19 Best Jewfro Hairstyles for Men in 2020

The Jewfro is one of those haircuts which grows naturally on guys with curly hair.  Guys with types III and IV locks start wearing Jewfro hairstyles as soon as they allow their locks to grow out a little bit.  

While those dudes with type I and II locks can grow out their hair to mid-lengths and experiment with a myriad of haircuts, we folks with kinkier locks types have a pack of curls that just sprout out. 

Though men with curly hair think that they don’t have a wide variation of hairstyles to wear with their hair type, I am here to tell you that regardless of hairstyle type, you can rock your curly hair with confidence and style, and that includes the Jewfro.

19 Best Jewfro Hairstyles for Men

1. Mini Jewfro Paired With Mid-Length Tight Curls

Men’s Min Jewfro Haircut With Medium Length Curls All Around The Head

Currently, medium length hairstyles for men are the talk of the town, and men wanting to rock Jewfro hairstyles don’t want to be left out from embracing this trend.

So, more men are opting for a mini Jewfro and pairing it with medium length curls. Perhaps you are asking yourself-why medium length?

Well, the answer is apparent: medium length hairstyle is comfortable to rock and doesn’t make you the center of attention when in the crowd. Paired with light stubble, this is an excellent ideal for guys with a square face since it balances out everything.

2. Beachy and Sand Jewfro Hairstyle

Blonde Shaded Medium Length Jewfro Hairstyle

There is nothing that feels more freeing like wearing medium curly hair. And when you want to refresh your style, opting for a light color helps you achieve that easily and get a fun style.

This beachy blond Jewfro hairstyle with warm and brilliant texture appears incredibly authentic and fashionable, which is a win-win situation for guys looking for creative styles.

Blonde isn’t only the shade you can opt for. If you need something more exotic, you can choose platinum. In any case, you will rock a style that blends well with the coast. Wear sunglasses to achieve that killer beach boy look.

3. Caramel Jewfro

Jewfro Hairstyle With Caramel Highlights

Let’s go back to common color ideas. Though choosing the right products can give you an amazing Jewfro hairstyle, the impact of choosing the right shade shouldn’t be underestimated.

Some shaded highlights could be all that you need to complement your Jewfro and rock an incredible look. However, note that bold hair colors are not for all, but the strong kind who don’t shy from people. This is because this Jewfro look is attention-grabbing.

4. Wild Style

A Man Wearing Jewfro With Medium Length Wild Curls

Here is a great hairstyle that will settle the confusion between Jewfro vs. afro. Men, these are pretty the same hairstyles that divert into two directions for origin identification purposes. Oh! Let’s settle such differences between Jewfro and afro hairstyles and rock this wild ’fro.

The hairstyle is ideal specifically for guys with a triangular face shape and small cheeks. It looks great worn with a small beard and very short sideburns. As the name suggests, this hairstyle is ridiculously low maintenance, but you would want to trim your hair regularly to keep it compact.

5. Ideal Jewfro

Perfect Jewfro Hairstyle For Men With The Triangular Face Shape. It Is A Formal Jewfro Style

Perhaps you have found out that your curly hair forms a crescent silhouette. If that is the case, you are lucky since you can rock a perfect or the ideal Jewfro.

This type of Jewfro haircut can be termed as the opposite style of the common messy Jewfro looks, and it is an ideal style for guys who need a clean-cut look.

Pair it with clear glasses and no beard, and you will achieve a neat look that is office appropriate—ideal for men with a triangular face shape.

6. Large Jewfro

A Man Wearing Long Curly Locks Reaching The Shoulder Length

For some guys, the phrase ‘the bigger, the better’ makes a lot of sense. Well, when it comes to hairstyling, the bigger the curls, the better. The best part of it is that your Jewfro hairstyle grows pretty faster, especially if you have thin and curly locks. 

Many guys opt to go easy and perm their hair. Either paired with facial hair or worn without any facial hair, this is an excellent look for guys who love to rock long locks.

7. Teased Jewfro

A ‘fro Hairstyle With Teased Hair To Enhance Volume

Generally, ‘fro hairstyles come with a lot of volume. However, if you think you need more volume, then that is easily achievable through teasing your curly locks. Just tease your manes outwards to make them more relaxed and fuller.

It is a great style for guys with a round-shaped face and prominent forehead since it covers it, reducing its prominence.

8. Parted Jewfro

A Modern Jewfro Hairstyle With A Side Part In The Front

Parting your hair is one of the best ways of injecting a new vibe to your hairstyle. Side parts add an incredible and polished look to your Jewfro haircut. However, since thick locks aren’t easy to brush to one side, you might be compelled to razor it out to create the side part.

This is a great look for guys with a triangle-shaped face. It may not be ideal for you if you have a large forehead since the side-parting exposes it, something I am sure you don’t want!

9. Messy Jewfro

Jewfro Hairstyle For Men With Messy Curls

If you need a naturally messy look, then you should incorporate layers into your Jewfro hairstyle. Layering involves texturizing your hair that alters the thickness of the curls, giving the entire style a messy look.

If you need a ‘just-get-out-bed’ look, then this is the best hairstyle you should ask from your barber. Being shaggy, the hairstyle wouldn’t take much of your time when it comes to styling, though you still need to invest in quality hair products.

10. Mini Jewfro Fringe

A Mini Jewfro Hairstyle Paired With A Fringe That Covers The Forehead

You can style your curls and allow them to fall on your forehead to achieve a bowl-cut look. In simpler words, once you opt for a mini Jewfro with a fringe, you will get a voluminous, face-framing hairstyle.

This hairstyle is ideal for a guy who wants to balance out its facial features while at the same time hiding his prominence forehead. This haircut, besides being elegant, it is also quite practical.

11. Highlighted Trimmings

A Medium Length Jewfro Style With Highlighted Tips

To improve the stylish movement of your curly hair, nothing can help you achieve that than highlighting the tips of your hair. It is a great hairstyling idea for guys who like appearing unique, but with little commitment at the same time.

To achieve this look, grow out your curls to mid-length and tell your stylist to highlight the tips of your hair. For a neat look, wear this look without any facial hair. However, if you need something weekend-appropriate, pair it with a small beard.

12. Jewfro Style Paired With Beard

Jewfro Hairstyle Matched With Beard

Beards symbolize masculinity and look great when paired with the Jewfro hairstyle. There is no limitation on the type of beard style to choose. However, you would want to balance things out depending on the type of hairstyle you want to rock.

A goatee, a circle, royale, and boxed beard are some of the best beard options you may consider.

13. Faded Jewfro

A Jewfro Hairstyle With A High Fade And A Side Burn

Fade haircuts are typical look for men, and they complement the various types of hairstyles, Jewfro included. So, there is nothing odd when you pair your Jewfro with a fade, high, medium, or low.

Fade is a great way to enhance your Jewfro’s hair texture, especially for the hair on top where much attention is.

For a complete look, rock your faded Jewfro with beard and sideburns, which ends near the front of the ear where the fading ends.

14. Fine Curls

Voluminous Jewfro Hairstyle With Fine Curls

Men with fine curls have an option when it comes to styling Jewfro haircuts. For instance, this Jewfro hairstyle for fine hair looks chic and distinctive. Besides, it is effortless to add volume to fine curls.

Guys with thick curls can part some fine hair out, tousling them up to achieve hair lift. However, if you have fine curls, you don’t have to tousle your hair; volume is naturally part of your hairstyle.

15. Jewfro Hairstyle Paired With Bangs

A Well Defined Jewfro Cut With Bangs

Bangs are classic additions to almost all men’s hairstyles, Jewfro included. To rock this look, trim your locks to medium-length and create bangs all around your head. However, don’t add more bangs as this may weigh down your curls, something you don’t want.

Regular maintenance would be needed for this type of Jewfro. As such, regular visits to the barbershop would be inevitable in order to have your hair trimmed. However, this is an excellent look that will make you stand out from others.

16. Big Jewfro Style and Defined Curls

Shoulder Length Jewfro Hairstyle With Well Defined Curls

This men’s Jewfro hairstyle is characterized by extended, huge, and thick curls. This is a good example of how well-conditioned and moisturized curly hair should look like.

However, if you opt for this hairstyle, you will keep a regular maintenance routine to keep your Jewfro style fresh and attractive.

17. Small and Mature Jewfro

Small Jewfro Hairstyle Ideal For Mature Men

If you need an office-appropriate Jewfro hairstyle that also complements your age, then this is the best option for you. This mature Jewfro is neat and appropriate for older men with curly hair.

To rock this look, tell your barber to trim your hair to a short length that will be easy to curl, but not long to look wild. It will look great if you have naturally curly hair since you will only need to trim your hair and not necessarily need styling products.

18. Tinted Jewfro

A Jewfro Haircut With Caramel Tinted Tips

Do you remember the ‘90s boyband hairstyle? Well, this is the right time to pay homage to it by getting the ends of your curly hair tinted in caramel or blonde hair shade.

To rock this look excellently, make sure that your hair is trimmed to short length but keep the curls tight. It is a great look for younger guys who want to rock something stylish.

19. Trimmed Sides Jewfro

A Jewfro Hairstyle Featuring Timed Back Sides

Though most Jewfro hairstyles don’t feature trimmed sides and back, trimming the hair at the sides could make all the difference and look unique.

Cut the curls on the sides only so that there is more height and length than the width. Because of the resultant shape, trimmed back Jewfro hairstyles are more disguised.

3 Tips to Help You Get the Best out of a Jewfro

Kinky and curly hair can be challenging to tame. However, with the right hair products and understanding what to do, it can help you keep your Jewfro looking great. Here are three tips to guide you.

1. Moisturize Your Jewfro Regularly

Apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair why still wet. You would want to do this immediately when you come out of the shower. You may apply some small quantities of hair pomade on top of the leave-in conditioner, but make sure you don’t overdo it. So, first, apply leave-in and then pomade or gel.

Warning: Stay away from waxes and creams. They will add weight on your hair and make it droop, which you don’t want. Remember that the beauty of Jewfro is its capability to puff out.

2. Never Brush Your Jewfro

Well, this is a common mistake most guys do. The moment you decided to rock a Jewfro, is the moment you are supposed to forget about hairbrushes. Rather, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. For us, men with curls, hairbrushes are irrelevant.

3. Don’t Use Shampoo Frequently

Don’t shampoo your hair every day. It is recommended to use it every other day, i.e., go one day without it. However, that doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t shower on those days you are not using the shampoo (your normal grooming routine continues).

Who Can Grow a Jewfro?

Jewish guys mostly rock the Jewfro hairstyle. Curly locks are a common trait in Jewish guys, and as such, it is a statement haircut for them just like the traditional afros are for African Americans. If you are keen on hairstyles, you should have noticed that Jewfro hairstyles are making a big comeback nowadays since their peak in the late ‘70s.

But should you be Jewish in order to wear the Jewfro hairstyle? Absolutely no, because even not all Jewish guys have the right hair type to rock a Jewfro. To rock a Jewfro, you need to have type III or IV locks and grow or cut it into mid-length (usually more than two inches) all around the head. 

One thing you should note is that the Jewfro doesn’t include fades on the sides or at the back. Since type III and IV hair have tight curls, they can withstand gravity for a long time until they grow long. This implies you can rock your hairstyle for long before the next appointment.

While the Jewfro hairstyle is challenging to maintain without using good hair products, men who rock this look come off outgoing, rebellious, and self-confident. Thanks to this, Jewfro hairstyles have become statement haircuts, transcending race and traditions.


Jewfro styles, regardless of their variations, are nothing but spectacular ways for guys to transform their looks and appear different. With such a special texture, you need to style your hair carefully and know how to manage it. 

We hope you have learned that. Allow your curly locks to grow out and style one of these Jewfro hairstyles for men to show people what you can achieve with your naturally curly hair!

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