Mechanic Tattoos For Men

Top 47 Mechanical Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

The technology behind tattoos has reached godly new heights, and mechanical ink is capable of elevating machismo mystique in any guy. These steam-punk, bio mechanical, and cyborg masterpieces are the pinnacle of manly body art!

There are endless old adages that compare men to machines when they are at their best, and these sayings are undoubtedly true.

To show off your industrial pastiche, why not experiment with a ravishing robotic overhaul? The results will be fantastically futuristic and preeminently post-modern.

Mechanic tattoos turn the skin into a phenomenally innovate canvas. There are many clever ways to utilize this space. Some people choose to integrate gears with their biological anatomy; however, others eschew humanity altogether in favor of a cogs-only approach. Bio-mechanical ink is a huge hit right now, especially since the artist can make it look like flesh has been torn away à la The Terminator.

You have infinite customization possibilities depending on what region of your body is destined for a tune-up. Since this stylization revolves around x-ray aesthetics, the startlingly fresh tattoos usually twist our perception of what’s underneath the skin.

Ultimately, the faux metallic organs, muscles and bones will unlock any gentleman’s sexy inner android! While tattoos have been around for thousands of years, it’s safe to say that they have never reached such depths of astonishingly comprehensive artistry before now!

The ink jobs in this field keep getting more realistic. Soon, we will have a hard time discerning between man and machine at all. Check out the insane mechanical tattoos for men included here for proof!

Mechanic Tattoo Ideas

3D Arm Tattoos For Guys

This popular style never fails to shock the ordinary onlooker when the arm reveals, ripped skin with an illusion of metals imbedded into the arm.  A cluster of heavy metals with screws, springs and muzzles shaded realistically to match the skin tone of the wearer. The metals are in high definition, contoured to ensure that there will be lowlights and highlights for dimension and depth. The artist worked meticulously with the color palette to perfectly match the tones of the metal so as to make it look believable. 

Tattoo Mechanical On A Man

This mechanical gear tattoo has taken over the upper back of this human canvas, altering the organic make-up of his body, replacing it with mechanical parts of this complex machine customized for this wearer. The layering of the mechanical parts, is part of the stunning details worth scrutinizing, then dismantle for a closer look, and just put it back afterwards.

Robot Men's Tattoos

A full sleeve biomechanical tattoo of a cyborg arm. It is like stepping into a different world where robots exist and the humans don’t. The artist was able to create a new musculature for the arm and transformed it into a mechanical piece with its organic parts and pieces. The distribution of color is amazing from the shoulder down to elbow, and then into the forearm. Three colors of neutral gray, cool blue and warm red with distinct temperatures to ensure balance. It is multi-dimensional, layers of it, meaning the artist created a three-dimensional arch within a three-dimensional slope which is really tough to execute and do, seamlessly.

Robotic Arm Tattoo For Guys

This is a minimalist version of two mechanical pieces. The sketch looks promising and has a potential to become a great one. It’s at a stage of outlining and will eventually look amazing. 

Robot Arm Tattoo On Man

How would you like to be the ultimate timepiece in the entire clock-verse and carry it with you at the side of your body? It is such a cool piece of tattoo wherein the artist created a fantasy world into his body parts and breathe new life into it through his ink and tattoo gun. The placement of the clock at the side of the body is perfect for this design and size. The outline and, Roman numeral by the border of time piece, was shaded darkly for added depth. The clock’s parts are in full display, seated on a bed of black as background. The machine parts are layered, customized, and highly texturized. The metal texture of the chain and wheels look very real and feels like the creation will have a metal feel once touched.

Men's Mechanical Warrior Shoulder And Chest Tattoo

This is very impressive in terms of composition, technique and style. This has the scientific-fiction genre with robotic element and alien creature feel like the Transformers like a portion of the body can be replaced by mechanical pieces to enhance it in terms of usage and strength.

Men's Mechanical Tattoo Desiigns

A skin modification which you can be proud of because it’s one of a kind, customized on your skin and the placement of the tattoo. It is never easy to create a three-dimension arch on a three-dimensional surface, resulting into a complex multi-layered wheel, strapped and interconnected but definitely analogue and unwired.

Men's Machine Half Upper Arm Tattoos

The arm morphing into its original cyborg self. He was not a human to begin with. The shoulder action looks really dark and creepy but warm and inviting at the same time. Gore is eliminated since there is no blood on the torn flesh, in place is an arm of a robot in metal silver gray casing with metal wires in the insides and some bolts. The application of light on this piece is smart making the tattoo glisten to make it more realistic. The solid, matte black shading on the inside adds depth, giving dimension to the first layer of metal cables.

Men's Gear Tattoos Leg Sleeve

A biomechanical tattoo is anything man-made with mechanical and industrial feel to it, marrying it with the organic parts of the human.  This black and gray piece is totally amazing, creepy and cold, and absolutely one of a kind. The skull on his knee gives it the horror alien on this piece. This is skillfully executed by the artist with regards to the shading, contouring and blending for contrast and depth. The skull details, front and back, provides the layers of dimension needed for a biomechanical perspective.

Men's Clock Biomechanical Tattoos

This shoulder tattoo of an analogue mechanical watch is full on metal all the way, inside and out. Great way to present composition from a totally unexpected perspective from the top going down. This is the trend multi-dimensional pieces, to give its audience a multi-perspective of their art work, too, which is becoming tougher and tougher for the artists to execute. There is so much work that needs to be done, from drawing the patterns on the canvas freehand since it needs to be customized along the contour of the wearer, outlining to the shading, blending of colors to achieve consistency and prevent harsh lines, add definition to make it look believable but enhance it in a way to make the overall aesthetic captivating. Then build the layers in the process. There are several in this place along with the hand details of the clock and the top screw that holds it all together.

Men's Bio Mech Tattoos On Bicep

This mechanical arm tattoo is in black and gray like a complex mechanical setup of several motorcycles machine parts put together for this arm. This arm looks it’s a cyborg arm from the past, not the future. Like in Transformers, wherein the founding fathers look like they need a much-needed upgrade aesthetic wise. The analogue machine still looks very impressive with all the knots and bolt, metal rings and chain links, bearing and cranks, metal bars and tubes. The torn flesh is outlined in black consistent with the black background of the layers of metal as organic and integral parts of this arm.

Men's Bio Mechanical Tattoos

A mechanical arm for this full sleeve ink featuring a customized design for the wearer which features motorcycle machine parts and pieces. Tattoo artist is successful in creating a machine environment for this set of metals and blend them in organically for this arm. The blue background gives it a cool modern vibe, like a bright car of the 80’s. Then the silver gray as the middlegound solidify the metal theme with hints of sheen and a few scratches to make it look realistic. The foreground of top layer metals provides a varying degree of light to the whole piece.

Men's 3D Mechanical Tattoos

A biomechanical skull in monochromatic shades of brown. This is indeed a different environment, completely erasing the human aspect of this leg. A drastic change of the musculature and human form transporting the viewer to an alternate reality called mechanical-verse. The warm shades of brown soften the metal aesthetic but the skull at the center brings the whole piece into a different level of creepiness.

Mechanic Tattoos For Men

This is another option for the timepiece arm, completely analogue but definitely striking and looks very powerful. If, time is the only true unit of measure, it gives proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don’t exist in the alternate reality of Time-verse. The background in this piece is the same tone as the wearer, the machine doesn’t look imbedded into the arm but more of an armor to the arm. It is still multidimensional and can be appreciated in different perspective yet be entertained with several astonishing details.

Mechanic Tattoo For Men

This is another cool idea for biomechanical forearm tattoo featuring the overlapping cogs and gears which are the integral organic parts of this powerful arm. It looks very polished and well executed in terms of tattooing style, the outlines are precise and consistent with the spikes of the gears. The monochromatic tones are also layered to produce the desired multidimensional effect that is inherent of these types of tattoo.

Mechanic Tattoo Designs For Men

A biomechanical skull which looks dark and creepy, but warm and inviting at the same time. It is indeed chilling to look at skull trying to come out of this body part with the mechanical details of cogs and gears inside it. The dark borders and black background shading give it the sinister look it needs to bring out the awe factor for the next layer of objects.

Mechanic Men's Full Leg Sleeve Tattoo

This cyborg leg is a magnificent piece of art. It is dark and powerful, slick and shiny for the metal component, and looks like a leg of a robot from the future.  Indeed, this looks like the owner and the artist spent hours and hours of intense work in executing the components. The artist found a way to change the musculature and human form of his client’s body part.  He/she found a way to design a tattoo then create another world in the process. This piece has a robotic, alien creature and science fiction vibe. The rich, matte black background is highly saturated black ensuring that longevity of this tattoo will not be an issue. It introduces the next layer which holds the big parts together and these look-like coiled metallic wires, chain links and some bolts. The next ones are the long metal tubes, overlapping metal cubes which look like s spine and the metal parts for the feet. The footwork and the amount of details it’s showing deserve a standing ovation.

Mechanical Wings Tattoo For Men

This is another option for the machine and tattoo enthusiasts, who can now enjoy the best of bothworlds: an ink and a machine. A biomechanical piece of black and gray which is actually a smart choice because according to the artists, it lasts longer. A deep saturated black for the background to create depth for layering to produce dimension. The negative space for the owner’s skin is balanced and well distributed. I’m glad the artist showed us that he can still give us symmetry even when this is a machine arm that supposedly ripped off its skin, to reveal his machine self.

Mechanical Tattoo Sleeve For Men

When the eye is an ongoing trend in surrealist style like this sample. There are several meanings to getting realistic tattoo of an eye. Messi, the modern day greatest soccer player, is well known for his ink. He has a tattoo of his wife’s eye on his body as tribute. His is for love and inspiration. Others to memorialize those they lost, and others for protection from the all-knowing and all-powerful eye. A black and gray piece for the eye of Ra which is known to provide sun and masculine energy, explores reason, mathematics, logic, science and language. A symbol of good luck and creative action.

Mechanical Tattoos Designs For Guys

When there are two definitive truths here on earth which are time and life, beginning and end. If you have the two symbolic objects for such powerful occurrences in life tattooed on your skin, this is huge. Then you get lucky and the tattoo turns out to be absolutely stunning. A timepiece drawn on a different perspective to maximize three-dimension effect plus the skull underneath with its gaping holes revealing the mechanical pieces inside.

Mechanical Tattoo Ideas For Men

This biomechanical tattoo of cogs and gears with the clock at its face is transporting us to a metal world where humans are extinct. It can be a tribute or a memorial because of the date and time this piece reveals, whatever it is or not, this ink art is worth a second look. The anatomy of the machine is intricately detailed that even the artist who sourced out the sketch had a hard time figuring out execution. There are layers of mechanical bits and pieces, all screaming to be turned into a multi-dimensional object for aesthetic appeal, and to ensure that they look organically blended with the structure of the new arm.

Mechanical Tattoo For Men

There are artists who take a more subtle route when it comes to composition and color for their biomechanical pieces. Like in this piece, subtle in color but not in content because it is a bomb. That is explosive, and massive. The colors blend well with the skin tone of the wearer, and the rest of the accent pieces, like the wire in hints of green yellow and blue. It is exceptionally illustrated with more details that the eyes can even think of creating, layers and layers of metal, with black as the background for depth, then the metals are softly shaded, contoured softly, plus there are no visible harsh lines for this piece. There’s a long, sweeping repeating organic patterns of gears, pipes and wires, an environment created by the artist altering musculature and human form.

Mechanical Shoulder Tattoo For Men

One of those cyborg arms you may choose as your companion arm for the future where humans and humanoids are none existent. It looks like the parts come from a machine shop of irregular and surplus mechanical parts, assembled to create this powerful arm. A science fiction wherein one creates a fantasy world out of people’s body parts.

Mechanical Men's Sleeve Tattoo

This is the marriage of biomechanical surrealism and hyper surrealism in one unbelievably stunning creation. It is picture perfect. A great choice for a machine arm wherein the details have been lovingly illustrated, shaded and texturized. The monochromatic shades of brown give it a warm appeal that is not present in other machine pieces. It looks vintage with the way it is shaded and blended. The background has texture because of the intricate shading of highlights and lowlights with the added shadow details, because of the light perspective. Now, that’s when this piece started breathing. The intricate placement of the shadows on the inside of the gaping hole of the arm, looks like being in a lighted tunnel. Then, slowly the layers reveal themselves from one layer of metal to the other. The top two layers were given textures, too. There are cogs and gears, screws, coiled protective metals and of course, the ripped skin. It is indeed amazing to match the whole piece according to the skin tone of the owner, making it realistic but scary.

Mechanical Arm Tattoo For Men

This powerful, heavy metal concept looks literally heavy. It is done in gray and black, for a classic and timeless aesthetic.

Manly Mechanical Sleeve Tattoo

This is a great tribute piece to the tattoo artist whose arm is a well-oiled machine, grinding everyday for extra-long hours to create pieces he and his client can be proud of. The ink caps serve as ink dispensers when the artist is in his creative zone. The tattoo gun is his most priced possession which is usually personalized and custom made to fit the hand of the artist, style and purpose. It takes so much to be part of an industry where there are already too many greats before you. It takes a good, strong and passionate heart to get up, do the daily grind, then repeat. It takes discipline and clear vision of who you want to become.

Male Robotic Tattoos

If and when in the future, the post nuclear-apocalypse situation becomes a reality the rest of us will look like this guy who offered himself for a permanent skin modification with protruding spines. I am not sure what happened to the imagination of the artist but he definitely wen way overboard and brave, creepy but fascinating at the same time. This is definitely custom made for the owner because it must be extra difficult to stencil a tattoo this big. It is not easy to complete an ink work this big in a few hours. Would probably take 40 to 60 hours of probably 10 sessions. The middlegound of intricately scaled cable look large enough to be a snake coiling under the bones.

Male Mechanics Tattoos

This is a biomechanical piece which shows so much promise, once fully executed. It looks like the artist is going for a big machine structure based on what she started working on. However, she can add details later once final touches are done.

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