Cancer Ribbon Tattoos For Men

71 Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

There is no tribute that is more poignantly sentimental than a cancer ribbon tattoo. These charitable emblems are indisputably meaningful in the world of ink.

For an insightful touching piece of body art, health-conscious men are turning to cancer ribbon tattoos in droves.

The final effect is impressively attuned to society, so this type of emblazonment can make any guy appear humble and down-to-earth.

Despite their intrinsically compassionate nature, these simplified emblems are surprisingly easy to execute. Their effusive sweetness is further enriched by their malleable structure. The innately distinct logo is immediately recognizable at any shape or size.

With cancer ribbon tattoos, each color is automatically ascribed to a different form of the ailment. A multicolored display proudly raises awareness for all types of the disease, but solid hues are directly connected to specific afflictions. It is exceedingly wise to make sure that you choose the right shade before heading to the parlor. There are 30 official varieties in the spectrum, so each type of cancer can be directly combated by your valiant ribbon ink.

To see the gallantry in action, please feel free to peruse our visual encyclopedia up ahead! These noble niceties will leave onlookers completely awestruck.

1. Pink Cancer Ribbon Tattoos 

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world. Thanks to large-scale awareness efforts, this cancer’s pink ribbon is one of the most recognizable cancer ribbon tattoos. Whether you’re commemorating the fight of a loved one or your own battle – yes, men also get breast cancer – a pink ribbon symbolizes a very personal fight. 

Pink cancer ribbon tattoos can be personalized or plain, stand on their own or blend into a design or larger piece of ink. Be sure to choose a tattoo artist with extensive experience in color. The vibrancy of a pink tattoo depends, in part, on your skin tone. 

2. Black & Gray Cancer Ribbon Tattoos 

While we traditionally think of cancer ribbons as being colored to represent a particular illness, a black and grey piece is also symbolic and powerful. This might mean a black and grey design with a colored ribbon, or a slightly more mysterious tattoo with no color whatsoever. Precise linework, dotwork, photo-realism and other black and grey techniques offer a variety of options. Trash polka offers an edgy, modern take on black and grey themes. 

Black and grey is also a bold way to create lung cancer ribbon tattoos. Since these ribbons are white, they’re an ideal subject when it comes to using negative-space artistic techniques. 

3. Cancer Ribbon Tattoos with Flowers 

Symbolizing hope, rebirth, love and friendship, cancer ribbon tattoos with flowers are a timeless combination. Whether photo-realistic or slightly more old school, a flower tattoo can have many meanings. Floral-named women are easily represented with a flower tattoo. You could also use a personal-favorite flower or one with great memories, such as those in a wedding bouquet. 

According to the historical language of flowers, each flower and color has a very specific meaning. White roses, for example, symbolize purity and innocent love, while pink carnations represent hope. Combining a colored cancer ribbon with carefully chosen flowers makes a powerful statement regarding the survivor in your life. 

4. Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Representing a Fight or Battle 

Whether you or a loved one has finished or is in the middle of the fight against cancer, a tattoo representing their courage is a beautifully courageous choice. Boxing gloves are a classic representation of punching it out with a malignant opponent. Military-themed tattoos boldly honor the guts and dedication required to beat a deadly disease. 

Those who fight cancer sometimes identify with a particular warrior or weapon of battle. Consider Vikings, Samurai, Gallowglasses or Sun Tzu as well as swords, clubs, maces and battle-axes.

5. Combined Cancer Ribbon Tattoos 

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. If you or your family has been affected by more than one kind of cancer, combining the colors into one tattoo or a single ribbon is extremely significant. The size of the ribbons, the color fades and background imagery contribute strongly to this type of ink. Watercolor techniques are truly beautiful for this purpose, bringing a fresh pop of color to a sobering issue. 

Remember that a combined-color cancer ribbon tattoo is uncommon and eye-catching. You’re likely to draw curious questions if your tattoo is in a visible spot. Be sure you’re ready to talk about it before you commit. 

6. Personalized Cancer Ribbon Tattoos 

Losing or winning a battle with cancer is a hugely personal experience. It only makes sense that many cancer ribbon tattoos are highly personalized. This could mean incorporating a ribbon into a larger design which holds significance or adding a name. Inspirational words let you verbalize your feelings.

Dates are also quite personal – consider a birthday or the day you or your loved one was declared cancer-free. Collaborating with a loved one on a tattoo in their honor also lends an uber-personal touch and might even lift their spirits during difficult days. 

7. Simple Cancer Ribbon Tattoos 

Perhaps the most popular type of cancer tattoo, a simple ribbon says all that needs to be said. These tattoos can be tiny and hidden – excellent for avoiding painful questions – or big and vivid. Simple tattoos like these can be customized extensively. Adding a particular pattern, symbol or a bit of background all contribute to depth and meaning. The simplest tattoos are the most reliant on crisp line work and color usage, so be sure to choose a tattoo artist highly skilled in both aspects. 

Cancer Ribbon FAQs

What Colors are the Three Main Cancer Ribbons? 

Every type of cancer – even very rare ones – have a ribbon of their own. The three most familiar cancer ribbon colors correlate with the most common types of cancer. Breast cancer, signified by a pink ribbon, is the most common cancer in the world. Lung cancer is second and marked by a white ribbon. Prostate cancer is third and represented by a ribbon of light blue. 


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