Top Best Shoe Shine Kits For Men

Top 16 Best Shoe Shine Kits For Men – Polished Dress Shoes And Footwear

Even the most well-dressed gentleman sometimes requires maintenance in order to continue portraying a keen sense of dignity and civility.

Shoes are a staple of any wardrobe, and while premium dress pairs deserve the same level of care as any other world-class accessory, they are also more prone to scuffing and general wear-and-tear merely as a result of their function.
Properly maintaining a pair of exquisite leather shoes is difficult without some help from a product that offers the same level of quality.

Shoe shine kits are by far the most effective and simple method of cleaning, buffing, and polishing your very best shoes. These kits are designed to include everything necessary to produce shimmering shoes that nearly provide a perfect mirrored reflection. Choosing the most effective shoe shine kit might be difficult, but the following list of top-tier kits is a great start for your search.
With any of the world-class shoe shine kits for men in this collection, you’ll be able to keep your dress shoes looking their most pristine.
Polished Mens Leather Dress Shoes
What you’ll need:
– Horsehair Shine Brush
– Horsehair Polish Applicator
– Polishing Cotton / Shine Cloth
– Tin of Polish
Nice to haves:
– Valet Footrest. (Container)
– Disposable Gloves
– Edge Dressing
– Newspaper (For easy clean up)
How to polish shoes:
1. Clean dress shoes with a slightly damp rag or better, a horsehair shine brush.
2. Cover shoe with polish using the brush. (An old t-shirt works as well)
3. Allow time to dry. (Aprox 15 min)
4. Brush all the excess amounts off your shoe
5. Buff/rub a cotton ball or shine cloth in circular motion on the heel/toe.
When it comes to polish:
Here are my top 7 best shoe polishes for men. Some of the better options like Angelus, Collonil, and Saphir can’t always be found in the ready to use kits. Though, you can still pick up some fine choices like Allen Edmonds or Lincoln Wax in a simple starter set.

Best Shoe Shine Kits For Men

1. Kiwi Military Shoe Shine Care Kit

Kiwi Shoe Shine Kit, Black (2 Tins, 1 Brush, 1 Dauber and 1 Cloth)
Black leather shoes are never going out of style, which means shoe care kits like this one from Kiwi will always be necessary. Military members who constantly have to keep their boots in prime condition would do well with this kit since it includes two tins of black shoe polish, a horsehair shine brush, a dauber, and a shine cloth.


2. Kiwi Shoe Shine Valet Kit

Kiwi Select Shoe Care Valet Kit, One Kit, One Size
Kiwi has a deeply rooted reputation in the premium shoe care market, and this shoe care valet comes with ten accessories that will make cleaning and polishing your shoe collection much easier. The box is made from durable wood finished with a dark stain, and it comes with both black and brown shoe polish, two horsehair brushes, and a shoehorn.


3. Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish Black Brown Neutral Shine Kit

Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish Black, Brown, Neutral Variety 3 fl oz, 3 Pack
Perhaps you have experience with world-class shoe shine kits, and you already have plenty of brushes, but you need to restock on shoe polish. This 3-pack from Lincoln is sure to offer the added polishing power you need. The set comes with brown, black, and neutral polish colors, the polishes are made from imported carnauba wax and other top-quality ingredients.


4. Kiwi Deluxe M 26 Shoe Shine Kit

Kiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M-26
Military personel must keep their shoes and boots in pristine condition, and this Kiwi Deluxe kit is perfect for the job. The kit is perfect for travel thanks to its small size, and it includes two tins of black shoe polish along with an applicator and shining brush. This kit was curated for military usage, but it’s available for all.


5. Moneysworth And Best 5 Piece Set Military Shoe Shine Kit

Moneysworth & Best Military Shoe Shine Kit - 5 piece set
This 5-piece professional shoe shine kit provides all the basic equipment necessary to restore the shine to any pair of leather shoes or boots. The carrying case is made with a convenient nylon handle and a quick zip enclosure, and the kit includes black paste polish, a shoe horn, a dauber, a polishing brush, and a cotton flannel polishing cloth.


6. Allen Edmonds Starter Shoe Shine Kit

This incredible starter kit is both elegantly packaged and perfectly suited for restoring your dull shoes to a rich shine. It includes two different shoe polishes, a bottle of premium leather lotion, a horsehair brush, and a flannel polishing cloth for detailing. The included nylon zip case is convenient for storage and travel, making this kit ideal for many occasions.


7. Allen Edmonds Woodlore Professional Style Cedar Shoe Shine Valet Kit

Cedar Shoe Care Valet w Starter Kit I in Natural Finish
Some shoe shine kits go above and beyond their competitors, and this kit from Allen Edmunds is one such product. The beautifully crafted cedar chest that holds the individual components of the kit doubles as a shoe valet thanks to the shoe rest on the top of the box. The cedar chest can be lightly sanded to accentuate its aroma.


8. Allen Edmonds Woven Leather Shoe Shine Kit

Allen Edmonds Woven Leather Shoe Shine Kit For Men
 Premium shoe shine kits are given a new standard with this woven leather shoe care kit. It includes everything necessary to keep your best shoes looking their most brilliant, like two horsehair brushes, two polishing clothes, a pewter shoe horn, and four sets of replacement shoelaces. Its leather carrying case is both supple and durable, so it’s ideal for travel.


9. Diamond Resources 8196 Bamboo Hand Crafted Shoe Shine Kit

Local shoe shine parlors have become all but extinct over the recent years, but that doesn’t mean a premium shine is unattainable. With this kit from Diamond Resources, you can experience the classic shoe shine from the comfort of your own home. The footrest is contoured for maximum comfort and stability, and the box is made from lightweight Bamboo wood.


10. Feetpeople Valet Shoe Shine Kits

Many shoe valet boxes are built from subpar materials or with shoddy craftsmanship, but not this kit from Feet People. It’s constructed of top-grade Maple and finished with a gorgeous Mahogany polish. The leather care kit comes with enough accessories to keep even the softest leather looking plush and luxurious for years. Additional accessories can also fit in the box.


11. Florsheim Cedar Box Shoe Shine Kit

Cedar is one of the most popular materials for shoe valets, and this box is made with top-quality wood with a highly appealing aromatic scent. The box is expertly crafted and includes a built-in shoe rest, black and brown shoe creme, two brushes, and a cloth shammy. A premium polished wooden shoehorn also comes with the kit for added convenience.


12. Footfitter Classic Shoe Brush Set 8 Pieces Men’s Shoe Shine Kit

FootFitter Ultimate Shoe Brush Set, 10 Piece, Cleaning and Polishing Tools for Leather and Suede!
Those who already own a premium shoe shine kit but need to expand their brush collection should consider this kit from FootFitter. This 8-piece set includes German-made brushes for polishing, cleaning, and daubing fine leather shoes. It also comes with two brushes designed for use with suede and nubuck shoes. These beautiful brushes use horsehair, coco, nylon, and brass bristles.


13. Shinekits Ultimate Mens Shoe Shine Kit In Cocoa Finish

Expert craftsmanship is given a new standard with this kit. The box is made from dense Douglas Fir wood and finished with a cocoa brown polish. It comes with three individual tins of Angelus shoe polish, featuring black, brown, and neutral colors. The box also contains two applicator brushes, two polishing brushes made with horsehair, and two flannel shammy cloths.


14. Shinekits Ultimate Mens Shoe Shine Kit In Honey Finish

The box for this kit is made from strong Douglas Fir, which is one of the most stable and long-lasting building materials available. Inside the box, partitions separate the included accessories for easy storage and organization. The exterior of the wooden box is finished with a premium Honey stain that accentuates the natural and beautiful features of the layered wood.


15. Ted Baker London Brogue Mens Shoe Shine Kit Brown

Stay as dapper as your wardrobe allows with this amazing shoe shine kit. It is packaged in a stunning faux-leather carrying bag in the brogue style, and the bag conceals two brushes, two tins of premium polish in black and neutral, and a soft polishing cloth. It’s easy to maintain a gentleman’s visage with this premium kit from Ted Baker.


16. Ted Baker Shoe Shine Kit For Men In Black

Premium shoe shine kits like this product from Ted Baker are designed to make life easier for the fine shoe enthusiast. Such shoes require a fair amount of attention to keep them at their best, and this kit includes everything required for proper maintenance. Its leather-effect case and 6-inch brushes are second to none, and the included polish is divine.


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