Black Suit Styles For Men Fashion Ideas

50 Black Suit Styles For Men – Classy Male Fashion Ideas

Love the touch of class a black suit offers? Then don’t hesitate to get on trend! Just make sure to follow a few simple style rules specific to this look.

First, fit is everything.

Nothing beats an impeccably tailored black suit on a man, but nothing ruins that aesthetic faster than a baggy, saggy silhouette.

Jackets should offer a snug, though not restrictive fit. Pants should be streamlined, with the hem just skimming the tops of well-coordinated shoes. (More on that below!)

A Statement On A Spectrum

Consider your coloring when choosing your hues. Yes, there are many hues within all colors, including black! Keep this in mind when choosing your black suit ensemble. Stark, inky blacks can play well for darker complexions, but easily wash out fair-skinned guys. There’s nothing especially fashionable about looking washed out.

Fair-skinned men should choose more in the range of dark greys than tuxedo blacks.
We touched lightly on the topic of shoes earlier. This is an important aspect of any overall look, but when it comes to a primarily black palette, it becomes even more crucial. Take special care in picking out shoes that will set off your black suit style rather than take away from it. The main consideration is the shoes should be black.

This isn’t mere guidance but a well-established rule among those in the know. Of course, one can always stray off the accepted path and forge their own way in fashion. If something just feels right, then buck the trend and go for it. But generally speaking, black shoes polished to a shine are what most black suits call for.

Make Minimalism Work

Remember to take care with the selection of accessories, too. A man wearing a black suit is a decidedly minimalist statement, and your accessories should reflect that. That doesn’t mean you can’t show off your personality, but you do need to practice a bit of restraint. Aim to strike a balance somewhere between the disappointing “not enough going on” and the embarrassing “way too much going on” zones. With ties and pocket squares, the sweet spot lies in choosing subtle textures over bold, zany patterns.

As for shirts, you can go black-on-black but remember it is possible to overdo it. Light-colored shirts can really make a black suit pop. Now that you’ve been properly briefed, go out and get stylish!


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