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Top 59 Greek Mythology Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

When it comes to traditional Greek designs, it would take an entire history course to cover them all. However, don’t worry, I’ll fill you in on the most popular ideas and mythological Gods.

When it comes to the gods, Greeks had many of them: Apollo, Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, and Hades just to name a few.

With all the heroes, monsters, mortals and creatures it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. But don’t worry here are three popular designs to get you inspired.

Apollo: Meet son of Zeus and Leto, aka the god of light and the sun. Not to mention, the god of medicine, plague, healing, poetry, the arts and more.

Zeus: Ruler of the Olympians of Mount Olympus, Zeus was the “Father of Gods and men.” In Greek mythology, this child of Cronus and Rhea was also the god of thunder and the sky.

Aphrodite: After Uranus’ genitals were cut and throw into the sea by Cronus, Aphrodite arose from the sea foam. This goddess was quite similar to Venus, though she represented sexuality, love and beauty.

Gods aside, another popular design often includes the Shield of Achilles. During the end of the Trojan War, it had been used to dual against the prince of Troy, Hector.

With that in mind, I’d like to share with you the top 60 best Greek tattoos for men featuring manly mythology and ancient gods. Each design features remarkable talented artwork and masculine ink for god-like inspiration!

1. Greek Mythology Full Sleeve Tattoos

Tattoos In Greek For Guys

Men's Greek Tribal Tattoo

Manly Men's Greek Mythology Tattoo Designs

Greek Tattoo Sleeve For Males

Ancient Greek Tattoos For Men Full Sleeve

Greek Gods Tattoo For Men

Guy's Greek Myth Tattoos

Full Sleeve Greek Style Men's Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Designs For Men

Men's Greek Sleeve Tattoo Inspiration

Greek Mythology Tattoo Ideas For Men

Sleeve Ancient Greek Tattoo Designs Men

For most people, getting tattoos is a process; as time goes on people collect more, slowly replacing blank skin for the black, gray and color designs that perfectly represent the style and sensibilities of the wearer. Sometimes these are loads of independent pieces of flash that are slowly incorporated into a larger composition, and sometimes they are large, complex pieces; full-sleeves fall into this category.

These full arm tattoos utilize the body’s natural lines to draw the eye up and down the entire tattoo, and the intriguing and dramatic stories from Greek mythology are the perfect subjects for such large canvases 

2. Greek Portraiture Tattoos

Greek God Apollo Men's Hand Tattoos

Bicep Greek Tattoo For Men

Men's Greek Tattoos Designs

Cool Small Greek Tattoos For Guys

Small Greek Quotes Tattoos For Guys

Human beings are hardwired to focus on faces. The amount of information we are able to deduce from the tiniest variations in a person’s countenance came about through our collective evolution and is one reason why portraiture is such a compelling art form.

Whether photo-realistic black and gray pieces or the more stylized interpretations of American traditional tattooing, portraits make for gripping designs and the myths, stories and fables of Ancient Greece are rife with dramatic material to draw from. The cast of characters, from gods and demi-gods, to monsters and ghouls, ensures the Greek mythos has a subject for almost everyone.  

3. Greek Mythology Upper Arm Tattoos

Greek Symbol Tattoo For Gentlemen

Cool Men's Greek Scripture Tattoos

Arm Agape Greek Men's Tattoo

Popular Men's Greek Tattoos

Greek Mythology Tattoos For Men

The upper arm has remained a popular spot for tattoos thanks to the broad surface area of a well-maintained bicep, as well as for the opportunity to hide interesting details in the area of the inner arm. 

From tribal arm bands all the way to fully covered half sleeves, this part of the body allows the wearer to proudly display their work whenever they wear a tank top or hit the beach. When designs inspired by the tumultuous Greek mythology are applied to the upper arm, they make for some instantly recognizableyecatching tattoos.  

4. Hellenic Warrior Tattoos

Men's Greek Warrior Tattoo Ideas On Forearm

Men's Greek Warrior Arm Tattoos

Guy's Greek Eye Tattoo

Greek Symbol Tattoos For Men

Shoulder Male Greek Warrior Tattoos

Orange Greek Inspired Tattoos For Men On Arm

Back Green God Tattoo Ideas On Men

The term Hellenic refers to the time after the conquest of Alexander the Great and deals with the spread and adoption of Greek culture. Hellenic actually means to imitate the Greeks. As their culture spread, so did the unmistakable depiction of Greek soldiers.

The typical Greek soldier, known as a hoplite, wore the characteristic helmet and carried a long spear and round shield. They were highly organized and fiercely loyal, traits that can be highlighted in these interesting tattoos. Their distinctive uniform and equipment make them excellent subjects for tattoos dedicated to the wearer’s warrior nature.  

5. Greek Classical Tattoos

Masculine Men's Tattoos Of Greek Gods On Wrist And Forearm

Greek Gods Tattoos For Men On Legs

Black Greek God Atlas Tattoo For Men On Arm

Men's Greek Flag Tattoo Sleeve

Greek Men's Tattoo Forearms

Greek Atlas Tattoo Men On Ribs

Men's Greek God Tattoos Designs On Side Of Ribs

Men's Ancient Greek Phrases Tattoos On Chest

Greek God Of War Tattoo On Man

Greek Goddess Tattoos For Men

Classical Greece was the period in Greek culture that lasted about 200 hundred years, (the 4th and 5th centuries BC) and was a time that saw the birth of much of what we consider Western Civilization. Architecture, philosophy, theatre and art sprung forth from this period of cultural development. 

This also makes themes from this era a great pool to draw inspiration from. The Parthenon, marble busts and mythological creatures can all be used, and for these powerful images a black and gray approach perfectly captures the elegant nature of these subjects.  

6. Poseidon Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Men's Traditional Greek Tattoos

Manly Men's Greek Art Tattoos On Back

Greek God Tattoo Designs For Males Of Ships

Greek God Tattoo For Men On Bicep

Greek Gods And Goddesses Tattoos For Guys

The god of the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses, Poseidon was a petty and vengeful god and is considered the greediest of the gods of Olympus. 

His ill temperament aside, Poseidon makes a great subject for tattoos thanks to the dramatic nature of his visage as well as the ability to incorporate interesting elements from the stories and myths that describe this powerful god. Poseidon tattoos are a perfect choice for anyone that has strong connections to the ocean and its creatures and can use either vibrant colors or a black and gray approach successfully.  

7. Atlas Ink

Greek Tattoo Ideas For Men

Globe Greek Myth Tattoo For Men

Tattoo Greek For Men

Greek mythology is intricate and sometimes convoluted, and the story of Atlas and the Titans is a bit of both. The Titans were the first immortal offspring to be born out of Chaos, with their more famous siblings Zeus, Poseidon etc. coming later and becoming known as the Olympian Gods.

By far the most famous of these original Greek deities is Atlas, who was sentenced to hold up the world on his shoulders after the Titans lost the war between Zeus and the Olympians in the Titanomachy. Whether or not someone knows the ins and outs of Greek mythology, the dramatic image of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders is the perfect subject for tattoos.

8. Zeus Tattoos

Greek God Tattoos For Men

Guy's Greek Mythology Tattoo Sleeves For Legs

Guy's Greek Symbols Tattoos

Lightning Greek Orthodox Men's Tattoos

Men's Greek Goddess Tattoo Sleeve

Male Ancient Greek Tattoo

Men's Greek Evil Eye Tattoo

Men's Greek Tribal Tattoos

By far the most famous of all the Greek gods, Zeus was the king of the Olympian Gods, who lived on Mt. Olympus and had power over lightning and the sky. 

What many people consider a stereotypical image of a god with a long white beard and flowing robes, chucking lightning bolts at those that do not obey him is actually a depiction of Zeus. He is the perfect subject for tattoos thanks to the opportunity he provides to create scenes full of drama and spectacle as well as the ability to incorporate the other gods and demi-gods that Zeus ruled over.

9. Medusa Tattoos

Men's Greek Tattoos Goddess Medusa Bicep

Man With Greek Art Tattoo

Small Bicep Greek Tattoo Designs Men

Best Greek Chest Tattoos For Men

Another instantly recognizable character from the Greek mythos is Medusa. This creature, known as a Gorgon, is usually depicted as a woman, often with wings and a head full of venomous snakes instead of hair. She was once a powerful priestess of Athena who was punished after she broke her vow of celibacy and was cursed with writhing snakes for hair and green skin; anyone who gazed upon her face would instantly turn to stone. Medusa’s gruesome countenance makes for a perfect subject for tattoos—either color or black and gray—providing an opportunity for a talented artist to capture all the intricate details in her face as well as the snakes on her head.  

Looking for more Greek mythological tattoo inspiration? Click on the links below for more classical galleries:


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