Realistic Tattoos For Men

Top 103 Realism Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

For guys who want to get bona fide 21st century ink, there are literally zero alternatives to realistic tattoos. Body art realism is the fashionable ruling force of mankind’s future.

Realistic tattoos keep getting more insane by the hour, and ink aficionados can reap incredibly aesthetic rewards from replicating 3D graphics on their skin.

This kind of tat unlocks serious potential in your outlook. These tattoos show that ink is for everyone now, and handsome designs are finally hitting the world of fine art. Permanent ink is no longer reserved for the punks and ravers; now, everyone has their chance to flash a little tattooed flesh.

This is a phenomenal advancement, especially for dudes who want tattoos without compromising their professional demeanor. With a vibrantly in-depth piece of realism, any guy can reach their peak of urbane pizzazz. Because these ink jobs are costly, they can also be slyly displayed as a symbol of status.

If you want to have your mind blown, then stick around to see the sheer glory of realism tattoos. We’ve got all of the bases covers when it comes to lifelike amazement being inked to manly perfection.

Realistic Tattoo Ideas

Astounding Orange Sky And Ship Tattoo Mens Chest

A stunning creation of a chest tattoo featuring a magnificent sunset as time period voyage ship sails on calm waters. The color palette on this ink work is rich and vivid with enough warm and cool tones mixture to make the viewer feel the exact amount of temperature on the scene. The ship details are big enough to be seen from afar and illustrated to create an illusion that is indeed sailing.

Awesome Ship On Raging Seas Realistic Tattoo Guys Entire Back

The inscription alone is enough introduction of the theme and style which both the owner and artist want to pursue, keeping it real. This time-period artwork reveals great story of survival in a classic black and gray realism tattoo. The back is a huge human canvas for the artist to work on, so with this kind of ink work the process is tedious and requires commitment. The lightning against the dark skies shines through because of the sharp contrast from dark to the lightest shade of gray. The ship getting whipped by raging water has so much intricate details to provide the illusion of realism.

Beautiful Realistic Grey Shaded Eye Tattoo Mens Sleeves

A full tribal inspired sleeve arm tattoo with an added illustration of an eye on the inner arm.  The eye looks hauntingly real even its glossy surface was captured by artist. The gray tones were set to mimic the gray tones of the arm giving the viewer the illusion that it is an organic and integral part of the arm. For the warrior arm seeking protection and guidance of the brilliant eye, this piece is for you.

Bicep Guys Realistic Cawing Eagle Tattoo

The several shades of black at the background brings the head of this bird to life, a sharp and deep contrast to bring forward its shape and the outline details. There are so many fine lines that the artist added which makes this bird tattoo so believable. The illusion of feather texture with the shades of gray and black tones for depth is skillfully done. Then the eye sweeps you away which looks so alive and expressive.

Bloody Shark Realistic Tattoo Mens Arms

This realism tattoo showcases the expertise of the artist on color palette to make the shark very real to its audience. This looks like the very hungry shark in the movie Jaws who recently fed and about to on the next prey. This is one of those ink work wherein the style of using a dark outline is ditched by the artist and played on the colors instead.

Bright Colored Artistic Realism Tattoo Mens Forearms

This glowing jelly fish is indeed a work of art. The dark tones of black and blue are smartly utilized to depict the deep ocean and some dark shadows on top of the jellyfish for contrast to set off the various rich orange tones to bring forth the illusion of glowing from within like the sun peeking from the inside.

Brilliant Grey Colored Leaf And Dew Drop Realism Tattoo Mens Sleeve

This is one of those instance wherein you feel the urge to extend your hand, and wait for the dew to drop into your hand. It doesn’t even matter if the tattoo is in black and gray, the illusion of the droplets of water falling off the leaf has enough texture and depth to look and feel real. The leaf, too, has plenty of exquisite details which the artist added for it to look real. The lines, shading and contrast along the lines and edges are very impressive.

Candle With Almost Real Flame Tattoo Mens Forearm

The eyes are drawn towards the burning flame of the candle, gently illuminating the whole art work. Even the whole arm looks bright and lifted because of the lighted flame. From afar it already looks impressive then zooming in, and realizing that it’s a hand holding the candle with melted wax all over it, is simply mind-blowing.

Copper Blue Realistic Fish And Lady Tattoo Mens Calves

A surreal double portrait piece in monochromatic blue of a shark and a lady presented like a dream sequence. This piece looks still as water just as the lady has her eyes closed, the energy of the shark is still evident with the sharp teeth on display, while the feminine curves all throughout give the creation a certain sensuality to balance off the cold blue. A darker shade of blue was used to contour certain parts to define the shape, and even a way darker for the upper lip on the face and tail of the shark. The negative space which starts at the bottom, then curves upward is a necessary visual break from all the shades of blue and adding warmth, to this ice cold creation.

Dusty Grey Shaded Realistic Glass Bulb Tattoo Male Forearms

For the dreamers, romantics and the inventors iconic symbol in black and gray, minimalist in every way but the artist endeavored to copy what is in the picture. Photo realism is a fast rising trend of the young. The tattoo itself may be a copy of certain photo but what makes it exciting and totally awesome is that the artist was able to capture the object then transfer it to the human canvas like a photocopy machine. It takes so much work and dedication to deliver a realistic tattoo, the artist needs to go back to the subject over and over, layer after layer of ink to ensure that all the details are included.

Extremely Real Photo Image Of Basketball Player Tattoo Mens Legs

Basketball is a high pumping, war of the adrenaline and testosterone sport with an extremely high energy to match. Jordan is doing just that in this tattoo, one of his memorable jump shots which is now a part of his legacy. Jordan can be recognized from afar, which is a good trait for photorealism technique. The subject must be recognizable right away, otherwise it’s not successful.

Ghastly Skull Realism Tattoo Mens Arm

Hyperrealism tattooing as a style has endless possibilities such that the growth of its followers is tremendous. The result of its handiwork is beyond incredible just like this skull which looks like a sticker being torn out of the arm. It is a stunning creation, and at the same time, a jaw dropping illusion. A playful twist on perspective and definition, transforms this arm into an off-the-charts tattoo.

Gorgeous Grey Greek Mythology Realistic Tattoo Male Side Ribs

The classic gray tones to bring this ethereal large tattoo to life is consistent to its theme.  The winged angel on top is set on a darker shade of gray gently nestled on a bed of clouds. The stone-like human illustrations look stoic and statuesque, and highly contoured.

Graphical Hour Glass Tattoo Guys Lower Forearm

A playful hourglass in a wooden case against a teal and orange background. The geometric patterns add deeper meaning into the background. The sand looks very real along with the wooden top which was drawn with a circular body.

Grey Colored Compass Realism Tattoo Mens Forearms

The glistening finish of this tattoo looks metallic. The urge to reach out for the compass and the telescope is high just to check the surface. The different tones of gray in this tattoo is amazing. It is well saturated to ensure longevity, and high definition to ensure that even the micro details are added.

Grey Shaded Realistic Playing Guitar Tattoo Male Arms

It is essential that in the preparation process of the tattoo, reference image is chosen by both the customer and the artist. Ink work in realistic style needs to be seen at a certain perspective and transfer it to the human canvass. This black and gray piece has exquisite hand and arm details to give us the illusion that the subject is indeed playing the violin.

Grey Tattoo With Amazing Shadow Effect Realism Tattoo Male Arms

The photorealism artistry has definitely gone a long way. The artists are highly skilled and can mimic an old photo and transform it into an ink work using small, thin yet visible brush strokes. The extra fine lines of the bike wheels and the footwear of the gentleman is amazing. The sun is felt on the skin along with the gentle breeze from the bay.

Guys Arms Orange Fish And Relfection Realism Tattoos

The well-loved golden koi fish on the arm for good fortune and wealth. Colors are vibrant and well saturated to create a dynamic illustration of these gentle fish. The shadow at the background with splutter of black throughout the length of the arm adds depth to this realism piece.

Guys Arms Realistic Feather Quill And Engine Tattoos

These period pieces in black and gray are timeless, and would definitely age well taking into consideration proper care not just of the tattoo but of the body, as well. The old, classic train is illustrated from a perspective that it’s moving towards you with the several metal details on its elaborate design including dents and bruises on the surface.

Guys Chest Roaring Lion Realism Tattoos

If the challenge is to showcase a powerful animal, then the tattoo artist is definitely successful. The growl was heard from miles away. This is hyper realism at its finest from the color palette, to the hair details, the extra menacing yellow glassy eyes with a tiny fleck of dark detail, the hair details around the mouth. This is indeed a drop dead gorgeous tiger, inked fiercely on the chest.

Guys Forearm Grey Spiral Realism Tattoos

Guys Forearm Jet Black Realistic Crow Tattoo

Guys Forearms Men On Bicycle Realism Tattoo

Guys Forearms Screaming Man Tattoo

Guys Full Back Realistic Tattoo Of Man Jumping From Skyscraper

Guys Full Body Grey Retro Musical Night Realistic Tattoo

Guys Full Sleeve Grey Busy Street In London Realistic Tattoo

Guys Full Sleeve Realistic Tattoo Of Ship With Majestic White Sails

Guys Full Sleeve Unique Skull And Feather Realism Tattoo

Guys Legs Abstract Eye Realism Tattoo

Guys Leg Sleeve Microscope Realism Tattoos

Guys Lower Legs Basketball Player Realism Tattoo

Guys Sleeves Red And Blue Heart Realism Tattoo

Guy With Realistic Tattoo Of Man Buttoning His Sleeves On Arms

Guy With Underwater Diver Realism Tattoo On Forearms

Historic Wartime And Railway Engine Realism Tattoo Mens Back

Innovative Hand With Sand Glass Realism Tattoo On Guys Thighs

Insanly Realistic Tattoo Of Beared Man On Guys Forearms

Leg Calf Guys Sepia Toned Portrait Of Mans Face Realism Tattoos

Magnificient Greek God Realism Tattoo Mens Torso And Sleeve

Male Arms Cracked Statue Of Liberty Realism Tattoo

Male Arms Realistic Dragon Over Rough Seas Tattoo

Male Arms Realistic Skull And Candle Flame Tattoo

Male Arms Realistic Tattoo Of Medieval Period Woman

Male Back Realistic Skull Inside Glass Bottle Tattoo

Male Calves Black Inner Clockwork Realism Tattoo

Male Forearms Cute Ship In Glass Bottle Realistic Tattoo

Male Forearms Realistic Sombre Eyed Owl Tattoo

Male Full Back Black And Grey Realism Tattoo

Male Full Back Realistic Chess And Skull Eye Tattoo

Male Full Legs Alien With Axe Realism Tattoo

Male Full Sleeves Hro Killing Evil Realistic Tattoo

Male Full Sleeves Lightening Realism Tattoo

Male Full Sleeves Mechanical Gear Tattoo

Male Hands Realistic Alien Face Tattoo

Male Hands Realistic Screaming Beast Tattoo

Males Calves Girl Eating Bloody Organ Realism Tattoo

Males Chest Grey Colored Camp Night Realism Tattoo

Male Side Ribs Escaping From Hungry Shark Tattoo

Male Sleeves Realistic Skull With Pearls Tattoo

Male Torso Realistic Tattoo Of Boy Holding Colored Blooms

Male Upper Arms Realistic Owl Tattoo

Man Breaking Guitar Realism Tattoo Male Arms

Men Hands Water Drop Spalsh Realism Tattoo

Mens Arms Horrendous Skull With Glass Ball Realism Tattoo

Mens Arms Realistic Clock Over A Map Tattoo

Mens Arms Stunning Forest Realism Tattoo

Mens Back Realistic Underwater Tattoo

Mens Calves Lovely Realism Tattoo

Mens Calves Spectacular Shiny Snake Tattoo Realism

Mens Forearms Grey Railway Track Realism Tattoo

Mens Forearms Realistic Anchor And Lighhouse Tattoo

Mens Forearms Realistic Green Eyed Tattoo

Mens Forearms Realistic Owl In Green Background Tattoo

Mens Forearms Realistic Sparrow Couple Tattoo

Mens Full Back Sensual Lady And Skeleton Tattoo

Mens Full Bak Warriors In Rome Realism Tattoo

Mens Full Legs Realistic Grey Gears Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeve Blue Underwater Life Realistic Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeve Realistic Tattoo Of Smoking Man

Mens Lower Leg Scary Man On Wall Realism Tattoo

Mens Sleeve Brown Feather Bird Realism Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Grey Machinery And Gear Realism Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Realistic Compass And Magnifying Viewer Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Realistic Man On A Lonely Night Tattoo

Mens Sleeves War And Weaponary Tattoos

Open Mouthed Chimpanzee Realism Tattoos Guys Calves

Realism Tattoo Of Musical Instrument Mens Lower Legs

Realistic Eye With Details Tattoo Mens Forearms

Realistic Green Skinned Reptile Tattoo Mens Forearms

Realistic Grey Photographic Image Tattoo Male Full Back

Realistic Grey Rose And Dewdrops Tattoo Guys Hand

Realistic Honey Colored Tiger Eye Tattoo Male Sleeves

Realistic Owl Eye Tattoo Mens Forearm

Realistic Profile Of Savage Man Tattoo On Male Shoulders

Realistic Tattoos Of East Asian Man Smoking Guys Back

Realistic Yellow Eye And Red Lightening Tattoos Male Forearms

Scaly Greyish Fish Realism Tattoos Male Foot

Solemn Owl Realistic Tattoos Male Forearms

Sparkling Red Gemstone Realism Tattoos Male Forearm

Steely Grey Realistic Tattoos Of Warrior Guys Full Sleeves

Striking Cobra Realism Tattoo On Mans Bicep

Realistic Tattoo FAQs

How much are realistic tattoos?

Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, one of the high end tattoo artists in New York who has inked the skin of Rihanna, Lebron James, Cara Delevingne, among others, getting a tattoo can be simplified in two easy steps. One, choose a concept. Then, second, look for an artist who can best execute your tattoo. In his shop alone, he has a roster of artists who can specialize in realism styled tattoos whether in black and gray or in full color. Rate starts at $400 to $500 per hour or they charge per day depending on the number of hours needed to execute the tattoo design depends on the size, style, placement and pain tolerance of the customer. The quality of skin can also affect the session.

There are other notable tattoo artists in the field of realism who are worth investing on: Steve Butcher, Steve Wimmer, Yomico Moreno, and Rich Pineda. 

The average rate is about $100 to $250 per hour on regular tattoo shops near your of not-yet-famous tattoo artists. They might eventually be superstars one day. One thing is certain though, do not be cheap on your tattoo. It’s permanent and on your skin. Better be safe than sorry.

Do realism tattoos age well?

When getting inked, the future must be considered since it is a permanent skin modification. Yes, the vital word is permanent. 

In realism style of tattooing, the classic black and gray tattoos ages better than the ones done in color. Outlining in black makes a big difference. Placement of the ink work may affect the longevity of the tattoo but in general, muted tones of black and gray lasts longer.

There are tattoo artists who specializes in colored realism tattoo argue that, saturation plays a major role and a determining factor whether the execution is good enough so that the art work will stick in the skin longer. So, layering is also important to add more details and to grind more ink into the skin as much as it can take, and the amount of ink that should be transferred into the skin. Ink should penetrate the third to fourth layer of the skin.

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