Mens Hari Mari Sandals Review X Nokona Top Grain American Ball Glove Leather

Men’s Hari Mari Flip Flops Review – Nokona, Dunes, And Peter Miller Sandals

With numerous premium leather men’s flip flops to choose from alongside bulletproof water-friendly options, I’ve become a huge fan of anything Hari Mari.

Before heading out to Marco Island, Florida, I knew I needed a new pair of flip flops.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t finding a whole lot beyond the cheap flip flops that well, let’s face it, suck. Luckily, I discovered Hari Mari and wow, was I glad I did!

Their men’s X Nakona flip flop instantly drew my eyes in with their beautiful top-grain American ball glove leather. Add in the memory-foam filled and jersey-lined stitch strap, among other features, and I finally found the perfect pair.

After sliding my first pair on, the comfort was truly dream-like. In fact, wearing them so was so enjoyable that I felt like never wanting to take them off my feet. For the entire trip, these things stayed glued to my feet. From the salty ocean water, through the sandy and shattered seashell lined coast, across the hotel floors, and around the island as I ventured around, the X Nakona had quickly become my foot’s new best friend.

Unknowingly, it didn’t occur to me that perhaps salty ocean water and natural leather don’t get along so great together. Sure, a bit of the dye wore off from the flip flops, but they still held together just great!

After learning about their water-friendly Dunes model, I decided to give those a shot as well. Alongside their beautiful Horween leather, X Peter Millar flip flops too. Below, you’ll find a more detailed review with highlights of Hari Mari’s X Nakona, X Peter Millar and Dunes men’s flip flops. However, before diving on in, I’d like to mention one more neat thing about Hari Mari.

Their flops fighting cancer program donates 1% of every flip flop purchase to support kids battling cancer, and helps cover the costs of medicine, hospital visits, and treatments. With pediatric cancer the being the most fatal disease among American children today (more fatal than almost all other combined) Hari Hari is stepping up.


Quick Highlights:

Men’s X Nakona

Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals For Men Review

– Nokona’s premium, top-grain American ball glove leather
– Comfortable memory foam-filled straps
– Boat safe, non-marking outsole with carbon-free rubber
– Memory foam toe post eliminates break-in
– Firm arch for superior foot support
– Jersey-lined stich and turn straps for keeping cool
– Soft-squeeze midsole for fleet-of-foot comfort

Men’s Dunes

Hari Mari Mens Dunes Flip Fliops Review

– Water-friendly nylon, rubber and foam materials
– Footbed siping channels away water and improves foot grip
– Soft-squeeze insole for foot-forming fit and added cushion
– Firm arch support for all-day wear comfort
– Beveled outsole edge for lower chance of trips and toe catches
– Memory foam toe post eliminates break-in process
– Non-marking, boat safe outsole that’s made of carbon-free rubber

Men’s X Peter Millar

Soft Squeeze Straps Memory Foam Lined Guys Hari Mari Flip Flops

– Available in three Horween leather options including cognac, navy and dark brown.
– Peter Millar crown crest detail on sole and heel
– Heel cupping
– Premium vegetable-tanned Horween leather
– Firm arch support for all-day comfort
– Soft-squeeze midsole
– Memory foam injected toe reduces abrasion
– Foam-lined straps with moisture-wicking jersey lining
– 100% carbon-free, boat safe and non-marking sole
– Limited edition collection


Generation Men’s Hari Mari X Nokona Flip Flops Review

Hari Mari Sandals Box

Hari Mari Gear

Hari Mari Handwritten Note Card

Hari Mari X Noka Sandals Details

Mens Hari Mari X Nokona Flip Flops Detail

Texas Flip Flop Co Mens Hari Mari Sandals

Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals Details Card

Sandals Flops Fighting Cancer Card

Inside Hari Mari Nokona Sandals Shoe Box

Mens Sandals Hari Mari X Nokona Walnut

Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals Bag

Hari Mari X Nokona Walnut Sandals Footwear For Men

Jersey Lined Stich And Turn Straps Mens Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals

Memory Foam Toe Post Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals For Men

Mens Flip Flops Hari Mari X Nokona

Non Marking Outsole Mens Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals

Side View Mens Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals

Soft Squeeze Midsole Mens Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals

American Leather Top Grain Sandals For Men

Baseball Glove Leather Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals For Men

Best Leather Flip Flops For Men Hari Mari X Nokona

Boat Safe Outsole Mens Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals With Carbon Free Rubber

Embossed Leather Mens Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals

Hari Mari Sandals T Shirt

Factor in baseball glove leather with Hari Mari’s unique take on men’s flip flops and you have a winning combination. While I covered my experience wearing the X Nakona in detail above, I wanted to tell you a few more things.

First, these flip flops grip your feet with precision. I can’t stand flip flops that fall off; these don’t. Additionally, the sole tread left me surprised with just how much traction it had to offer. Over seashells, loose sand, wet tile, carpet, and beyond, every step I took felt like a confident one.

Lastly, I really liked how Hari Mari included a drawstring bag to store my flip flops. Aside from them fitting perfectly inside, it was terrific to separate my sand-covered flip flops from the rest of my luggage.


Beach Review Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals

Field Test Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals For Men

Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals Field Test Ocean Salt Water Sand

Leather Mens Sandals Hari Mari X Nokona Review

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Mens Hari Mari X Nokona Top Grain Leather Sandals Review On Sandy Ocean Beach

Most Comfortable Mens Sandals Hari Mari X Nokona Field Test Review


Bllack, Grey and Blue Men’s Hari Mari Dunes Flip Flop Review

Mens Dunes Flip Flops Bottom White Eveled Outsole

Mens Hari Mari Black Grey Blue Sandals

Review Guys Hari Mari Dunes Water Friendly Nylon Foam And Rubber Flip Flops

While not as stunning as the other leather flip flop options, the Dunes managed to impress me with their near just as high, level of comfort. With their nylon, rubber and foam construction, I certainly felt more confident knowing I could wear these virtually anywhere without worry.

Unlike traditional sandals, there’s no uncomfortable or awkward break-in process, which is something I can really appreciate. Of course, the beveled outsole edge is heaven-sent for stopping the dreaded dance of toe catching and tripping.

For an everyday option where the beach or boat is in mind, the Hari Mari Dunes are my go-to, up for anything, pair.


Cognac Men’s Hari Mari X Peter Millar Review

Hari Mari Sandals Box Mens Peter Millar Edition

Guys Flip Flops Hari Mari Peter Millar Box

Hari Mari X Peter Millar Mens Sandals

Guys Cognac Leather Hari Mari Peter Millar Flip Flops

Cognac Mens Leather Sandals Hari Mari Peter Millar Edition

Embossed Leather Limited Edition Hari Mari Peter Millar Flip Flops For Guys

Leather Crown Detail Embossed Mens Hari Mari Sandals Peter Millar

No Slip Boat Safe Non Marking Mens Flip Flip Hari Mari Peter Millar Outsole

Premium American Horween Leather Mens Hari Mari Peter Millar Flip Flops

If luxury and comfort are two words you love, then get ready to fall head over feet for the Hari Mari X Peter Millar flip flop. At the highest price point in the lineup, these flip flops are as good as it gets.

With premium vegetable-tanned Horween leather, each features a remarkably handsome style to look at. However, these flip flops aren’t just beautifully well-made, in reality, their super functional too. I wore those around for a while, and the comfort was cloud-like. The memory foam injected toe, soft-squeeze midsole, firm arch support, heel cupping, and foam/jersey lined straps, make for the ultimate flip flop experience.

Needless to say, Hari Mari isn’t joking when they say all-day comfort. You can literally wear these, and your feet will feel wonderful before bedtime rolls around.


Hari Mari X Nokona Sandals Purchase




Hari Mari Dunes Navy 2 9


Hari Mari Fields Tan/Tan 12


Hari Mari Logo Special Feature


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