Grey Suit Styles For Men Fashion Ideas

70 Grey Suit Styles For Men – Classic Male Fashion Ideas

There is something so classic about a grey suit. Crisp, subtle and able to cross all season barriers, this style is both a throwback to a more dapper time, and an update most modern men need in their closets.

This fashion guide will help you understand key components to building the right grey suit looks.

Get Fit

The first rule of wearing a grey suit (rather than the suit wearing you) is all about fit. Proper tailoring is the defining, make or break point upon which style success depends.

This is true for any suit, but especially important with primarily black or grey palettes. A baggy grey suit will work on very few men. On the other hand, a properly tailored grey suit can make even the biggest fashion novice look like a magazine cover waiting to happen.

Speaking of fit and silhouette, avoid boxy shoulder pads at all costs! Embrace your own physique rather than attempting to fill out material with phony extra inches. Also remember that you should be able to bend and sit without reservation, so don’t go so fitted that you risk popping a seam should you drop your pen at the office.

Accessorize With Caution

In terms of accessories, keeping it simple is important. Think minimal, rather than flashy. Don’t completely stifle your personality, though! Consider a suit featuring small details on the lapel, or a jacket with an interesting cut. A slim black tie looks great with a grey suit, but if you want something more playful, go for it. Just keep an element of elegant restraint in mind.

You can also add a bit of personality with your shoes. Unlike a black or even charcoal grey suit (which almost always call for a black shoe), most light to medium grey suits can be paired with black, brown or burgundy shoes. And if you wear a belt, remember to match it to your shoes – much like a woman would match her shoes to her handbag.

That is, if you choose a belt. Many men are foregoing belts altogether these days as it can have a slimming effect. Any good tailor can remove your belt loops if you’re confident you won’t be needing them. That’s a decision you should make after you’ve worn your suit both with and without a coordinating belt at least a few times.


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