Japanese Wave Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Japanese Wave Tattoo Designs For Men – Oceanic Ink Ideas

Water is a vital symbol for the Japanese, not only because the nation is surrounded on all sides by ocean, but because of the illustrious relationship between the Japanese people and the power of the sea.

Nearly every Japanese tattoo is going to include water in some way.

Waves are one of the most popular representations of water in the Japanese canon, and many of the artistic renderings by famous Japanese artists have reached global levels of recognizability.

Japanese wave tattoos are typically representative of life, power, fluidity, and movement. Such tattoos are often blended with other similar elements, like Koi, Oni, or Dragons. All of these Japanese symbols play off each other with practiced similarities and relatable imagery.

Waves are a popular tattoo design because they can represent the ever-changing nature of life, such as the ebb and flow of water. Just as with water and the ocean, life can be gentle and breezy during the simple times and tumultuous during the hard. Such direct symbolism is deeply attractive to those who understand the fluid nature of life.

Some Japanese artistic pieces have been translated directly into tattoos, like the famous work by Katsushika Hokusai. In it, he depicts a large wave bearing down on three ships trying desperately to survive the tsunami, which illustrates the resilience of the human spirit against all forces of adversity.


Awesome Guys The Great Wave Off Kangawa Inner Forearm Japanese Tattoos

Awesome Japanese Wave Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Awesome Koi Fish Japanese Wave Mens Full Back Tattoos

Black And Grey Koi Fish With Waves Mens Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoo

Blackwork Mens Japanese Wave Demon Oni Mask Sleeve Tattoo Design

Blue Ink Guys Japanese Wave Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Blue Koi Fish Ocean Wave Japanese Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Cool Guys Japanese The Great Wave Off Kangawa Circle Tattoo On Inner Arm Bicep

Cool Old School Waves Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Creative Shoulder And Neck Japanese Wave Mens Tattoo Design Ideas

Demon Mask Oni Guys Wave Japanese Full Chest Tattoos

Double Half Sleeves Mens Japanese Wave Tattoos

Dragon Wave Guys Japanese Half Sleeve And Chest Tattoo

Flowers In Waves Japanese Male Sleeve Tattoo

Full Arm Guys Japanese Wave With Skull Tattoo Designs

Full Leg Sleeve Japanese Wave Male Tattoo Designs

Full Rib Cage Side Manly Mens Japanese Wave Tattoos

Full Sleeve Mens Japanese Orange Koi Fish With Blue Waves Sleeve Tattoo

Geometric Japanese Wave Male Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Great Wave Off Kangawa Mens Japanese Rib Cage Side And Stomach Tattoo

Guys Japanese Black And Grey Ink Wave Skull Sleeve Tattoos

Guy With Japanese Wave Sleeve Tattoo

Half Sleeve Old School Mens Traditional Japanese Wave Tattoo

Japanese Samuari Helmet With Skull And Wave Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Koi Fish Outer Forearm Sleeve Japanese Wave Mens Tattoos

Koi Fish Swimming In Water Waves Guys Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Leg Sleeve Blue Ink Japanese Wave Guys Tattoo Ideas

Male With Traditional Japanese Wave Water Leg Tattoo

Manly Japanese Wave Male Forearm Tattoo Inspiration

Man With Quarter Sleeve Traditional Japanese Water Wave Tattoo Design

Masculine Japanese Wave Water Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

Mens Giant Koi Fish Water Wave Japanese Full Back Tattoo Designs

Mens Japanese Flower With Koi Fish And Wave Half Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Japanese Great Wave Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Mens Snake Japanese Wave Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Negative Space Water Waves Japanese Guys Sleeve Tattoo

Orange Flower With Japanese Waves Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

Pattern Japanese Wave Mens Arm Tattoos

Skulls With Ocean Waves Male Japanese Full Back Tattoo

Sleeve Guys Blue Koi Fish Japanese Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

Square Japanese Great Wave Tattoo For Guys On Arm

The Great Wave Japanese Mens Chest Tattoos

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Mens Japanese Arm Tattoos

Traditional Japanese Great Wave With Rising Sun Mens Chest Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Waves Mens Water Sleeve Tattoo

Unique Mens Shaded Japanese Full Sleeve Tattoos

Water Flowers With Waves Male Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

Water Waves Male Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Wave Water Splash Mens Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoo

White Ink Over Black Ink Mens Japanese Wave Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Woodcut Detailed Male Japanese Great Wave Off Kangawa Circle Tattoo On Inner Arm

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