Trash Polka Tattoos For Men

Top 101 Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

The supremely down-to-earth grandeur of graffiti has slickly hit the body art circuit with trash polka tattoos. These urbanely urban creations are sending confident shock waves across the entire planet.

For a prolifically cavalier mentality, guys everywhere are turning towards trash polka tattoos to unlock a preeminent composure. Trash polka designs are some of the 50+ best tattoo ideas.

These purposefully devised insignia are smoothly unabashed. They are always blatantly intense, but their uniting theme is the seasoned importance of street culture.

Trash polka tattoos succinctly combine a complex variety of startling icons and deadly imagery. The vicious arrangements are usually constructed with only black, white and red. Blood is a recurring accent in these astonishing designs. All text usually carries rough edges and an artfully unpolished vibe. This is accomplished via jagged engravings and simulated spray paint.

Inscrutable themes are another mainstay of trash polka tattoos. To deliver an eerie outcome, the shininess of pop culture seamlessly meshes with the righteously dangerous inner city scene. Obviously, this uncannily progressive ideation lends itself to dexterously stylish illustrations with serious originality.

To reveal the decadent machismo of this incipient body art genre, we have concocted an eye-catching list of the most beastly trash polka tattoos ever made. Prepare for a bizarro thrill!

Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas 

3d Eye Trash Polka Mens Arm Tattoos

A beautifully drawn, almost understated trash polka tattoo featuring an amazing eye focal point, etched with clarity and realism. The black chicken wire type alt pattern works in contrast while the quintessential red is used sparely in relief of the darker ink.

3d Skull Trash Polka Mens Back Tattoo

A wicked skull tattoo inked with excellent texture and emboldened by small, flashy half patterns in red ink. The clarity of line and shadow is the highlight of the body art.

Abstract Eye Male Trash Polka Tattoo On Chest

This is a cool trash polka tattoo combining newspaper and screen print application haphazardly rolled across the subject’s chest. The looping changes of direction and shapes meet random stamp and text effects to fashion a strange, yet good looking piece.

Abstract Trash Polka Creative Mens Ribs Tattoos

The vertical slash of red in the image center complements the flat black of birds, time piece and arrow. There’s even Nazca lines and isolated dotwork. One interesting thing about a trash polka art is it’s willingness to move in strange, loose directions across large swathes of skin instead of staying tightly controlled and sensible. 

Abstract Trash Polka Male Back Tattoos

This is a tremendous example of the manic, balls to the wall imprint that best sums up trash polka. There’s not much linking themes in the tattoo. It’s basically random stuff etched together and splashed with outlandish, bright red pattern amidst snatches of multilingual text and strange imagery.

Albert Einstein Trash Polka Mens Mathmatical Sleeve Tattoo

This trash polka tattoo is reminiscent of bed linen you can get from funky online stores with an eye for abstract art and love of Albert Einstein. The ability to mash up completely weird ideas and fashion tattoos of great style and technique are a highlight of the genre. Wild trash polka visions can’t be completed successfully unless both artist and subject understand the context (or lack thereof) from which they work in, and are willing to experiment.

All Seeing Eye With Heart Trash Polka Mens Arm Tattoos

A fantastic heart tattoo etched mostly with clever fine needle black ink and a commitment to clean, alternate patterns. The choice to use only a small snatch of red ink provides awesome contrast to the realistic heart and non traditional Eye of Providence characteristics.

Amazing Watercolor Trash Polka Abstract Arm Tattoos For Guys

A sprawling trash polka full sleeve epic. There’s clever geometry mixed with slashing unrefined black line work, ink splashes of varying blackwork shade and red color, and fat line housing a calligraphy aesthetic.

Angel Trash Polka Guys Half Sleeve Tattoos

Love linking  the newsprint dystopian quote with passionate classical heroes beneath. Uniquely for trash polka this art stays tight and mostly in control. The use of vivid, surging red ink provides contrast to the more precise elements underpinning the tattoo.

Awesome Trash Polka Hawk Mens Chest Tattoos

I like how the trash polka effects mix with more traditional animal realism in fashioning a tremendous falcon on the wing. The deliberately out of sync fine black line work adds artistic disorganization strengthened by cross hatches of bright red, yet still  narrows to life like delivery for the bird’s fierce countenance.

Birds With Clock Guys Shoulder Trash Polka Tattoos

This small tattoo is an excellent demonstration of abstract art. It’s less fractured and flashy than other trash polka examples but is strong technically in color and clarity. The heavy ink approach builds a blood smeared stamp like effect.

Bird With Rose Watercolor Trash Polka Mens Back Tattoos

Trash polka at it’s essence is hard core abstract and may be considered the tattooing equivalent of punk rock music. It doesn’t care how it looks, or what you think of it. Trash polka just goes extremely hard to capture it’s way of expression on skin. This effort is technically sound, but as with most others gets loose in theme and fashion. The red ink is gunned about the rest of the image in paintball scatter after the shaping detail of the classical rose. 

Black And Red Ink Hawk Trash Polka Chest Tattoos For Men

Black And Red Ink Outline Guys Trash Polka Star Tattoos

Black And Red Ink Skull Trash Polka Tattoo On Gentleman

Black Crow With Skull Trash Polka Mens Shoulder Blade Tattoos

Black Ink Abstract Male Trash Polka Leg Tattoos

Black Ink Trash Polka Abstract Arm Tattoos For Guys

Black Lettering Mens Trash Polka Full Leg Tattoo

Blue And Black Ink Guys Trash Polka Tattoo On Leg

Chemical Structure Guys Trash Polka Forearm Tattoo

Chemistry Trash Polka Mens Arm Tattoos

Cool Anchor Trash Polka Sailing Ship Guys Tattoos

Cool Birds Trash Polka Leg Sleeve Mens Tattoos

Cool Mens Grenade Trash Polka Arm Tattoos

Cool Red And Black Ink Sleeve Trash Polka Tattoos For Males

Dead Set On Living Guys Trash Polka Abstract Chest Tattoo

Deer Trash Polkamens Full Chest Tattoos

Eye With Arroows Trash Polka Forearm Male Tattoos

Feathers Trash Polka Guys Arm Arm And Chest Tattoos

Female Portrait Trash Polka Mens Roman Numeral Clock Upper Arm Tattoo

Fitness Mens Trash Polka Tattoos On Chest

Flower Of Life Trash Polka Mens Skull Tattoos

Flying Dove Trash Polka Tattoo With Train On Male

Forearm Trash Polka Skull And Crow Mens Tattoos

Full Back Mens 3d Trash Polka Skull Tattoo

Gask Mask Trash Polka Guys Skull Arm Tattoos

Gas Mask Skull Guys Trash Polka Forearm Tattoo

Gentleman With Moth Trash Polka Hand Tattoo

Gentleman With Roaring Lion Trash Polka Upper Arm Tattoos

Geometrical Trash Polka Skull Mens Inner Forearm Tattoos

Goverment American Trash Polka Guys Sleeve Tattoos

Guys Anchor Female Portrait Sailing Ship Trash Polka Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Guys Horror Trash Polka Abstract Upper Arm Tattoos

Guy With Arm Trash Polka Tattoo Skull Design Ideas

Guy With Female Portrait Trash Polka Black Ink Arm Tattoo

Half Portrait Half Skull Mens Trash Polka Foot Tattoos

Heart Abstract Male Trash Polka Tattoo Designs

Heart Trash Polka Guys Chest Tattoos

Hexagon Trash Polka Mens Sleeve Tattoos

Jesus On The Cross Trash Polka Guys Arm Tattoos

Letter V Guys Trash Polka Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Male With Rip Trash Polka Skull Half Sleeve Tattoos

Male With Skull Trash Polka Tattoo On Leg Calf

Male With Trash Polka Rib Cage Side Of Body Tattoo

Male With Trash Polka Warrior Helmet Arm Tattoo

Manly Wolf Trash Polka Guys Arm Tattoos

Man With Chest Trash Polka Skull Tattoos

Masculine Trash Polka Skull Tattoo On Upper Arm For Guys

Mens Clock With Birds Trash Polka Inner Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Gas Mask Trash Polka Arm Tattoos

Mens Masculine Full Back Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas With Realistic Design

Mens Spartan Helmet Trash Polka Arm Tattoo

Mens Trash Polka Molon Labe Inenr Forearm Tattoo

See some more molon labe tattoo designs here.

Military Trash Polka Guys Leg Tattoo Designs

Motorcycle Trash Polka Mens Inner Arm Tattoo Ideas

Musical Themed Trash Polka Arm Tattoos For Males

Outer Forearms Trash Polka Tattoos On Male

Playing Cards Trash Polka Guys Upper Arm Tattoos

Quote Trash Polka Mens Forearm Tattoo

Radio Active Quote Trash Polka Mens Arm And Shoulder Tattoos

Radioactive Trash Polka Mens Full Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Realistic Trash Polka Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Red Circles With Black Anchor Mens Forearm Trash Polka Tattoos

Roman Numeral Clock With Skull Trash Polka Back Tattoos For Men

Roman Skull Trash Polka Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Shaving Razor Guys Trash Polka Forearm Tattoo

Skull Clock Male Trash Polka Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

Skull Roman Numeral Clock Trash Polka Tattoo On Males Arm

Skull Rose Trash Polka Upper Arm Tattoos For Males

Skull Solider Trash Polka Tattoo On Mans Upper Arm

Skulls Trash Polka Abstract Male Arm Tattoo Ideas

Skull With Heart Trash Polka Mens Leg Tattoo Designs

Skull With Top Hat Mens Trash Polka Upper Arm Tattoo

Skyline Statue Of Liberty Trash Polka Guys Inner Arm Tattoo

Stairway Guys Trash Polka Clock Back Tattoos

Target Mens Trash Polka Chest Tattoos

Think What You Say Trash Polka Mens Lettering Bicep Tattoos

Trash Polka 3d Hourglass Guys Tattoos

Trash Polka Face Mens Arm Tattoos

Tv Head Mens Amazing Trash Polka Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Upper Arm Trash Polka Horse Tattoos For Men

Upper Chest Black Crows Moon Trash Polka Mens Tattoo Design Ideas

Vendetta Mask Trash Polka Mens Back Tattoos

Watercolor Abstract Trash Polka Mens Sleeve Tattoos

Watercolor Trash Polka Mens Arm Tattoos

Watercolor Trash Polka Star Mens Chest Tattoos

Wolf Trash Polka Chest Tattoos For Males

Wolves Trash Polka Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

Woman With Googles And Mask Trash Polka Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoo

World Atlas Mens Trash Polka Arm Tattoos

Trash Polka Tattoo FAQs

What is Trash Polka?

If insanity had a tattoo style it would be trash polka. Trash polka originated in Germany in the 2010s fashioning storytelling  tattoos out of disparately manic elements. The most visible emblem of traditional trash polka tattoo are red, black and white ink featuring abstract imagery and/or innovative script with ink splatters, smudges, and odd patterns in and around the design.

Trash polka is one of the fastest growing tattoo styles do to it’s freedom of expression, outlandish sense of verve, and the sheer audacity of it’s themes.

Do Trash Polka tattoos last?

Ink fades over time (thank you Captain Obvious). Trash polka tattoo is no different to other kinds of tattoo methodology in terms of longevity. Tattoos etched by professional artists, using fine quality ink, and rocking premium equipment last longer than pieces that don’t.  It’s that simple! Cheap and nasty tattoos tend not to hold up no matter the style. The way you care for your tattoo – immediately after getting tagged and over the long term – can also have a dramatic effect on your skin and the art you cover it with.

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