work and an informed but limited use of color, shading and script to create designs that are as light as air. This style is perfect for these lavender pieces—lavender tattoos are also popular with ladies—thanks to this delicate application.  

5. Black and Gray Lavender Tattoos

Sprigs Lavander Tattoo

Eucalyptus Lavander Tattoo

Cute Bracelet Lavander Tattoo

Rabbit Foot Lavander Tattoo

Latin Lavander Tattoo

Chest Hand Lavander Tattoo

Black and gray tattoos, in the hands of a skilled artist, can make for some of the most impressive pieces, despite their lack of color. Through clean line work and smooth, precise shading, tattoos can be created with a number of different styles and approaches; while most people think of portrait work and photo-realism, black and gray ink can be successfully applied to almost any style.  

There is also a curious intellectual contrast that is created when using black and gray ink to create flowers and it can make for some very interesting pieces, as these lavender inspired tattoos demonstrate.  

6. Framed Lavender Tattoos

Line Colored Lavander Tattoo

Lines And Dot Lavander Tattoo

Apollo Lavander Tattoo

Moon Bright Blue Lavander Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Lavander Tattoo

Sometimes a good frame is required to fully appreciate the beauty of a painting, and this philosophy can be applied to tattoos as well. A frame can enhance the overall composition of a piece by taking what might otherwise look like a flower, awkwardly floating on the skin and turning it into the focal point of a unique design. When it comes to these framed tattoos an interesting trend is also gaining popularity.  

A frame is created—whether it is square, circular or a diamond—but then the image breaks the boundaries and flows onto the surrounding skin. These tattoos are great examples of this technique successfully applied.  

7. Technical Lavender Tattoos


Dainty Tulip Lavander Tattoo

Weird Lavander Tattoo

Girl Moon Lavander Tattoo

Black Crystal Moon Lavander Tattoo

For some people the technical skill and difficulty of a tattoo is just as important as the significance behind it. Much like how jazz-heads are impressed by the skill required to understand and perform a composition, so too are these people inspired by the difficulty of method and application required to complete a stunning tattoo.  

These pieces are great examples that utilize a variety of styles and approaches to create excellent tattoos that are both deeply personal and technically impressive.  

8. Abstract Lavender Tattoos

Sunflower Rat Lavander Tattoo

Hedgedog Lavander Tattoo

Heart Lavander Tattoo

Dragon Lavander Tattoo

Just as some people prefer the realism of certain designs, other people place more emphasis on a creative tattoo than how realistically the elements are depicted. However, abstract does not necessarily refer to the melting clocks of Dali, or the swirling colors of Van Gogh; sometimes the abstract is more in the concept than the application.  

These lavender tattoos, with their mice, hedgehogs and dragons, are great examples of designs that take an abstract approach to the content over of the application.  

9. Fine Line Lavender Tattoos

Generation Lavander Tattoo

Dotwork Lavander Tattoo

Paw Print Lavander Tattoo

Hand Holding Wildflower Lavander Tattoo

Mason Jar Lavander Tattoo

Wildflower Lady Lavander Tattoo

Fine lines and a subdued method can be used to create excellent tattoos and lavender, with its long, thin sprigs dotted with buds and flowers, is perfectly suited for this approach. With precise line work and limited color, these pieces utilize opportunities for different shading techniques and these tattoos are great examples of what is possible with fine lines. 


Lavender Tattoo FAQs 

What do lavender tattoos symbolize? 

Purple has long been associated with royalty. Historically, this was because of the time and difficulty required to make purple dye. Known as Tyrian Purple, the color could only be created by catching an absurd amount of a specific mollusk, meaning only the richest could afford this rare color. It is no surprise that Lavender maintains this connection to royalty; however, lavender has more interesting significance beyond its regal color.  

Lavender is associated with purity, devotion, and serenity; and anyone who has ever wandered through a lavender field knows the ability for this aroma to transport you to a different place. Because of this calming effect lavender has been utilized in teas and lotions for centuries. Lavender also has medicinal uses as a natural anti-septic and anti-inflammatory, which is why lavender oil is the most widely used oil in the world.  

All of this, as well as its lovely appearance and connections to the purple crown shakramake lavender one of the most varied and complex flowers that anyone can get tattooed on their skin.


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