Best Braids Hairstyles for Men

26 Best Braids Hairstyles for Men in 2020

7A hairstyle brings out a fair bit about a person, and that is why men are keen when it comes to hairstyles selection. That is true, especially when the haircut in question doesn’t follow the typical short sides and back.

With these kinds of men’s hairstyles, you can easily tell more about their taste in music, fashion and even tell the type of job they do. But that is just a small bit about men’s hairstyles, most of them are more about the inborn tribalism: we like to appear like men who came before us.

Braids have embraced this idea and done it the best. Since the time immemorial, braid hairstyles for men have been a fixture, used as a way to display status and power by different subcultures spanning from China, Scandinavian to Africa.

26 Elegant Braid Hairstyles for Guys

Braided hairstyles for men are the best ways to show their personality and break the monotony of short sides and back haircuts. So, continue reading below to explore some of our hottest braid ideas and choose your favorite look to rock this year.

1. Undercut Braids

A Standout Braid Haircut Featuring Braids Paired With An Undercut

If you need to rock men’s braids and you need a unique style, the best way to achieve that is to complement your braids with an undercut. 

The best thing is that you can choose from so many ways of wearing an undercut-from faded to the top and disconnected undercut, there is no doubt you will get an outstanding look. 

If you need to bring out a specific part, opt for an undercut to achieve that.

2. Feed-In Braids

A Man Wearing Feed In Braids That Start Thin At The Hairline And Growth Thicker Towards The Top Of The Head

If you want to rock thicker men’s braids, then you should opt for the feed-in braids.

To simplify this for you, feed-in braids are thin at the starting point (usually at the hairline) and gradually gets wider as they approach the top of the head. 

It is a great look for guys who need to achieve a great shape for the entire hairstyle.

3. Duo Braids and Cornrows

Two Long Men’s Braids Paired With Cornrows On The Top, Starting From The Front To The Nape Of The Neck

This list wouldn’t be exhaustive without including this classic combination of braids and cornrows. Two braids paired with cornrows is an easy hairstyle to achieve and complements a lot of facial features. 

Besides, the hairstyle is even made to look more sophisticated and stylish by the cornrows that are meticulously designed on the top. The longer your locks, the better your duo braids will appear.

4. Mohawk Braids for Men

A Braided Men’s Mohawk Hairstyle With Shaved Sides And Long Braids On Top Starting From The Front To The Back

What about if you naturally rebel and, on the other side, you like braids? Well, you have nothing to worry about. You can still reveal your rebel without a cause by rocking braided hairstyles, and Mohawk braids would be the best pick for you.

There are a plethora of unconventional braids for guys that you can choose from, but braided Mohawk is first on our list. The style can be as creative as you want it to be as long as it achieves what you need to tell the world. 

For your Mohawk, you would want to shave the sides as it is usual for typical Mohawk, and then braid some few strands on the top.

5. Double Man Bun Braids

A Man Bun Style Paired With Two Thick Braids. Braids Are Ideal For Man Bun Styles

The man bun hairstyles have been around for years, and probably you have rocked one, or if not, you have seen one by now. But do you know how many variations of man buns are there? 

Well, when you pair your man bun with two braids, you achieve a chic and sophisticated hairstyle that is worth copying. The hairstyle brings out your masculinity in an enviable way. Two braids are the best pair for man bun styles.

6. Viking Braid

A Long Viking Braid Paired With An Undercut

Do you want to achieve a Viking look? Well, this Ragnar Lothbrok Viking braided hairstyle will be ideal look for you. 

In this hairstyle, long locks are pulled back and styled into a single braid. And if there are no strict dress codes at your workplace, you may pair your braid with an undercut for a more standout look.

7. Extended Box Braids for Guys

Men’s Box Braids And Long Braided Hair Held At The Top With An Elastic Band

In most cases, men rock braid hairstyle as extensions for the existing hair. The rationale behind this is that men are able to enhance the length of their locks without necessarily having to wait for their hair to grow long.

Besides, box-braids offer protection to your lock as they grow out.

8. Layered Braids

A Man Wearing Medium Length Layered Braids

This modern take of cornrows can be styled hanging or ponytailed, depending on how you want it to look. 

It looks great on short hair since the locks won’t fall on the eyes. Besides, it is ridiculously low maintenance and easy to maintain.

9. Braids for Short Hair

Thin Men’s Braids For Short Hair. You Need The Patience To Get This Hairstyle

It is not like taking a walk in the park to get braids if you have short manes. However, it is possible for those who are daring and patient. 

To start, you ought to choose a set of thin braids for guys that suit your existing hair length. After this, you would need to wait for your hair to grow out in order to get more options to braid it.

10. Braids with a Knot on the Top

A Man Wearing Braided Hairstyle With A Small Top Knot

If you need braids that emphasize on the top part of the head, then you will end up with a top knot.

This is, especially, a great look for guys who don’t have a significantly long hair but want to rock braided hairstyles, anyway.

Well, a top-not is a great idea. But ensure that the knot is tightly wrapped so it won’t unravel during the day.

11. Natural Twists

Simple Braided Twists For Men Paired With Shaved Sides And Back

Who said braided hairstyles for men should always be in the conventional three-strand style? That is not always the case. Most of them look just fine with simple twisting. 

This is a recommendable style for men who need a natural take on their men’s braids. Besides, the hairstyle is effortless to achieve and maintain, so you will have more time to spend on other things.

12. Long Braided Locks for Guys

Long And Thick Braids Falling On The Shoulders. An Ideal Style For Guys With Long Hair

If you have been waiting for your locks to grow out, then nothing should stop you from rocking long braids. You have the ingredient you need-long locks. 

For a great look, style thick braids and let them fall on your shoulders. You can also rock the same look by adding extensions and creating box braids.

13. Braided Braids

Feeding Braid Black Hair Men Braid Style

Nothing stands out and complicated like braided braids. Though the hairstyle might look redundant at first, braided styles are the talk of the town right now, especially for black guys. 

The requirements to rock this look are long locks. To start, braid thin braids and then braid them to create larger braids. Braidception, right

14. Two Strand Braid Twists

A Man Wearing Two Braid Twits Paired With Shaved Side

Another amazing way to wear braided hairstyles for guys is by creating a timeless two-stand twist. Nubian twists inspire this hair styling method, and both African men and women mostly rock it. Besides, these styles don’t need long hair to create.

15. Two Braids Mohawk Paired With Side Braids

A Braided Mohawk Featuring Two Long Braids On Top Spanning From The Front To The Back And Short Braids On The Sides Cascading To The Ears

If you like Mohawk look, but you don’t want to rock the conventional styles, you can opt for a braided Mohawk, and instead of completely shaving the hair on the sides, create braids.

To don this look, you would want to start by parting the hair on top and then create two long braids on each side. Style the two braids starting at the front to the back to achieve a Mohawk look.

The short braids on the sides should be styled downwards, reaching past the ears or slightly above it.

16. Zigzag Braid

A Braided Hairstyle Featuring Zigzag Braid Pattern

You don’t have to rock what every other guy is rocking out there. Sometimes, you just need to collect the courage and don something that incorporates a unique vibe.

Even though you will need to seek services of an expert to rock this style, its end look will justify your efforts.

This zigzag pattern is what you need to set yourself apart from the others. Tell your stylist to style the design for you, and you will not be disappointed.

17. Tied Up Micro Braids for Men

A Man Wearing Micro Braids Hairstyle With A Small Ponytail On The Top

One of the best things about having medium-length braids is that they allow you to style them in different ways that fit your tastes and preferences.

For instance, you can style micro braids that are approximately three to four inches long and then tie them with an elastic band to create a ponytail. 

This approach is not only practical, but the hairstyle appears pretty good.

18. Top Braid Paired With a Ponytail

A Classic Braided Hairstyle For Men Featuring Top Braid, Ponytail, And Shaved Sides And Back

When it comes to braided hairstyles for men, the options are unlimited. For instance, you can come up with a braid specifically to be paired with a ponytail. In this case, the style looks great if you also complement your braid with an undercut and style the braid on the top. 

If you have long locks, this would be an added advantage since you would be able to collect the tips and tie them into a ponytail after you braid your locks.

19. Box Braids Paired With Temple Fade

Men’s Box Braids Complemented With A Temp Fade On The Sides

A box fade, popularly called a temp fade hairstyle, can have a huge effect on your hairstyle. The braids in this haircut play an essential role in enhancing dimension to the whole haircut by creating a contour at the hairline. 

If you want to rock top braids for guys, it would be a great idea to incorporate a temp fade into your hairstyle.

20. Funky Braids

An Adventurous Funky Braids With A Dye

If you are an adventurous guy, without a doubt, you need a haircut that will do your personality justice.

Funky braids are among those hairstyles that you will never regret when you choose it. Make your style even more unique by dyeing it with a different color.

21. Braided Locs

Dreadstyle Retwist Loc Bun

With locs, you can get a plethora of styles from them thanks to their versatility. For example, you can easily braid your locs to get an amazing braided locks hairstyle, sure to steal the show. 

Besides, when paired with an undercut, the results are something out of this world. You can try this look in your next hairstyling.

22. Ombre Braids for Guys

A Man Wearing Ombre Braids. If You Want You Can Opt For Multiple Shades

If you have managed to grow your locks to long length, you can explore the world of hair colors. The best thing is that you have endless options when it comes to dyeing your hair.

For example, you can opt for a single color or combine several shades or opt for ombre braids. If you wish, you can incorporate colorful beards to achieve the Fulani braids effect.

23. Two Small Braids and an Undercut

Small Duo Braids Paired With An Undercut And Un Braided Hair On One Side

This is the best hairstyle for men who just want to rock a braided hairstyle for fun. To rock this look, braid a small portion of hair, and this will give you not only a practical style but a unique look too. 

Get inspiration from this photo and create your subtle braids and pair them with an undercut for an edgy look.

24. Fishtail Braid

A Long Fishtail Braid Pair With Short Sides And Long Hair On Top

Do you want to incorporate a bohemian vibe to your braids? While dreadlocks are prevalent options for most men, you can opt for a temporary option like a fishtail braid. 

You can opt for one or two to achieve an impressive look. You can also pair your fishtail with shaved sides or long locks on top. The styling options are endless.

25. Fishbone braids

Fishbone Braids With A Middle Parting

As far as men’s braids are concerned, fishbone braids are widely embraced everywhere. And the best aspect of this style is that you don’t need to have long hair to pull it off. 

With your short hair, you can rock an appealing look. To create this look, you would want to create two braids side by side and part the braids with a clean line running from the front to the back.

26. Braids paired with bangs

Braided Hairstyle For Men With Faux Bangs

Depending on how you style your braids, and the length of your locks, you can include faux bangs into your style. 

To rock this hairstyle, you would want to incorporate a substantial amount of braids along the temple so that you can allow them fall into place and beautifully over the forehead.

27. Back crown braid

Men’s Braided Hairstyle Featuring Back Crown Braid

Normally, crown braids are styled in the front. However, this braided hairstyle for men has disrupted this norm to style the crown on the back. Basically, the hairstyle focuses on the back rather than the front. 

To rock this look, create two conventional braids and pin them on top of each other for a temp haircut.

Things to Consider before Rocking Men’s Braids

Before you plunge into your favorite men’s braid, there are some essential aspects you must consider if you want to maintain your style more Lil Uzi Vert than Riff-Raff. Take a peek here.

1. Hair Length

If you don’t have long locks, your dream of rocking braids may be in death bed. To rock braids, you need hair that is at least three inches long. That is typically the minimum hair length. 

Besides, the longer your hair, the more options you have to braid it. Short hair doesn’t offer the right hold to your braids and may not give you the look you want.

2. Hair Type

The type of hair also determines how best your braids are going to hold. Braids can be achieved on all types of hair, however, guys with curly or wavy hair get the best results. Slippery or fine hair can be challenging to keep in place. As such, you will need to use several elastic bands to keep the braids in place and neat.

3. Hair Thickness

Braids might not be suitable for you if your forehead seems to always win the war against your hairline. Braids make your scalp more conspicuous and, as a result, make receding hair more prominent.

Besides, if you braid your hair, you risk worsening things. Tight braids styled to remain for a few months can damage the hair root and cause hair damage and loss. When you get rid of the braids, you will get undesirable bristle-like hair. 


How to Take Care for Your Braids

While braids last for a long time, usually up to two months, they need careful maintenance to avoid fly-ways and getting frizzy. Oils and dirt can get stuck on the scalp, and therefore you need to wash and condition your braids regularly. 

Here are some things you ought to do to make your braids always healthy and last longer:

  • Moisturize your braids daily like you would with your hair: Apply Shea butter, leave-in conditioner or oil on your braids regularly. Ensure that you use your preferred hair product on your scalp to eliminate build-up and avoid dryness.
  • After seven to ten days, wash your locks: After washing, it is advisable to utilize pointed applicator since it makes coating of the braids easier.
  • Always wear silk do-rag when sleeping and use a silk pillowcase: You are advised to do so for all natural hairstyles since the soft fabric won’t interfere with your hair or remove moisture from it as cotton does. 


Our Final Say

Braid hairstyles for men are elegant, fun, and practical ways of styling long and medium-length hair. Guys with short hair can also try the few styles available for short hair. 

You can draw inspiration from your favorite rock-star or the values that the braids stand for. Either way, you will get a stunning look, and reasons to rock braids are entirely dependent on you. 

Braid hairstyles for guys are making a big come-back in contemporary culture thanks to men wanting to keep African culture and counteract white supremacy. Long-haired guys are also partly contributing to the resurgence of this great haircut since they are tired of man buns and want to try something different.

With a plethora of braid styles from across the world, there is a braid hairstyle that will suit your face shape and personality, whether you need a Viking look or a rock-star vibe.

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