Comb Over Haircut For Men

Comb Over Haircut For Men – 40 Classic Masculine Hairstyles

In today’s times the comb over is making a striking comeback, though it’s not due in part to more males balding. In reality, this versatile style has taken on a modern approach, almost separating it totally from the definition of the original standard.

In the past the comb over was a true treasure among balding men, it offered a simple, yet somewhat cliché solution. However, that didn’t necessarily mean it was only reserved for males with a missing head of hair.

The truth is, the comb over was wildly popular back in the 20s among gentlemen with all sorts of hair types.

The original look: Hair combed over to conceal a bald spot on the top of the head. Styles dating back to the Twenties feature short hair with low volume.

The modern look: The classic comb over has transformed beyond the realm of older, balding men. Not to mention, the length and volume have greatly changed. Today, the style is as simple as it sounds, a literal comb over. However, they key difference can be best explained by two styles: Neat and loose. Gentlemen today wear the classic either true to the original style or with a more messy, higher volume look.

Another more modern trend has been to add a fade to sides, either taper, skin fade, etc more a bolder impression. Though, historically, while the sides were short in length they did not feature a fade.


The history:

If you look back in the 1920s, the sharp comb over was tremendously popular among professional males. The look was short in length, neatly combed and greatly suited for any businessman. Yet into the 30’s it sort of lost its touch, with more and more males starting to sport a slicked back style. During the 40s, waviness became all the rage, leaving the classic comb over more distant from the once perfected look.

Where things really took off for the style occurred during the 1950s. During the time period the classic comb over departed from it’s neat and clean style and evolved into a much longer style with considerably higher volume. If you’ve ever wondered where the messy and loose comb over of today’s times stems from, well, there’s your answer. Needless to say, the fifties were a key turning point for the trendy looks you’ll see today.


How to style it:

You have two options, the first being to follow the classic. Apply product to short length hair then set its direction with a comb. Continue to comb until you have achieved a clean, neat look.

Option number two means growing out your hair a bit till it reaches a medium length. From here the only difference in styling comes with how the end result turns out. You can think of it like a quiff hairstyle if you like, it’s very similar. Though, instead of being pushed up at the front, its more dragged off to the side.

However, it’s still styled the same only you need to add in the comb to your grooming routine. Wet, dry till damp then apply either pomade, cream or wax with your fingers. Go ahead and style it with your fingers first then make a finishing pass with the comb. You can go as neat or as messy as you like. The key with the lose comb over is to achieve a more messy and natural look once finished.


Explore the look:

With that in mind spend a moment exploring these top 40 best comb over hairstyles for men below. You’ll get a sense of what the classics look plus how some of the more modern touches fit in.

Regardless of how you go about getting on at the barbershop, you’ll be happy to know this style is literally timeless. It’s truly hard to go wrong with it because it subtly screams you’re a man with exceptional grooming habits.


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