Religious Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Top 73 Religious Sleeve Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

For the faithful and devoted, these sleeve designs radiate a divine spirit. From Buddhism to Christian, Catholic and more, each manly canvas holds timeless teachings.

When it comes to worship, many men are taking the next step by showing their commitment in the form of permanent ink.

Sleeves whether half or full, serve as a brilliant reminder of one’s faith. For instance, the hallmark of Christianity, which sets the example for being generous and kind towards others, even when others fail to express the same actions back towards you.

Some gentlemen see religious tattoos in another light, with the notion to never worry. Rather instead, continue to have faith as things will work out the way they need to in the end. Not to mention, being literally armed with ink offers another hint to always give thanks and be joyful.

Of course, there are many other positive teachings that can proudly displayed through spiritual ink as well. In this guide of the top 75 best religious sleeve tattoos for men, you’ll find plenty of them.

Religious Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Nice Chicano style Madonna tattoo in the image on the left, while in the second a Christian warrior slays a snake. This pair of religious tattoos veer from strict tradition, opting for different methods of representing religion on skin. Both works are exceptional pieces of body art, with the Madonna’s line work, and the serpent’s skin being standout technical aspects of each tattoo.

Awesome Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

A quality full arm sleeve applied in the classical style. The female focused tattoos are linked together skillfully with pinpoint gray scale shading and effortless line work. The religious symbolism of the Virgin Mary, an angel, Cupid and the dove, drives religious meaning for the sleeve.

Beautiful Lotus Buddha Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Buddha in meditation. This full arm sleeve works in Japanese style to balance color and shade. The lotus blossoms and monks supply bright color and flowing black outline, working effectively in contrast to the swathes of black, gray, and negative space shading used to create detail on the entire arm.

Best Religious Tattoo Guys Sleeves

This is a quality black and gray classic, especially with the excellent flow of angel’s robe, wings, and rose. Only issue with this sleeve tattoo is the clock/stone circle behind the angel’s head – it’s an ambiguous image that takes away from the rest of the higher portion’s detailed excellence (the black line and shade work well here).

Brilliant Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

A beautiful Catholic tattoo mixing elements of faith together into an arresting set of inked images. This piece is a little odd in that it doesn’t go overboard trying to link each image together – there’s some shade work (mostly on the upper arm) but the artist and subject are content to work with the theme of faith. Especially like the way the rosary is depicted as a series of beads crossed over the forearm between church and blooming rose.

Buddha Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

This chest and upper arm combination is well delivered. The Buddha and surrounding effects – lotus, mandala, temple – all fit together under the varied black and gray ink. The tattooist’s skill using negative space to amplify images rather than fill separates this from merely being good, to being exceptional. The lion’s mane and fur shading also stand out.

Budhha Meditation Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

A lovely, clear, almost classical religious tattoo. Buddha in this case is cleverly made to look like carved stone, from the top of his head through to the Jnana Mudra at bottom. In this gesture the mudra symbolizes teaching. The use of black fill shadow behind Buddha’s head is a good alternative shading technique and helps strengthen his profile.

Budhha Nirvana Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

A new school version of Buddha inked in sketched out 3D. This is high impact tattooing displaying a willingness to take chances with shaping and shading to produce eye catching body art. The alternating shade between Buddha and patterned clothing is epic, especially the dragon scale like head gear

Calm Buddha Religious Tattoo Sleeves

This Buddha tattoo shows remarkable technical shading and spot on black and gray detail throughout the length of the full sleeve. The clarity of line work in each section demonstrates the flawless application of ink. The artist has created a variety of shapes and textures throughout the piece, then amplified them wherever possible by developing and mixing light changes to shade throughout.

Covered Eyes Baby Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Such an excellent, unique set of wings created by excellent technique mixing up gray shadow with negative space on each feather, then softly shading in before moving towards the next. It looks almost perfect. The topmost technique almost hand carves out crown and jewel is tight and well applied, while the large and small angels work well contrasting directly in size, detail, and direction. This is an outstanding piece of body art.

Cross And Lord Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

The 3D cross is an amazing feature of this religious tattoo. The artist’s ability to make it look carved from wood or hollowed out of the ground depending on angle is boss level innovation. It dominates the rest of the ink with it’s bold, clever design despite actually looking quite plain – there’s no filigree or fanciness to either the cross or Jesus. When a creative element like this pays off so sweetly it always makes for a memorable tattoo.

Crowned God And Roses Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Orthodox in the house. This almost finished religious tattoo creates a busy arm sleeve that refrains from going overboard. The shade work is sensible, previous tattoos are folded in simply (sometimes all you need to do is shade to the edge of the font), while the crown and eye images are focal points of the piece. There remains some rose tattooing left to complete, it can either be filled with black and gray shade, or pop with a single bright color around the head of Jesus.

Fabulous Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Fantastic Grey Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

This is an exceptional re-done religious tattoo. Rather than do a hectic black cover up of the upper arm tattoo the artist opted to revive the piece with bad ass black detail then finish off as a full arm sleeve. The alternating dark, thick line work is very cool against the negative space alt fill. It’s a case of ‘I like your new stuff better than your old stuff.’

Fantastic Religious Blessing Tattoo Male Sleeves

Flying Doves Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Gateway To Heaven Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

God With Cross Religious Tattoo Mens Sleeves

Green Buddha Religious Tattoo On Male Sleeves

Grey Religious Beared Lord Tattoo Male Sleeves

Grey White Religious Tattoo Male Sleeve

Guys Sleeves Birds Of Peace Religious Tattoo

Guys Sleeves Lovely Religious Tattoo

Guy Winged God Religious Tattoo Sleeve

Guy With Praying God Religious Tattoo Sleeves

Haloed Disk Around Lord Religious Tattoo Male Sleeve

Heavenly Skies Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Impressive Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Intricate Artwork Religious Buddha Tattoo Male Sleeves

Jesus On Cross And Rose Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Laughing Buddha Meditating Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Lord And The Chalet Religious Tattoo Men Full Sleeves

Lotus And Buddha Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Male Religious Tattoo Colloseum Sleeves

Male Sleeves Religious Budhha Tattoo

Man With Religious Tattoo On Sleeves

Man With Religious Veiled Lord Tattoo On Sleeves

Mens Full Sleeves Religious Angel In Heaven Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeves Religious Black Grey Tattoo

Mens Sleeve Fantastic Religious Tattoo

Mens Sleeve Marvellous Religious Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Angel And Rose Religious Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Bearded Man Religious Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Grey Religious Dove Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Religious Jesus With Sparkling Stone Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Religious Praying Hands And God Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Winged Beings Religious Tattoo

Mother Mary Praying Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Mytholigical Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Nice Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Paradise Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Praying Lady Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Praying Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Realistic Religious Male Sleeve Tattoo

Religion And Peace Tattoo Male Full Sleeves

Religious Beings And The Church Tattoo Male Sleeve

Religious Good Over Evil Tattoo Male Arms

Religious Grey Tatto Mens Sleeve

Religious Jesus Tattoo Male Sleeves

Religious Praying Hands Tattoo Male Sleeves

Religious Roses Tattoo Male Sleeves

Religious Tattoo Guys Sleeves

Roman Era Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Rose And Jesus Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Rose And Prayer Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Roses And Mary Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Serene Budhha Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Super Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Veiled Skull Religious Tatoo Guys Sleeves

White And Gray Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Winged God Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

Winged Heavenly Beings Religious Tattoo Mens Full Sleeves

Wonderful Praying To The Lord Religious Tattoo Male Sleeves

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