Buzz Cut Hair For Men

Buzz Cut Hair For Men – 40 Low Maintenance Manly Hairstyles

From short to barely seen, when it comes to buzz cuts the options any man can go with are quite endless. However, trading in your grooming products still brings out a new challenge, picking your perfect number.

Will you go with a #0, #1, #2 or #3 when at the barbershop?

Of course, you can always add a fade to the sides too, or if you’re feeling a bit bold, perhaps some shaved in lines. In reality, the buzz cut is one of the easiest looks for any man to acquire, yet it still offers a lot of personalization.

Now, one of the most popular or classic styles stems from the military version, aka the high and tight. You’ll find the authoritative look among the Marine Corps and Army alike. Yet, this cut has still found its way into everything from politics to rock and roll, hip hop culture and more.

History aside, there’s a good reason why so many guys choose it, it’s functional.

Let’s look at the benefits:

If you have super oily hair and can’t stand it anymore, here’s your answer. With a buzz cut you can literally say goodbye to most of your hair care grooming needs. Sure, your bathroom might feel a bit light without the gels, pomades, and creams, but your wallet will definitely feel heavier over time with all the cash you’re saving.

Not to mention, you’ll find yourself making less trips to the barbershops. You might even end up wanting to buy your own electric razor to cut your hair at home.

Another thing to consider is how this haircut looks regardless of the weather or time of year. I’ll give you a clue, perfect. The wind and the rain are the least of your worries. Even if you have a beard, long or short, the buzz cut will more than often make it stand out in a good way.

So there you have it, the buzz cut in a nutshell. It’s a simple style with a lot of character depending on how you get it done. To give you an idea of how you can carefully craft the perfect look, I’ve put together a collection of 40 buzz cut hairstyles for men below. You’ll find everything from almost razor thin to thicker on top than most, and much more.


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Buzz Cut Haircut For Men

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