best shag haircuts for men

25 Best Shag Haircuts for Men

Whether it’s tousled, long, mid-length, short, or layered, shag haircuts have gained tremendous acceptance by men across the world, and the reasons are apparent.

Shag hairstyles are easy to style and incredibly low maintenance. Many celebrities have rocked the shag haircuts since the 1970s and, since then, have only gained more and more popularity.

When some men started wearing shag hairstyles in the early 1970s, its popularity increased, and almost all men and women were rocking shag haircuts by the mid-’70s.

Red carpet regulars such as Mic Jagger, Rod Stewart, and David Bowie wore this phenomenal hairstyle for guys, and quickly its demand rose in an unpreceded manner! Since the shag is effortless to style and goes well with almost all hair types and colors, as well as different settings, it is one of the most versatile and fashionable haircuts for men.

Basically, shag is a hairstyle styled by layering the hair at the top and the sides. The outcome of this is a crown-like hairstyle with the right amount of messiness. You can decide to wear your shag short or let hair reach the shoulders.

Though shag hairstyles have their roots from pop stars, they are suitable for office settings as well.

Another advantage of shag haircuts for men is that they are effortless to style and comparatively low maintenance, although this is determined by how long or curly you wear them. We have collected the best shag haircuts for men. Continue reading to explore more.

1. A Shag Haircut with a Bowl Cut

Well, we have been waiting for a bowl haircut, and it is here with us thanks to the Asian men’s hair trends. However, this time this adorable hairstyle incorporates a seamless twist that gives an entire look a modern vibe. The shaggy layers added to this bowl cut gives you a boyish look that makes you appear younger than your real years!

2. K-Pop Shag Hairstyle

This K-pop inspired hairstyle is typically a modern take of the choppy bowl haircut. As opposed to a bowl haircut, the shag is shaded in pink to make the hairstyle brighter and more defined. Pink is the most preferred hue when it comes to K-pop hairstyles, but you can also opt for other hues of the rainbow. It is a common shag hairstyle among Japanese/Koreans since it looks great on round-shaped faces. To rock this look, you need some courage since the hairstyle is attention-grabbing.

3. Casual Shag Haircut for Guys

Are you looking for a shag haircut for men that you will wear every day? Well, this is the right haircut for you. To rock this look, you would want to maintain your hair a tad shorter compared to what you wear. With this hair length, you will have a versatile haircut that you can rock for both formal and informal settings.

4. The Mullet Haircut

The versatility and uniqueness of this 1960s hairstyle are two aspects that will make us not forget it. Want to rock the hairstyle that reminds you of the ’60s fashion? Well, the mullet will do that perfectly. Apart from being easy to style, the modern mullet is incredibly effortless to maintain, and it is now on-trend.

5. Spiky Shaggy Haircut for Men

Well, this is the right time to take a break from serious and office haircuts and rock something rebellious; the spiky and shaggy haircut. The roots of this hairstyle are styled shaggy while the tips are maintained spiky for an edgy look. It is a great look you can try this year.

6. Layered and Wavy Shag Haircut

In this shag hairstyle, the locks are maintained slightly longer so that the stylist can create waves. This is a casual style ideal for informal occasions. It involves pushing hair to the back and the sides. The hair on sides is styled to cover the ears, and that at the back reaches the nape of the neck.

7. Long Hair with Faded Sides Shag Hairstyle

This shag hairstyle is in a cyberpunk category where there are long and dark locks falling over the forehead. The long hair in front is paired with shaved sides and back. The long locks on top are styled messy by scouring them with the fingers in all directions. The haircut is easy to style, and it will take you some few minutes to achieve.

8. The Mop-Top Shag Hairstyle

This is a great hairstyle for guys with thick hair. It involves swooping the long locks towards the front and the sides. The tresses on the sides cover the ears while that in the front almost covers the entire forehead. The manes at the back also cover the nape of the neck, making it complete and messy.

9. The Korean Blonde Shag Haircut

The popularity of this hairstyle cannot be underestimated, especially among the Asian guys. The haircut features long and black hair, where it is styled to cover the ears on the sides and fall in the front, almost covering the forehead. An elegant shag haircut for Asian men that doesn’t need hair products to style, or facial hair to look great.

10. Shaggy Short Haircut

To rock this shag hairstyle, you would want to trim your hair to a shorter length and ensure none is covering the forehead. However, you should keep the manes on top relatively longer compared to that on the sides so that it gives a lot of options for styling. For instance, you can choose to tousle it or keep it natural, but messy. For guys with straight hair, you would want to use hair products to enhance the volume of top hair.

11. The Combover Bangs

Bangs are a great element when it comes to styling shag haircuts for men. Apart from making your shag appear voluminous, they boost the depth and dimension of your shaggy hair. For instance, this shag haircut with flowing bangs is adorable. The bangs are combed to one side on the front for a spectacular look. It is an ideal look for guys with square or angular face since it gives it a softer feel.

12. Extra Extended Bangs

When it comes to shag haircuts for men, all that we are looking for is a comfortable hairstyle and one that will reduce the number of times we visit our stylist for touch-ups. Those are two elements that this hairstyle offers guys thanks to its extra-long bangs that go some inches below the ears.

13. Surfer Shag Haircut for Guys

Are you a surfer and looking for an easy to maintain surfer haircut? Well, nothing shouts shaggy better compared to a group of beach waves. This blonde medium length hairstyle for men makes us miss the summer fun in the sun and swirling water along the beach. To enhance your waves, apply some sea-salt spray, and you will be good to go.

14. Shag Haircut Paired With Beard

As far as hair styling for men is concerned, beards make a perfect combination with all men’s hairstyles. So, if you want to rock a shag hairstyle and you have beards, you can be sure you will be rocking an attention-grabbing hairstyle worth imitating. You will look masculine and badass as you could conceivably be, and you deserve an applause for that.

15. Urban Shag

Got mid-length locks and wondering what to rock? Well, the urban look is what you have been missing. Rather than concentrating on improving curls, just add bangs and comb them to the back. Don’t forget to add some a few loose strands to give your style a relaxed touch.

16. A Shag Haircut Paired With Disconnected Fade

Both disconnected styles and a shag haircut are on trend this year, and when you combine these two trendiest hairstyles, you get a haircut that is a show-stopper. This haircut gives you a unique feel that shows creativity, coolness, and freedom.
To rock this look, create a disconnected cut and make sure it is highly textured and style messy locks on top by combing through them using your fingers. This gives your hair depth and volume.

17. Medium Curly Shag

This is a must-try shag haircut this year for guys with naturally curly hair. The haircut looks great on mid-length hair, and for a unique look, you would want to pair it with a fringe. Add more layers on the hair on top so that the curls look more defined and free. You can also rock this look with short hair if you want something low maintenance.

18. Shag Quiff

There is no doubt a quiff is one of the best hairstyles for men across the world. The best aspect about it is that it can be worn in different ways, and one of them is a shag. This hairstyle proves that men’s shag haircuts for men don’t have to include only curls and bangs. You can accomplish a shaggy touch by styling your manes up to reveal texture and layered appearance. To rock this look, you need quality hair products, a brush, and a comb. You may want to experiment severally with this look before you get the ideal look.

19. Subtle Highlights for Guys

If you thought that only women could rock highlighted hairstyles, this subtle highlights for guys would prove you wrong. The rationale of adding highlights is to emphasize texture on the hair on top and improve its fullness. It is a stunning hair idea for guys in 2020.

20. Just Woke Up Look

You can achieve entirely any look with medium hair length. Mid-length hair offers you a lot of freedom when it comes to styling. One effortless option is to clean your hair and create a shaggy look using a blow-dryer. This gives you a style that screams, ‘just woke up now.’ This hassle-free and straightforward look is set to impress even the prettiest girls.

21. A Cropped Shaggy Haircut

This shag hairstyle is an excellent example of how men can keep a check on their shaggy hair and still look fresh. All that you need to do is get this haircut from a barber who understands how to style the right layers and create perfect angles. Styled correctly, this hairstyle will guarantee you several head-turns.

22. Jon Snow Shag Haircut

If you are a fan of the Game of the Thrones series, there is no doubt you know Jon Snow. One of his favorite hairstyles is the long and messy haircut. The hairstyle features shaggy hair on top, and the sides styled to the back. The locks at the back cross the neckline slightly. All that you want to do is make sure that hair is maintained at the medium length and utilize the right shampoo, and you will have a hairstyle to rock every day.

23. Blown Back Messy Hairstyle for Men

In this shag haircut, the mid-length hair appears to be blown back by the wind to give a messy look. The medium-length curls or waves can appear incredibly beautiful if styled correctly, leaving the forehead free from any long tresses covering it. You may want to shave your facial hair completely to make the style smarter and office-appropriate.

24. Ivy League Shaggy Haircut

The best thing about an Ivy League haircut is that you can rock it in different variations. For instance, this is a messy variation of the Ivy League. It features bleached hair that is swept to both sides, creating a part. The waves are noticeable, which are achieved by utilizing a pomade and covers the ears. This is the best hairstyle to choose if you need a haircut that is casual but smart.

25. Shaggy Straight Haircut

The prerequisite of rocking this hairstyle is that you should have thick and straight hair. To achieve this look, comb your medium length locks to the front and sides. Ensure the hair on the front covers some part of the forehead, but not to hinder your sight. It is an incredibly low maintenance haircut for stylish guys.

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