Poseidon Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 25 Poseidon Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Meet the son of titans Cronus and Rehea, aka the “God of the sea”, the “Earth-Shaker”, and the “Tamer of horses”. When it comes to Greek mythology, Poseidon was responsible for new islands and calm seas in Athens.

Those who dared to offend or anger here will feel his wrath in the form of earthquakes, shipwrecks and chaotic springs.

All it took was one slam to the ground with his trident to induce widespread panic and fear.

It’s a good reason why sailors out on the seas prayed to him, often making sacrifices through drowning their horses too.

Even Alexander the Great sought the powers of Poseidon before the battle of Issus through prayer. It’s been said he casted his four-horse chariot into the waves as a token of good will.

In this collection of the top 30 best Poseidon tattoos you’ll discover the popular depiction of the aged man with curly hair and a beard. You might also learn a thing or two looking at these design ideas, like the fact that he had one-hundred female lovers and two-hundred children!

1. Forearm Poseidon Tattoos

Forearm Male Poseidon Tattoos


2. Arm Poseidon Tattoos

Arm Greek Mythology Poseidon Tattoo On Man

Greek Gods Poseidon Men's Tattoo On Arm

Men's Poseidon Tattoos Sleeves On Arm

Poseidon Arm Tattoo For Men

Poseidon Water Tattoos For Guys On Arms

Half Sleeve Poseidon Ship Tattoos For Males

Poseidon Tattoo Swimming For Men

Poseidon Tattoos Meaning For Men

Poseidon Roman Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Men's Poseidon Tattoo Meaning


3. Sleeve Poseidon Tattoos

Full Sleeve Poseidon Tattoo Artwork For Men

Half Sleeve Man With Tattoo Of Poseidon Weapon

Men's Poseidon Tattoo Sleeve


4. Chest Poseidon Tattoos

Poseidon Greek God Tattoo For Men On Chest


5. Back Poseidon Tattoos

Poseidon Greek Mythology Tattoo On Back Of Man

Men's Poseidon Tattoo Designs


6. Side Poseidon Tattoos

Side Rib Cage Greek God Poseidon Tattoos For Men


7. Leg Poseidon Tattoos

Men's Poseidon Tattoo On Leg


8. Foot Poseidon Tattoos

Men's Poseidon Trident Foot Tattoo


9. 3D Poseidon Tattoos

3D Tattoos Of Poseidon For Men


10. More Poseidon Tattoo Ideas

Arm Poseidon Greek God Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Guy's Sleeve Tattoo Of Poseidon God Of The Sea

Poseidon God Tattoo For Men

Poseidon Mythology Male Tattoos

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