Big Beard Styles For Men

50 Big Beard Styles For Men – Full Facial Hair Ideas

A large, bushy beard is the epitome of masculinity. It conveys ruggedness, outdoorsmanship and bravery. Thankfully, it’s also one of the easiest beards to grow with the proper hair genes and the necessary patience.

Little did you know that some of these hefty beards also have specific names and trimming requirements.

The Garibaldi: It’s round and wide with a heavy bottom, covering most of the cheek area, like a sexy Santa Claus. The bottom is rounded and wider than the owner’s face. It works well particularly with wider or rounder face shapes and thick, wide mustaches.

The Verdi: Similar the Garibaldi, this style is also large and full. The difference here is that the beard leaves the cheeks mostly bare and the bottom is squared rather than rounded. The less cheek coverage, the more the mustache is accentuated, so a drastic handlebar would go nicely with this beard.

The Woodsman: This is for the true outdoorsman who doesn’t want to bother with grooming – or at least wants to give a similar impression. This beard is mostly grown as is for as long as possible. However, a little upkeep is necessary every once in a while, snipping stray or uneven hairs when they crop up. Sideburns are usually kept thin and slowly fade into the beard to place more emphasis on the front view.

Looking for more manly facial hair styles? Check out the 50 beard styles for men.


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