Black Band Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 43 Black Band Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Black band tattoos encapsulate the cutting-edge nature of 21st century ink. These explosively lavish designs are positively redefining body art for a new era.

To convey intensive emotional depth alongside a capacity for intuitive wisdom, nothing quite matches the solemnly charming background of black band tattoos.

These captivating adornments instantaneously embody a dynamic understanding that extends throughout the entirety of mankind’s capacity for experience. No other type of illustration can convey this wide-ranging breadth in such a beautifully streamlined fashion.

Generally speaking, black armband tattoos typically signify grief and hardship. They are predominantly acquired as a way to remember a supremely significant loss. As a result, they are sometimes ascribed with the essence of funereal tributes. This underlying meaning allows for the timeless preservation of a dearly departed individual’s memory.

The uncompromising ability to survive all trials and tribulations is also encompassed by a black band tattoo. These rings may possess all ranges of thickness and duplicity. Each increase in numerical quantity may be used to represent another challenge that has been overcome.

Overall, the spiritual value must be witnessed firsthand. Get a feel for the marvelously miraculous methods of making flawless black band tattoos with our rich collection of finished products below:

Black Band Tattoo Ideas

Abstract Black Band Creative Guys Tattoo Ideas

This is an exceptional abstract new wave tattoo. The black band tattoo is the focal point of the image, it’s use of the solid ink allows the geometric designs to work from that in the application of color and line work

Awesome Negative Space Dotwork Male Black Band Tattoo

Negative space is the key element making this black and gray forearm band standout. The artist conjures geometric shapes, and separators for the shading by creating images in the area that’s not tattooed, then highlighting them with canny black/gray shading patterns.

Black Band With Cube Tree Forearm Tattoo On Gentleman

There are two black bands here – one done with minimalist line work, and a slightly fatter one. They cleverly provide a sense of shape and help focus the entire image, allowing the solid black to play off the more detailed rectangular tree boxes.

Cool Mens Black Band With Mountain Landscape Arm Tattoo

Deft shading turns a ho hum thick black band into a beautiful drawn mountain panorama. The solid thin black line below gives the upper image contrast.

Cool Pattern Black Band With Solid Ink Mens Forearm Tattoo

This series of black bands is skillfully executed. The hey is making the largest of the three bands hollow and having a variety of black line work deployed to create a great pattern. The upper band meshes well with the smaller, solid black bands beneath it.

Curved Black Band Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

Black bands don’t have to be straight and severe. This cool black band calf tattoo looks like it went outside on a hot day and parts of it melted.

Double Negative Space Key Black Band Forearm Tattoos For Men

This pair of black bands are symmetrically perfect. The keys- reverse engineered with negative space – being back to front here give each band a unique identity.

Double Solid Ink Black Band Guys Tattoos

This is an effective minimalist pair of parallel lines – which are lines that travel the same plane but never meet.

Gentleman With Black Band Roman Numerals Forearm Tattoo

Negative space has been used strongly to create the Roman numerals inside of an otherwise solid black band tattoo.

Geometrical Pattern Black Band Lines Mens Arm Tattoo

This is a funky geometric band. The short, crisp black lines being laid down together inside the band’s various makes for an intricate pattern.

Grass Black Band Mens Forearm Tattoos

The artist creates coolly individual bands for his subject in this artwork. Rather than make them staid, similar, flat black bands he makes the top one look like a slightly fraying band of fabric, while the second has fully been torn asunder on the bottom line to create a spiky, nicely detailed pattern. This is top quality work.

Guys Dotwork Geometrical Black Band Leg Tattoos

Guy With Lower Leg Black Band Tattoo Design

Guy With Name Black Band Negative Space Tattoo

Linework Male Black Band Sleeve Tattoos

Lower Leg Dotwork With Solid Black Band Mens Tattoo Designs

Lower Leg Floral Black Band Flower Mens Tattoo

Lower Leg Shaded Black Band Mens Tattoos

Manly Lower Leg Male Black Band Abstract Tattoo Design Idea Inspiration

Masculine Double Black Band Male Forearm Tattoo

Masculine Guys Black Band Tattoo Ideas

Mens Black Band Negative Space Star Forearm Tattoo

Mens Dotwork Black Band Modern Wrist Tattoo

Mens Double Black Band Forearm Tattoo Designs

Mens Forearm Black Band Tattoos

Mens Two Black Band With Thin Solid Line Tattoo On Forearm

Minmalist Black Band Tattoos For Men

Negative Space Cross Male Black Band Forearm Tattoo

Negative Space Key Black Band Mens Leg Tattoo Design Inspiration

Ornate Black Band Male Arm Tattoos

Paint Brush Black Band Mens Forearm Tattoo

Pattern Male Black Band Tattoo On Forearm

Simple Black Band Mens Forearm Tattoos

Solar System Black Band Mens Forearm Tattoo With Dotwork Design

Solid Ink Black Band Male Leg Tattoo Ideas

Solid Lines Black Band Mens Wrist Tattoos

Spiral Black Band With Red Line Mens Leg Tattoo

Three Black Bands Mens Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Male Black Band Forearm Tattoos

Triceps Black Band Cross Tattoo On Male

Unique Black Band Wrist Tattoo For Guys

Woodgrain Memorial Black Band Guys Tattoo Designs

Wrist Crossed Black Band Tattoo Designs

Black Band Tattoo FAQs

What does a black band around the arm mean?

Solid black band tattoos traditionally pay tribute to lost loved ones or the death of people of personal significance. It allows the subject to remember their loss by acknowledging their memory through body art.

Remembrance is not the sole reason individuals choose to get black armband tattoos. In some quarters they represent strength and courage or be a part of a wider geometric pattern.

At other times a black armband tattoo can be most effective in covering up old or poorly drawn previous tattoo pieces.

How much does a solid black armband tattoo cost?

Depending on the placement, a solid armband tattoo can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete. 

The average pricing sits between $150 – $200 per hour. Highly skilled, in demand artists can charge up to $500 per hour, while apprentices and less skilled artists are as little as $75.00 per hour.

Also be aware that due to the nature of armband tattoos some color can drop out, necessitating touch ups. Make sure you clarify pricing and touch up options with your artist before sitting down to get inked.

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