Best Ryan Reynolds Hairstyle Ideas

20 Best Ryan Reynolds Hairstyle Ideas

If you try to think of one particular hairstyle that is prevalently donned by Ryan Reynolds, you may not get the answer since he doesn’t wear any one particular cut-this guy has an affinity for different hairstyles.

As an A-list superstar, he has always been famous, but it was the release of Deadpool in 2016 that brought him to eminence, and many people started developing more interest in him. Ryan Reynolds is not a complicated guy, as you would have thought. He is a simple man who likes to keep simple cuts that anyone can replicate.

And so, if simplicity is your other name and you would like to emphasize that by rocking one of the Ryan Reynolds simple haircuts, here are effortless designs that you can opt for. But before we plunge into this list, let’s dig deep into these classic Ryan Reynolds hairstyles.

1. Short Messy Top


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Since Ryan Reynolds haircuts are all about a messy texture, it would be an ingenious idea to start our list with this short messy top cut.

This haircut is simple, and any man can rock it. To style it, you would want to leave some long hair on top and give it messy texture. Next, complete your style by tapering the back and the sides. For a standout look, pair it with stubble.

2. Tapered and Uniform


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Simplicity characterizes most of Ryan Reynolds haircuts, and he likes to keep it that way. In fact, if you are not attentive to the small details of each hairstyle, you might not be able to differentiate his many styles.

In this specific cut, he opts for a classic taper that incorporates minimizing the hair size slowly from the top to the back and sides to come up with an even haircut. The superstar then complements his look with medium stubble to create a very refined style.

3. Wavy Locks on Top Paired With Buzzed Sides


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In this haircut, Ryan Reynolds chooses to keep some extra hair length on top and then buzz the sides. He further creates the long hair on top into a side part by making it subtly wavy to come up with an elegant look that is ideal for formal events.

The hair in the front is slightly longer and styled to the back, giving an impression of a quiff, though it is a typical styling. He then pairs it with short stubble for an outstanding look worth copying. Who wouldn’t be tempted to wear a look like this?

4. Modern Pompadour Bangs


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Pompadour hairstyle is a statement per se, and Ryan Reynolds has a style that incorporates a pompadour vibe.

This haircut draws its inspiration from traditional pomp, but it incorporates a modern twist by texturizing the bangs and styling them adventurously in a subtly messy design. And to complete this haircut, the manes on the sides are brushed back to make them appear short compared to the bangs on the crown.

This is one of Ryan Reynolds ingenious ways of haircut styling. It incorporates the iconic pompadour, side brush, and brush back styles. Paired with medium stubble, you will rock one of the Reynolds praiseworthy look.

5. Curly Extended Top


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Thanks to the versatility of Ryan Reynolds haircut, it can be rocked on any hair type, including curly hair, and this curly style featuring long manes on top is an excellent example. Although the curls are not too extreme, Reynolds rocks them with a sleek side part and tapered sides to create a complete look.

So, for guys with curly hair out there and wondering whether Ryan Reynolds haircut is for you, you are covered by this standout look. Try this look with your curly hair and pair it with medium stubble, and you will get a look appropriate for the office as well as outdoor events.

6. Sleek and Short Waves


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The flawless fading in this hairstyle is what makes this Ryan Reynolds haircut an attention-grabbing style. The hairstyle is quite professional and involves a lot of artistry.

However, it is not entirely fading in this hairstyle that makes it a statement look for Reynolds. The sleek and smooth waves on top of this style make it unique and trendy. This will be a great look for you if you have short wavy hair. Try it and see how it turns out.

7. Swept Back Formal Style


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Perhaps your profession demands strict adherence to dress code. Well, if that is the case, this hairstyle got you covered.

This haircut will give you a flawless formal look that is also quite romantic, just like it does for Ryan Reynolds. To style this look, you would want to brush the hair on top to the back while lifting the locks in the front to give them some lift and add some height to the entire style.

The manes on the back and sides ought also to be kept short to make sure that all attention is diverted to the perfectly combed back hair on top.

8. Side Part Paired With Wavy Top


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For guys with wavy hair, this would be a great style to steal the show. This is one of the most prevalent haircuts for Ryan Reynolds, which he occasionally rocks, especially during interviews.

The haircut features a side part on the sides and slightly longer hair on top paired with high faded sides for a charming manly look. Complete this look with short stubble, and all the eyes will be glued on you wherever you go.

9. Front Focus Caesar


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It would be disappointing to fashionistas if we failed to include this Ryan Reynolds modern take on the legendary Caesar haircut. No, we are not taking any chances here!

Caesar cuts are popular among guys who like to maintain their hair short for easy upkeep. However, this Ryan Reynolds haircut appears very defined since it incorporates a modern vibe that gets rid of the bowl look and gives an impression of intensely layered and longer strands at the top compared to the sides and back.

For an outstanding look, don’t pair this cut with a beard, and your unique style will be the talk of the town.

10. Relaxed Long Top Matched With Short Sides


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The simplicity of this haircut is dumbfounding, but it still manages to make Ryan Reynolds look very handsome. For sure, a hairstyle cannot get simpler than this!

All that you need to achieve this Reynolds look is cut the hair on top to an inch long and fade the manes on the sides and back. It is a stylish and formal style ideal for men in the corporate world.

11. Classic and Evenly Cut


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Perhaps you want the style that will help you break from the norm of long top and short sides and back. Well, all that you need is a uniform cut to achieve your aspirations, and nothing suits your definition of the cut you need than this Reynolds classy and uniform style.

You don’t have to do much to come up with a standout out style since all that you need is a pair of scissors to trim your hair uniformly to the right length. In this haircut, that is all Ryan Reynolds used to style a classy style that incorporates trimming the hair into a uniform length all over.

12. Shaggy and Layered Short Bangs


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In all Ryan Reynolds hairstyles we have mentioned here so far, all are short styles. However, in this look, Ryan leaves longer hair on top compared to the other cuts. The hair at the back and sides is tapered, and the short bangs are added and swept sideways in a shaggy pattern.

He also incorporates gray shade that further adds unique glamor to the entire haircut. It looks best when not paired with a beard.

13. Fashionable Lumberjack Style


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Lumberjack looks are a universal hairstyle for guys, and so you can opt for this Ryan Reynolds look if you need a classic and modern cut.

The styling of this haircut involves cutting your hair to leave the long top and then creating tapered sides to complement the length of the sideburns. You should then complete your haircut with a subtle side sweep and sleek side part.

Suitable for both formal and casual settings, this haircut will take you from your nine to five office job to a night party with your gang.

14. Spiky Haircut with Bangs


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With Ryan Reynolds haircuts, it is all about making things simple. Reynolds hair seems to work with all hairstyles. For instance, this spiky hair on top and bangs seem to work flawlessly for Ryan and give him a really stylish appearance.

However, we can see why. Everything in this haircut is perfectly done; from the chopping of the locks to styling, nothing is left to chance. To copy this style, tell your barber to spiky the hair on top correctly and utilize a hold hair product like pomade or styling cream to give it shape.

15. Back Swept Quiff Paired With A Fade


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A quiff is a statement haircut per see, but in this look, Ryan Reynolds takes it a notch higher by sweeping the long front locks to the back and then applying moisturizing products to make it look brilliant.

Fading the hair at the back and sides is a brilliant idea to add some flavor to the entire haircut and make it stand out. This Ryan Reynolds haircut is paired with medium stubble for a professional look.

16. Extravagant Top Swirls


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Most hairstyles involve keeping the locks on top slightly longer compared to those on the sides and back, and that is preferred for a good course. It is one of the best ways to highlight the facial features.

Nevertheless, the designing of long hair on the top also matters as it is usually the center of attention. This brings us to this superb Ryan Reynolds hairstyle. It seems that he has mastered the art of designing the hair on top, as it appears trendy and fancy.

In this haircut, he makes the fancy locks on top to swirl and then pairs them with a flawless fade on the sides to complete the entire look.

17. Flawless Upswept Short Bangs


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Though Ryan Reynolds doesn’t predominately rock this hairstyle, it is one among his fashionable haircuts that leave people dumbfounded by its elegance and charm.
It is a very stylish and chic look that incorporates chopping the hair short to come up with textured bangs. As the rule of thumb for most of his haircuts, the back and the sides are kept short compared to the top.

To complete the style, the locks on top are upswept to create a messy pattern. This is more suited for informal occasions, though you can still tame the texture on top and wear it for informal occasions.

18. Short Wavy Shag Hairstyle


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Shag haircuts for men are preferred styles when you want to draw attention from specific facial features. This Ryan Reynolds haircut will help you achieve that excellently.

Though Ryan Reynolds face is symmetrical, this haircut still gives him an appealing look, and this is attributed to the fact that he pairs it with a stunning fade at the back and sides.

19. Bumpy Natural Hair


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Sometimes you can rock fashionable hairstyles without going too overboard. This Ryan Reynolds natural hair is a classic prove of that statement.

To attain this hairstyle, you don’t need to do much. All that you need to do is moderately chop your locks and then style them wavy and add layers. Complete the look by sweeping the hair to the sides and pair it with medium stubble for a no-nonsense look.

20. Soft and Chic Gentleman Style


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The brilliant glow in this Ryan Reynolds haircut is the first thing that will attract your attention since it makes the hair appear healthy and flattering. Ryan also incorporates an elegant cut with beautiful bangs on top and complements them with tapered sides and back.

And to make his haircut distinct, he upsweeps the locks in the front for some lift and dimension.

What Is the Ryan Reynolds Hairstyle?

Ever since the release of the Deadpool four years back (to be precise in 2016), Ryan Reynolds has become a household name. There are no signs of going back for this Hollywood A-list comedian virtuoso. However, his contribution has not been limited to acting only, but he has given us some of the iconic short haircuts, popularly known as Ryan Reynolds haircuts.

The Ryan Reynolds cut is a chic and sophisticated combination of hip crop haircut and conventional military buzz cut. Some people refer to these Reynolds hairstyles as “The Chop.” Well, the style exists in different lengths and rocked in a plethora of ways.

The typical method of creating Ryan Reynolds haircut is leaving slightly longer hair on top of the head and clipping the hair to the scalp, both on the sides and bottom of your head. In most cases, Ryan Reynolds rocks his extremely textured locks in a “just out of bed” look.

Essentially, messy hairstyles are easy to style and ridiculously low maintenance. Besides, there are some times when this A-list star rocks slightly extended styles with hair slicked to the back. Whenever you decide to don Ryan Reynolds cut, you cannot exhaust ways to rock this notoriously versatile look. All men are A-grade candidates for Ryan Reynolds haircut.

Being as versatile in styling as it can be, Ryan Reynolds haircut can be donned for both formal and informal settings. Whether you need a haircut for a wedding or a Friday night out, one of Ryan Reynolds haircuts will make an excellent fit. The haircut can be styled shaggy or slicked back by use of gel, pomade or styling cream.

Who Should Wear a Ryan Reynolds Haircut?

The Ryan Reynolds hairstyle might be an ideal cut for you if you want to rock a short style that offers you numerous styling options. However, before you get this look, you would want to consider the following aspects:

1. Regular Haircut Appointments

Short buzzed cuts might be easy to create, but they need some regular upkeep. To keep your haircut looking great, you should pay a visit to your stylist at least every two to three weeks.

2. Wash and Go

Though Reynolds haircut needs frequent upkeep, its day-to-day maintenance is like taking a walk in the park. By designs, this cut is all about creating a messy look, implying that it appears amazing even if you don’t style it. Most guys rock that ‘just come out bed’ look.

3. Face Your Shape

Thought Ryan Reynolds haircut is ideal for most men, guys with specific face shapes look great on it. To be precise, the cut is suited for folks with diamond, round and oval face shapes.

The haircut per se is square-shaped, so diamond, round, and oval-shaped faces provide the perfect balance of curves to complete this style.

If you have a square-shaped face or face shapes with prominent angles in the jawline, you would want to modify your cut slightly to benefit from it. The Ryan cut might appear too extreme on guys with angular faces. To reduce this undesirable effect, tell your stylist to round the edges around the fade.

4. Hair Types

The Ryan Reynolds cut is ideal for most types of hair. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly locks, you can rock Reynolds haircut comfortably.

5. Check Your Hairline

The shape of your hairline is an essential feature to consider when evaluating your suitability for Ryan Reynolds haircut. The haircut is meant for straight, angular shapes. As such, guys with straight hairline stands a better chance of rocking this look compared to those with curved hairline.


All Ryan Reynolds hairstyles and haircuts are stylish and virile and will always make you look unique. And we hope that if you were looking for some fashionable Ryan Reynolds styles to rock and transform your looks, you have found your favorite look.

These 20 haircuts will offer you more ideas than you could have imagined!

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