Best Hairstyles for Balding Men

22 Best Hairstyles for Balding Men in 2020

Balding is a big problem for most men. For some men, balding can start in their twenties when they are active and exploring life. However, for most men, they don’t experience balding until later in life. 

So, whether you are entering your golden ages or you are in your twenties and worried about your receding hairline, you can bald with grace. The trick is simple; just opt for the right haircut.

With a fade cut on the back and sides complemented with a pompadour, crew haircut, spikes, slick back, comb over, and buzz cut on top, men have numerous long, medium and short styles to choose from. 

If you are worried about your receding hairline, you are balding, or you are losing your hair, and you need to control your balding, we have collected some of the best hairstyles for balding men. Take a gander here.

1. The Peninsula

A Short Haircut With Highly Textured Hair. The Hairstyle Incorporates The Receding Hair Perfectly

As far as men want hairstyles that will make their bald less prominent, some haircuts take advantage of the receding hairline to give you a look that is praise-worthy. For instance, we like this short cut for men with receding hair. The haircut doesn’t cover the receding hairline.

Take that section of manes in the center of the head as peninsular that tells us more about your life experience. It would be an ingenious idea to include some natural waves in your manes to make the haircut more textured.

However, if you don’t have natural texture, you can apply some hair gel or clay and blow dry your hair to reduce fussiness.

2. The Buzz Haircut

A Buzz Cut Featuring Terse Hair

If you don’t want to shave your hair completely to the skin, why not opt for a standard buzz haircut? This is a classic and masculine haircut for men.

It is a suitable option for you if you have manes that are starting to thin around the hairline and the crown. It reduces the prominence of the receding hairline by diverting attention to your facial features.

And the best thing is that the haircut is easy to style and maintain. You can DIY it at home. Use hair clippers to cut your hair close to your head, leaving very short hair.

If you get it from your barber, you would want to visit the barbershop at least once every week to have your hair trimmed to maintain the length.

3. The Caesar Haircut

Caesar Cut With Slightly Longer Hair On Top And Short Sides And Back

This is a suitable haircut for guys with thinning hair at the back. So, if you have a receding hairline and you want to divert attention from it, this hairstyle won’t be ideal for you. The reason is that it requires combing the manes in the front forward.

Besides, the haircut is not worn long, and without a doubt, you don’t want to rock bangs trimmed bluntly into the hairline, but you need short and texturized hair that is styled forward to cover a small part of your forehead.

4. Crew Haircut

A Crew Cut For Men With Slightly Longer Hair On Top. It Is An Upgraded Version Of Buzz Cut

Without a doubt, one of the most common haircuts for guys, with or without a balding head. Just like the buzz haircut, crew haircut draws attention away from your hairline and widow’s peak to your facial features.

However, as opposed to the buzz cut where the hair is considerably short, in a crew cut, the hair on top is kept longer. 

This is an excellent option to choose if you are going bald or losing hair at your younger age. It is easy to style as well as to maintain and the best option to choose if you are always on the go.

5. Completely Bald Haircut

A Man Wearing A Razor Shaven Haircut. The Hair Is Shaved To The Skin Leaving A Bald Head

Strangling with patchy hair or bald spots? Well, don’t worry. Razor shave is an ideal haircut for you. While most guys are reluctant when it comes to going the full shave, the hairstyle is a great relief instead of having patchy hair on your head.

The razor shave will make it impossible to distinguish between the bald and shaved head. It keeps you looking neat and unique while maintaining the masculine vibe.

Besides, you can create this haircut at home, and when it comes to maintenance, no other haircut can beats razor shave haircut. All that you need is to wash your head and apply some oil to keep it moisturized.

6. Ivy League Haircut

Traditional Ivy League Cut With Slightly Longer Hair On Top

It is unlikely that you haven’t seen the famous Ivy League haircut. If you haven’t seen it, think Ryan Reynold’s collegial haircut, and yes, you will have a better picture of the Ivy League hairstyle. And yes, Ryan has a receding hairline, and now you can get it right why he prefers this haircut.

This elegant haircut is the best way to counteract your receding hairline. However, you would want to make sure that there is enough volume on the hair on top. Get this hairstyle from a seasoned barber for a dapper style that won’t let you down.

7. Short Mohawk

A Mohawk Haircut For Men With A Balding Head. It Features Short Hair On Top And Bald Faded Sides With Lines On Either Side

Undoubtedly, you don’t want to wear this haircut if you are entering your golden years. So, the haircut is suitable for younger guys with a receding hairline.

Though it is considered casual and funky, the Mohawk can appear neat and formal if styled the right way. For a more professional look, maintain the hair on top short with clean lines on both sides of your head. 

Style a bald fade on the sides, and people will hardly notice that you are balding. Mohawk haircut is not only ideal for balding guys, but it can also be rocked on all hair types. For a unique look, pair it with a beard.

8. Slicked Back

Men’s Hairstyle With Hair Slicked Back Starting From The Front To The Back

This hairstyle for men has come a long way to be what it is now, and nowadays we cannot talk about men’s modest hairstyles without including it in the list. It is one of the best haircuts for men that diverts attention from the receding hairline.

To don this look, you would want to grow your hair slightly longer and then comb them to the back using a comb. Make sure that you apply some product when combing so that it holds together. After combing your manes, set it using hairspray, but don’t apply a lot of it, lest your hair looks greasy.

9. Short and Gray

A Man Wearing Short Hair With Gray Shade. More Men Are Embracing Colored Hairstyles

There is no convenient time to rock gray hair than when your head starts to bald. Whether in your twenties or your golden years, no one gets surprised nowadays when he sees someone with gray hair. 

The hairstyling industry is changing, and men are embracing natural colors, primarily gray and silver. However, for most men who are coloring their manes gray, they are doing so on purpose! 

Men of all ages are experimenting with different hues as a fashion statement, and gray shade is once again getting attention. For older guys with gray hair, you don’t have any reason to revert the natural shade of your hair by coloring it black.

Rock the silver color with confidence. Cut your manes close, and apply some texturizing product to achieve the right texture and thickness.

10. Comb Over Hairstyle

A Comb Over Hairstyle Featuring Slightly Longer Hair In The Front And Short Sides And Apart On One Side

It seems that the comb-over hairstyles were created for men with receding hair or those who are balding. If you are asking why this is the reason; the comb-over integrates the receding hairline into the haircut, utilizing it as the lowest point in the natural part of your hair. This brings the impression that you have thicker and weighty manes. 

For a modern look, tell your barber to trim the hair on the sides so that the locks at the front are subtly longer. When styling, use a small amount of hair product and then brush your manes back and to one side and finish the style with some hairspray.

11. Surfer Shag Haircut

A Wispy Shag For Balding Men. It Features Medium Locks Falling On The Forehead To Cover The Party Areas

A wispy shag can be an excellent haircut for balding guys. If you have naturally wavy hair, the medium shag can offer you the highly needed texture and body you want to cover the bare portions.

To rock this look, you would want to utilize texturizing shampoo and sea salt spray. The styling is also easy since you don’t need to wash your hair regularly. Your strands are coated with natural oils, which make it easy to style them; an added advantage!

12. Quiff Paired With Taper Fade

A Men’s Hairstyle With Quiff Cut Paired With Taper Fade

With taper fade cuts, you cannot exhaust the number of styling options available for you. For example, one of the best options to pair with your taper fade is the quiff. Just like its cousin pomp, the quiff requires to keep some length on the top of your head for a more standout look.

If you are ushering in your golden ages and looking for a hairstyle that apart from detracting attention of your receding hairline will make you look younger, then you better opt for this distinguished haircut. With the youthful appearance, no one will notice your receding hairline.

13. High & Tight

A High And Tight Haircut With Faded Sides And Slightly Longer Hair On The Top. A Great Style To Hide Signs Of Balding

Almost all military-inspired haircuts for men are ideal for guys with a bald head or receding hairline. So, apart from crew and buzz haircut, another military haircut that you can opt for is the high and tight cut.

The high and tight cut might not offer much versatility when it comes to styling, but it is quite practical, effortless to keep, manly, and it is a great way to control receding hairline and the signs of balding.

To rock this haircut, start by cropping the hair on top and then fade the sides and the back to a very short length. Remember that the manes on top should always be left slightly longer compared to those on the sides.

High and tight haircut also draws attention to your face, hence, distracting attention from your thinning tresses.

14. Short Fade With Distinct Part

A Haircut For Baling Men Featuring Shaved Sides And Extremely Short Hair On Top And Defined Part

Just like the comb-over, this hairstyle incorporates the balding part into the style, and people can rarely notice the trick and the motive for rocking this look. 

To achieve a look like this, cut the hair on the sides to skin fade and leave extremely short hair on the top. You will get a well-defined look even though you have little hair on your head.

The haircut appears super neat and complements facial hair. If you have sideburns, make sure that they are blended into your beard to get a wholesome and eye-appealing cut.

15. Skin Fade Paired With Short Manes

Short Hair Matched With A Skin Fade. A Great Look For Guys In Their Initial Stages Of Balding

A skin fade paired with short hair is a classic haircut that gives you more control over your hairstyling and the whole appearance of your retreating hairline. The tapered hair and the trimmed sides offer you a modern look, which makes you appear younger.

Besides, the haircut draws attention to your long manes on the top of the head, hence making your receding hairline less significant. This is a superb style to choose if you are in the initial stages of balding. 

To make your balding even less noticeable, you can complement this look with a beard. This helps to distract attention completely from your hairline.

16. Slick Back Comb over Haircut for Balding Men

A Haircut For Balding Guys With Slicked Back Hair Paired With A Comb Over

Slick back haircuts are ideal styles to choose if you have a widow’s peak or receding hairlines. Styling your manes away from your face opens up your facial features and gives you a more chiseled appearance. 

The brushed back comb over style is chic, elegant, up-to-date, and the best haircut to rock a formal look. Besides, you can rock it for any occasion, formal or casual. Pair it with sunglasses, and you will achieve a killer look.

17. Faux Hawk Haircut

A Typical Faux Hawk Cut With Faded Sides And Slightly Longer And Spiked Hair On Top

If you have a receding hairline, you would want to opt for the faux hawk haircut. The hairstyle diverts attention away from your forehead while maintaining an edgy and youthful vibe. 

However, for a more formal look, don’t leave the hair in the front too long. Maintain the hair on top just slightly longer than the hair on the sides and spike it up by the use of the product. Maintain your haircut neat on the sides and back, either slicked to the back or faded.

18. Butch Haircut

Men’s Butch Haircut With Evenly Trimmed Hair All Through

This hairstyle encompasses shaving the hair and keeping it the same length all through. In most cases, the hair is trimmed to ¼ or ¾ inches following the counter of the head. This new technique of cutting the hair makes the hairline hardly visible. 

This gives you a masculine and neat haircut, which is also ridiculously low maintenance. You can pair it with a short beard for a standout look. It is a great style for busy folks.

19. Short and Messy

A Haircut For Men With Short And Messy Hair On Top. The Sides And Back Have Slightly Shorter Hair And Faded

If you are looking for a messy haircut to draw attention from your receding hairline, then no other option beats a short and messy haircut. After creating this look, apply some gel and make your hair dry using your towel. This gives your hair some messy natural texture, a look that seems like you just came from the bed.

With a haircut like this, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. The haircut is ridiculously low maintenance since all that you need is wash your hair and scrunch it using your fingers to achieve messy texture on the top.

20. Diagonal Fade for Men with Receding Hairline

A diagonal fade paired with bald skin cut around the sides, longer hair on top, and the nape enhances the volume of your hair while distracting attention from the receding hairline and thinning parts. 

Men’s balding haircuts like this are not intended to cover the bald parts, but they emphasize the geometry of the haircut.

Pair it with a thick beard and make sure to fade the sideburns to the beard for an all-together modern look.

21. Taper Fade Paired With Short Pomp

Men’s Taper Fade Cut With A Short Pompadour. A Great Style For Men With Receding Hairline

A taper fade is created by trimming the hair on the sides short and then slowly fading them into bare skin. To make your taper fade complete, pair it with a short pompadour. 

Here, you would want to maintain the hair on top slightly longer and gradually roll it back to create a short pomp style. This will give a soft feel to your widow’s peak or a receding hairline.

22. Regulation Haircut

A Regulation Cut Featuring Long Manes On Top And Tapered Sides And Back

It is a conventional variation of the army haircut. Its origin can be traced back during the World War II period. The hairstyle incorporates short tapered or shaven hair on the sides. The manes on the top are almost cut into a comb-over but are slightly longer than that on the sides. 

Just like the typical comb over hairstyle, the regulation haircut is ideal for men with balding head or receding hairline since it integrates the style into the haircut. It makes it hard to distinguish whether it is receding hair or hair parting.


According to the study by the New York Times, balding can result due to a number of factors such as hormones and genes. So, it is not abnormal to have a bald even in your twenties. So, there is absolutely no justification to hide it. Instead of covering it up, own it by choosing one of the above hairstyles that suits you perfectly.

Remember that you cannot wear a hat throughout your life, but you can experiment with a variety of styles!

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