Stingray Tattoo Designs For Men

61 Stingray Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Stingray tattoos equip their owners with a startling series of traits that are quite enviable. These amazing creatures are streamlined symbols that blend internal sensitivity with external allure.

A stingray caricature conveys ample character, especially for adroitly fashionable men.

The aquatic animal is known for its deadly barb, but this only tells part of the story. In fact, they are the embodiment of grace and serenity.

Their fluid movements are indicative of a malleable mind that is adaptive to any environment. These swimmers are also associated with the receptive energy of psychics, particularly since their nervous structures are unbelievably responsive. As such, stingray ink is also linked to empathetic modes of being. Shamans also feel innately bonded to the free-flowing critter’s way of life.

While their lethal weaponry appears menacing, it is strictly intended to be employed in defensive situations. In this sense, guys who get stingray tattoos are basically saying that they are only threatening when provoked. Still, the adornment is delightfully fearsome for anyone who wants to revel in a monumental display of reserved strength.

Stingray tattoos are unleashed in all shapes and sizes. These maritime emblems run the gamut from titillating tribalism to satirical sleight-of-hand. Our catalog demonstrates the entire range!

1. Black and Gray Stingray Tattoo 

If you think your choices are limited when it comes to black and gray, think again. There are over 200 different species and each has its own signature mark. Whether it be spotted or flaunt a white belly; The black and grey possibilities are endless. I recommend adding white highlights throughout the piece to make it stand out.  

2. Color Stingray Tattoos 

The Stingray may be an expert at blending in, but your tattoo doesn’t have to. Make it pop by using multiple color variations. Take the second image. The ocean shading is blue but the stingrays are colored yellow, allowing a contrast that makes the image easier to identify and more interesting to look at.  

Your tattoo, like the fish, needs room to thrive!  An underwater theme would be a mesmerizing sleeve or chest piece. A larger area that allows more detail is the optimal choice. My favorite example is a collaboration of using white highlight, strong linework and the use of large negative space to create an underwater masterpiece. The addition of white highlight makes every sea creature stand out as an individual. The negative space ocean shading is a simple, yet clear, background. 

3. Tribal Stingray Tattoos 

Polynesian Tribal tattoos have a powerful and meaningful history that originated with the Oceanic people. They symbolize a right of passage once a tribe member overcame a difficult situation. Many people get the same tattoo as their ancestors.  

The Stingray, symbolizing protection, was a popular choice amongst warriors. Bold will hold and a Tribal tattoo, done right, will last longer than the popular 90s trend. As you can see in the images above, popular spots are the leg and back. This is due to it requiring much detail and use of negative space to make clear what image it is being portrayed.

As is shown in the first example image, a tribal tattoo can have many patterns supporting the main image. The patterns often come in forms of ocean waves, lines, and triangles coming together. Imagine it as waves in the ocean, they are infinite and that is what the tribal tattoos represent in nature. The infinite connection everything has.

4. Simple Stingray Tattoos 

Simple combinations of geometric shapes, lines, or dotwork can all create stunningly crisp tattoos. Examples four, five and seven show the use of dotwork to flesh out a realistic and textured stingray. While examples one and six use minimalist linework that creates a flow that mimics a stingrays flexibility in the water.  

Geometric imagery can be used to create a crisp, 3D styled, piece of work. (See examples two and three).These are all perfect stylistic choices if you desire a smaller tattoo that will not fade over time. 

5. Watercolor Stingray Tattoos

What goes better with an aquatic based design than watercolors. Watercolor tattoos use bold colors, paint splatter and drips to mimic actual paint. Looking at the first image, one can see the addition of purple splatter to give the image a deeper contrast. The purple color aligns well with the deep blues and stays true to the oceanic color palette.  

Your body may be a canvas, but skin is not paper. Watercolor work will fade over time. Add dark lines and shading to help keep its shape. A great example of this is the final image. 

6. Stingray Back Tattoos

Baby’s Got Back may as well be sung about the stingray! A stingray can grow as large as a 6-foot-tall man. These large and flexible bodies, when tattooed, provide plenty of room for interpretation and personal nuances. This back piece can align to the muscles of your back as naturally as the stingray to the waves of the ocean. 

7. Abstract Stingray Tattoos

Let’s say you enjoy the idea of a Stingray tattoo but want a more creative and less realistic approach. An Abstract Tattoo could be the perfect choice for you.  

The brush stroke in image two is a perfect example: it’s clear what the image is but adds a creative touch. However, getting too abstract can make the tattoo hard to understand. Example one walks that line a bit too closely.  

Stingray Tattoo FAQ 

What is the meaning behind a Stingray tattoo?  

The meaning behind a stingray tattoo can be as broad as its fins. Stingrays symbolize: cleverness, agility, uniqueness, and protection. Spiritually, it is believed to bring harmony. This is due to its ability to blend into whatever environment it finds its way in. If you kiss one on the forehead you can receive 7 years of good luck. Though, we don’t suggest going out looking for wild Stingrays.  

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