Pompadour Haircut For Men

The Pompadour Haircut For Men – 50 Masculine Hairstyles

With deep ties to the rock and roll era, this cut is as smooth and slick as it is suave and sophisticated.

Its bold impression is serious, yet still vividly fun; perhaps it’s a good reason as to why the pompadour has always been a popular choice.

The original look: A slicked back, high grease hairstyle with sharp sides and a lot of shine. Both sides meet back at the nape of the neck into a duck tail. The lengthy front features a small round mound at the front of the forehead.

The modern approach: Unlike the pompadours of the past, today’s modern cuts typically features far less shine to it. With all sorts of more natural-looking grooming products available, the style varies vastly man to man. Of course, certain men still elect to follow the classic fashion statement of the greasers by using oil-based pomades extremely generously.

Aside from product alone, the pompadour can be seen in any modern barbershop along with fades and uncombed sides. Even the front by the forehead can take on a messy or wavy appearance.

The history:

It’s no surprise the pompadour ranks as one of the most popular men’s hairstyles at the barbershop. In reality, this cut dates back to the 1950’s and 1960’s where it took the spotlight in everything from automotive racers to folk music singers and more. Even famous actors like James Dean sported the Pompadour, not to mention, the president Ronald Regan too.

Yet, you might be even more surprised to know this style actually started over three-hundred years ago by Jeanne-Antoinette Posson, the mistress of King Louis XV, aka the “Madame de Pompadour”. It wasn’t truly until the late 1950’s before this haircut would become treasured by males, though some still claim it started in the 1920s.

What’s clear however, is there’s no doubt about its massive surge in popularly with the birth of rock and roll. When Elvis Presley rocked the style in 1956 it rose to fame just as fast as he did. Soon after younger males of the working class took an interest in the cut; aka the greasers or rockabilly gentlemen.

Unlike most trends the style kept evolving over the years especially with bands, shifting from the jellyroll to the quiff and more. Sure, it lost its peak over the years however, the idea behind this haircut hasn’t changed a bit. In a sense it a symbol of both sexuality and sensuality all while being masculine, clean and rugged. It’s a showcase of free-spiritedness and makes a bold statement about a man’s personally.

Explore this men’s cut:

To help you discover both mixes of the classic and modern cut, I’ve put together a collection of 50 Pompadour hairstyles for men. Each features unique character, whether it be the length, messiness or sense of perfection, and more. You’re bound to discover a style that’s perfect for the next trip to the barbershop.


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