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Top 91 Masonic Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Is there anything more elusive and notorious than the Freemasons? The answer is a resounding no, but don’t worry: You can acquire their rich heritage with a simple and forceful masonic tattoo!

Masonic tattoos give guys the ability to tap into an ancient secret society. These designs are remarkably captivating; plus, they are riddled with mysterious icons that contain powerful legacies.

Common ingredients for a handsome masonic tattoo include pyramids, eyes and compasses. Skulls are also incorporated with at least some regularity. Meditative figures are sometimes featured as well, and they are usually a central element when included. Overall, there is ample room for variation, but the requirements are strict to meet the actual standards of masonry.

Some men also like masonic tattoos as a way for them to explore the darker aspects of Western society. There is definitely an academic bent to those who seek these tattoos without possessing any personal affiliation to the legendary groups. Because these clans have established a mythical status in society, their ink designs are bound to stir a major reaction in everyone. To honor deceased family members, masonic prints are often combined with a family’s coat of arms.

For a true comprehension of this tattoo genre, just forge ahead for some of the classiest freemasonry ink in the world.

1. Simple/Straightforward Masonic Tattoos

Whether or not these individuals belong to a lodge, which is the collection of individuals in a certain freemasonry sect, or simply enjoy the imagery, their ideas were to be as straight-forward a possible for the viewing eyes of themselves or select others.

Pieces in this section are far less grand than those in the rest of this article, but as we know, it isn’t always the size that connotes importance or relevance. The top of the hand was enough space to get the captivating gaze of the freemasonry overseeing eye, heavy on the shading with a look that is more welcoming than threatening.

An anchor is another symbol of freemasonry, as it is for many other religious affiliations for its association with stability and home. This person went for a more colourful look, varying hues of blue emanating from the blank canvas of the hand. Fingers are a popular place for small pieces, and this one managed to maintain its level of detail without much fading.  

2. Half/Full Sleeve Masonic Tattoo Concepts 

Finger and hand tattoos are not enough for these individuals. Identifying as a freemason is something that many men (and some women given the more modern approach to the practice and following) are passionate about. This makes their ability to commit to either half a sleeve or full-sleeve altogether an easy decision. Pieces in this section range in style, colour usage, and all-around narrative, but all pertain to the various concepts of freemasonry.

The most common use of images is the all-seeing eye, the alter of freemasonry, the compass usually with the letter G, and the masonic gavel. Most have some kind of scene to rely on that is historically relevant, such as a scene of a temple and/or stairs leading to various clouds in the sky. Others are more abstract and contain skulls, blending into a big section of skin that looks more personal than classically masonic. 

3. Specific Masonic Symbols (Medium/Large)

Freemasons do like their symbols, a lot like many religious and non-religious affiliations. When it comes to getting tattoos, it is easier to fall upon a particular image to express an idea or concept as a summary, rather than committing an entire sleeve or back or chest piece. The sizes of these pieces range from palm-sized to the size of an entire bicep. The styles are creative and colourful, dark and shaded, surrealist, realist, and American Traditional.

We see many pieces that are isolated showings of the compass with the letter G, or the compass with the all-seeing eye between the triangular shape of the compass. One particular piece that stands out is a cross with cobalt blue and gold, a bold G at the entry and a compass at the centre. It is a vibrant piece that looks like it will stand the test of time.  

4. Full Back/Chest Masonic Tattoos

Back and chest pieces require a commitment financially and mentally. It is safe to say that whatever content is on a person with a chest and/or back piece is willing and able to commit to those two factors, as well as time and pain. Freemasons are known as proud people, so it is no surprise that someone may want to get associated imagery and concepts inked on their body eternally.

These pieces are large, colourful, and particularly dynamic, blending elements that may not necessarily be associated with freemasonry. Examples of this are the American flag, and specifically tiled floors of a temple, done with loose linework and light shading.  

Masonic Tattoo FAQs

Can a Non Mason get a Masonic tattoo? 

There are no rules either against getting a tattoo as a freemason or getting a tattoo as a non-freemason. Most Freemasons are proud of their identity as a masonic and may feel compelled to get a tattoo that identifies them as such. Others may not.

Despite the supposed mystery surrounding freemasonry, most freemasons are open and willing to discuss what occurs within their gatherings in their lodges (a collection of individuals).

People who are not freemasons may still be compelled to get a freemason tattoo due to the intrigue of the imagery or even a general interest in the elements that the history entails. In general, there are no problems with virtually anyone getting a masonic tattoo, unless they are directly attempting to fake their identity, which will more than likely land you an innocent eye roll.  

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