Ivy League Haircut For Men

Ivy League Haircut For Men – A Socially Prestigious Hairstyle

Can’t afford the high tuition at schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Columbia? In case, you’re wondering their around sixty grand as of lately. Don’t worry, you can still acquire style that’s just as socially prestigious without the big price tag.

Just ask your barber for the classic Ivy League haircut.

It’s classy, sophisticated and yes, you’ll look fashionably smart sporting one. Though, you should probably know the other names for it first so you don’t look like a fool. The cut also goes by the Harvard clip and Princeton haircut.

The original look: A clean and conservative variation of the traditional crew cut with a subtle side part in the front by the forehead. The length is short with a one to two inch top that’s tapered.

One of the key things to remember is what makes the Ivy League unique is that it features an all around taper. That means the sides, back and top are all tapered gradually. For the sides and back though, you’ll want to cut them shorter than the front with generally either a #2 or #4. And when you get down to the neckline, it should perfectly straight to follow the classic look.

The modern look: What makes this style truly its own stems from the fact that it’s quite a standardized style. For a modern approach you can vary the neckline, or also elect to go with short or lengthier hair. One of the most notable differences you’ll see is in how the front is styled; for some men it’s messy for others it’s absolute perfection.


How to style it properly:

In reality, it’s incredibly simple. Just use your fingers or a comb to part the front. To achieve a good hold use either a cream or hair gel.

Easy right? Now, go ahead and discover these ivy league haircuts for men below, and you’ll get a better idea of what the style truly entails.


Classic Mens Ivy League Haircut

Cool Mens Classic Ivy League Haircut

Fashionable Male With Ivy League Hairstyle

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Ivy League Haircuts For Gentlemen

Man With Long Ivy League Haircut Modern Style

Modern Ivy League Haircut For Males

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