Slicked Back Hair For Men

Slicked Back Hair For Men – 75 Classic Legacy Cuts

If there was an honor for the most influential men’s hairstyle over the past century, it would have to go to the slicked back style. It marked the turning point for gentlemen who put aside the traditional cuts of the past.

Needless to say, its classic legacy still remains popular even today.

The original look: A medium length, low volume, flat look with hair slicked back in one direction. From the hairline of the face aka the forehead to the back of your head aka the crown. The authentic slicked back style featured slicked back sides with lengths similar to the back.

The modern look: The slicked back top remains the same, but one look at the sides and you’ll notice a big difference from the past. Modern variations include everything from sides with a fade or undercut. Some gentlemen also elect to slick the sides down in the opposite direction of the classic, or simply leave them all natural.


A look back in history:

While this cut has been around for ages, its popular rose sharply back in the 1920s to 1950s throughout the US and Europe. Most notably, the 20’s marked a time period where men began to experiment beyond the traditional appearance. Though, it was originally an upper-class choice of younger males, when the 50s hit it became more associated with the rebellious Greasers, and the working-class.

When it comes to styling of the past, men groomed with pomade back in the 18th and 19th century. However, unlike today’s grooming products it was made of generally bear fat or lard. In the modern age, most products are either beeswax, lanolin or petroleum jelly.

Yet, it’s important to understand why pomade was essential to the look, regardless of the time period. Pomade gives any man’s hair a darker, shiner, and slicker look. It’s waxy and greasy nature makes for styling that refuses to dry. Compare it to gel’s fast drying nature if you will; just about every man knows how stiff that gets.


How to style it:

To be fair, it’s really as easy as it looks, requiring no technical knowhow aside from a few simple rules. Just make sure you have at least 2-6 inches on top before tying it out.

For starters, get your hair wet first then towel dry until it’s damp. The amount of water in your hair is critical, too much and it will have an awfully low hold.

Once it’s damp, coat your hair with pomade. Grab your handy comb and guide your hand on backwards with it. Note, during the first slick back don’t do the sides, unless you’re going with the modern approach. After you make the first round, continue three to six more times until you reach perfection.

With that said, I’m going to show you a collection of the top 75 best slicked back hairstyles for men. You’ll discover everything from the true original classics to cuts with modern touches. If you’ve been thinking about going for this look, but have considered it be too long or short, don’t rule it out just yet. The truth is, there are so many variations possible that you can literally find a style that’s uniquely your own.


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