Top 50 Best Back Tattoos For Men

Top 53 Back Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

You know how a back rub feels: absolutely amazing and incredible.

But when it comes to someone rubbing your shin, it’s a bit awkward right?

That’s because your back has a million sensitive spots.

Now imagine running a pokey needle across all of those, and suddenly you’ll discover it’s no longer a pleasurable experience. The truth is, a good percentage of men who get back tattoos will start off with 3 hour sessions, but it’s common to gradually reduce those down to 45 minutes. It goes without saying, it hurts.

However while painful and expensive (thanks to the considerable time involved), there’s something admirable about getting a back tattoo. It’s the largest canvas on your body and any ink artwork will be an excellent souvenir of your experience.

If you’re considering completing this big milestone here are the top 50 best back tattoos for men to give you some ideas, designs and inspiration. With so much room to work with you’ll need to dream up something big to fill all that space.

Back Tattoo Ideas

Back Arm Tattoos For Men

A one of a kind design for a minimalist tattoo in black ink and fine lines drawn impeccably. This cluster of continuous fine lines start from the wrist of the left hand, spiraling to the other side of the arm up until it reaches the base of the right shoulder. Like a gentle wind caressing the skin and the symbol of infinity, infinitely extended to create a never-ending loop.

Back Cross Tattoos For Men

This well-toned back is fully cloaked by this Buddha tattoo which symbolizes the spiritual journey of its owner. This ink work features the “Meditation Buddha” reflective of the individual’s search for peace and serenity. The rest are personalized images that the wearer wanted to add in this tribute piece. It is important to remember though that religious themed creations must be handled and interpreted accurately and gently so as not to be disrespectful.

Back of Arm Tattoos For Men

For the modern man who loves to travel, or who would like to pay tribute to navigational tools, or whose burning passion is pursuing his dreams in life. This back-tattoo design for men looks current in style and design. It is surreal in three dimension and in high definition. The torn skin outline, plus the ones at the center looks absolutely mind-blowing. At first glance, you would know right away that this piece is labor intensive with all the nuances and details. However, I’m certain it’ll be quite satisfying after once it’s all done.

Back of Neck Tattoos For Men

This is getting to know the fiercest dragon up close and personal, in a gut wrenching, horror stricken classic black and gray. This back tattoo for the very masculine man will challenge you and your tattoo artist to commit to the design, execution and the bold Japanese style this creation demands. This is a full on and whole back tattoo, to be grinded by ink and in some parts deeply, several times just to ensure the longevity of the ink work is not for the faint hearts. Takes courage and strength, to take it all in.

Back Piece Tattoos For Men

This is a totally jaw dropping scene of what could be a battle of the dead of the Lord of the Rings. It is indeed sticker worthy and a magnificent piece of ink work to be placed on a masculine back. 

Skull And Ship Back Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Capt. Jack Sparrow made this old pirate ship, new again. It is considered charming again, and popularly paired with the pirate skull. Since most tall ship tattoos have a lot of detail in the sails and rigging, they work better as larger pieces. This makes them good candidates for back murals.

Back Shoulder Tattoos Men

This back tattoo for men is Japanese in style and composition, the great Samaurai with cherry blossom at the center of his head piece, and he is drawn on top of a cloudlike of layers upon layers of cherry blossoms. The background looks ethereal and highly textured, and provides contrast to the illustration of this brave warrior. His clothes are adorned and outlined by Japan’s national and fragile cherry blossoms. Tengu, with his glowing red face, protruding, bulbous nose and typically rather grumpy expression is one of Japan’s most multi-faceted figures.

Dragon Back Tattoo Designs For Men

The majestic Japanese Han Rui dragon in deep black and gray. It’s long and serpent like body drawn on the base of one shoulder dragged to the other side, then curled downwards until the base od the second hip. This is the biggest among the dragons in Japanese mythical creatures. It is bearded and has horns, neck and body of a snake, scaled, feet like claws and extremely powerful, like all other dragons. This is such a cool idea for back tattoos for men. This tattoo was inked in realism style of tattooing, highly saturated as displayed how vibrant the shades of black and gray are. Although there are several details that were added, but the use of style, tones and composition, this dragon is here to stay.

Portrait Back Tattoo For Men

A stylized commemorative piece inspired by the Mexican’s El Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, a portrait skull in remembrance. It must be a portrait so the face can be recognized by the love ones, although added with some other details to signify death such as the black and gray ink as oppose to the bright and colorful sugar skulls.

Back Tattoo Ideas For Men

This full back tattoo featuring a portrait of a beautiful woman inked in soft, feminine features placed at the center of the upper back. The portrait is breathtaking. Taking on realism style, contoured but not outlined, soft shadows to deepen and darken the features. The eyes look real, alive and well detailed. An emotional piece which looks like it’s under a cinematic filter in muted colors of black and gray. If the intention of the wearer is to memorialize a love one, then the artist did him proud. It has all the elements of a memorial, it’s unique, personal and sentimental.

Dragon Back Tattoo Men

The Japanese mythical dragon taking center stage again. It is a popular choice for back tattoos for men with its aesthetic beauty as well as its symbolic meaning, it is not doubt that these dragons no matter how sinister they look is a run-away winner. There are so many details to talk about, the mouth details with the scariest set of teeth and its beard, its glistening eye with the horns, the serpent body that’s scaled and striped underbelly plus the two pairs of feet which look like overgrown claws. Every part of the dragon’s body, every segment of this creation id filled with details which you and your friends can discuss in several bottles of beer on a lazy weekend.

Tribal Back Tattoos For Black Men

An armor back tribal tattoo influenced with Polynesian shapes and symbols for design, highly saturated with intricate lines along the curves of which indicate great change and growth, the dark curves symbolizes fish hooks and the sharp triangular patterns are shark’s teeth. The skull at the center must be commemorative in purpose and was illustrated to mimic the shape of the tiki. Make no mistake, this is indeed a warrior’s back whether he’s seeking for protection from memorializing a skull or could be honoring a death of a live one.

Wing Back Tattoos For Men

The winged back and arm are a cool idea for skin modifications. It is striking, aesthetic wise, making this man look like he’s about ready to transform to his bird form. It is absolutely believable and realistic even from a distance. It is astonishing how the artist was able to incorporated the natural muscle tones of his human canvas. I’m sure it’ll move with the wearer, and even surprise as more when more lights are added into this bird-man.

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Back Tattoo FAQs

How much do back tattoos cost?

The average rate of tattoo artists is about $100 to $250 per hour at tattoo shops near you. Location of the artist is important when choosing for someone to do your ink art. Especially for a full back tattoo which is a large piece, which might be about 20-40 hours depending on the design and style.

It might be around 3-6 sessions of about 6 hours of tattooing per session, taking into consideration that the skin will cooperate and will be pliant to the relentless grinding. It will be practical to be near the artist so travelling back and forth will not be an issue, not unless both of you can commit to finishing the ink  I long compact sessions, work longer hours and successive days.

 Good tattoos are definitely cheap. If you want to go beyond just a good tattoo and get something exceptional, custom made and unique for your skin modification, then save up for your investment. If you want to get a full-length back tattoo, in high definition, and well saturated colors of Japanese mythical creatures such as the dragon, flowers with the clouds then prepare about $4,000-$8,000

One thing is certain though, do not be cheap on your tattoo. It’s permanent and on your skin and in the end, it’s worth to be the human canvas of some of the world’s most stunning art work.

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