Hard Part Haircut For Men

40 Hard Part Haircuts For Men – Sharp Straight Line Style

For a retro sense of style with a creative modern twist, discover the hard part haircut. Its sleek, sharp lines add a high level of contrast and coolness to just about any man’s cut.

Some call it the razor line, side part line, or as some barbers like to uncomfortably admit, risky because it’s easy to mess it up.

However, when done right, this style gives any short to medium length cut exceptionally more character.

The original look: While not a hairstyle on its own, the hard part does add a trendy touch of striking character. Instead of the barber combing or blending in the upper sides of your hair, this cut requires a line shaved into the scalp. That means creating a single clean, crisp line with a razor or trimmer.


Grooming maintenance woes:

Unfortunately, even though the hard part consists of a simple line, it still comes with some grooming woes. After heading out the barbershop it’s going to look great, however, over time it will start to look funky. What I mean by this is, is that once crisp line will look quite odd as your hair begins to grow back. It’s a lot like shaving your face, the stubble will pop up again at some point.

You’ll need to either commit to more regular grooming or wait things out and let your hair fully grow its way on back out. Remember, it’s not possible to undo a hard part; after all, it’s literally shaven in the scalp.

With that in mind, go ahead and discover these top 40 best hard part haircuts for men below. In this collection you’ll find a handful of unique and popular masculine hairstyles.


Classic Hard Part Comb Over Mens Hair

Classy Hard Part Guys Haircuts

Classy Mens Hard Part Hairstyle

Clean Cut Hard Part Mens Hair Style

Cool Thick Hair Medium Length Hard Part Haircuts For Males

Dapper Mens Hard Part Traditional Hairstyle

Fashionable Hard Part Hairstyle Men

Guys Thick Medium Hard Part Hair Indeas

Guy With Low Fade And Long Length Hard Part Hair

Hard Part Buzzed Sides Mens Hairstyle

Hard Part Hairstyle Inspiration For Guys

Long Length Hard Part Hair For Males With Low Fade Side

Low Fade Hard Part Hairstyle For Men With Thick Hair

Man With Hard Part Hairstyle And Thick Beard

Man With Simple Hard Part Hairstyle And Low Fade

Masculine Hard Part Hairstyle For Men With Thick Hair

Mens Medium Length Hard Part Hairstyles

Modern Mens Hard Part Haircut With Low Fade

Modern Wavy Hard Part Hairstyle For Men With Low Fade On Sides

Old School Hard Part Hairstyle For Men With High Fade

Old School Hard Part Mens Hair Inspiration

Popular Hard Part Mens Hair

Professional Classy Mens Hard Part Hairstyles

Professional Hard Part Hairstyle For Business Men

Retro Hard Part Guys Hair Ideas

Short Length Hard Part Guys Hair

Short Length Mens Hard Part Hair With Low Fade

Short Length Thin Hair Mens Hard Part

Short To Medium Hard Part Haircuts For Guys

Slicked Back Hard Part Mens Hair Style

Sophisticated Guys Hard Part Hairstyle Ideas

Spiky Hard Part Mens Hairstyle With Low Fade On Sides

Trendy Hard Part Hair Look For Men

Trendy Modern Hard Part Haircut For Gentlemen With Shaved Sides

Very Short Fade Hard Part Mens Hair

Very Short Hard Part Fashion Foward Hairstyle For Guys

Wavy Mens Hard Part Hairstyle

Well Groomed Mens Hard Part Haircut With Thick Hair

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