Dragon Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

70 Dragon Arm Tattoo Designs For Men – Fire Breathing Ink Ideas

Virile and mysterious, dragons represent the hidden primal beast in men. Their serpentine and reptilian traits make dragons the most exotic and intriguing of all mythical creatures.

Dragons open up a world of mystical fascination where anything is possible.

Those who are hot blooded and passionate are instinctively drawn to these firebreathing creatures.

Intelligent and cunning, the Chinese dragon is a four legged reptile that best represents those who desire bold statements of color and patterns. A symbol of authority and power, each unique dragon symbolizes the strength, character and dominance of the bearer.

Those who are worthy of the dragon style let it fluently contour the muscles and tendons of their arm, which accentuates the sinewy lines of the muscular dragon’s body. Clarity of detail and personal symbols bring resonance to dragon’s ultimate creation as its shape comes to fruition across the landscape of the arm.

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, those who wear the dragon symbol represent the most prestigious and successful men who achieve outstanding success in all things they endeavor. Good luck abounds for all who don the righteous dragon tattoo and wear it with pride.

Unleash your inner warrior and ink creativity with the dragon’s fierce symbol of authority. Transcend to ancient times when brave knights vanquished these terrifying beasts in the field of battle, winning the hearts of everyone in the kingdom.


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