Dementor Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Dementor Tattoo Designs For Men – Harry Potter Ink Ideas

There’s no denying the fact that Harry Potter is one of the most popular book series in the world, and the content found in those works is rife with inspiration for tattoos.

Originally thought of as a children’s tale, the story of Harry Potter includes elements that speak to nearly everyone, and the Dementors of Azkaban represent one of the darkest and most mysterious aspects of the series.

Dementors are horrible cloaked creatures that guard the wizard prison of Azkaban. They aren’t human, but they have a distinctly human shape despite their obvious magical quality. The creatures have no facial features beyond their black mouths, through which they can administer their most notorious punishment: the Dementor’s Kiss. While that sounds innocuous enough, it results in the victim losing their soul.

Dementor tattoos are common amongst men who enjoyed the Harry Potter series not only because they represent an unknown fear that even the protagonist of the story himself could barely overcome, but also because their imagery is stoic and gaunt. The creatures appear to be under the control of the good wizards, but they are much more in line with the Dark Lord. That ambiguity speaks to many who feel the Dementors are more than mere magical creatures, but that they actually have consciousness and free will.

The decision to get a dementor tattoo speaks to a desire to understand and acknowledge the dark side of life as well as the unknown that hides behind the veil of existence.


Amazing Mens Dementor Tattoo Designs

Awesome Dementor Tattoos For Men

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Dementor Guys Tattoos

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Dementor Mens Tattoo Designs

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Guys Dementor Tattoo Designs

Guys Dementor Tattoos

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Mens Dementor Tattoo Design Ideas

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