Surfer Hair For Men

Surfer Hair For Men – 50 Beach Inspired Men’s Hairstyles

For gentlemen who call dawn patrol a part of their daily morning routine, these cuts are as close to the perfect wave as it gets.

Even if you don’t hang ten or ride the barrel, it’s still possible to acquire the look without the sun exposure and salty sea water.

The original look: Thick, long length hair with a naturally bleached tone and windswept appearance. A frazzled and sun damaged look add genuine character.


The history of this cut:

Take a trip back to the 1950’s and you’ll discover this trendy hairstyle growing among surfers at a fast pace. With a long exposure to salt water, sunlight and humidity the unique look was easily admirable. However, it still wouldn’t be enough to please the media who by the time of 60’s and 70’s, started associating it negatively with a hippie lifestyle.

Within time, terms like beach bum and surfer dude popped up with heavy stereotypes attached. Yet, in today’s modern times it’s a big difference from the past. In reality, many male surfers who sport the look today are wealthy and well-groomed.

Not to mention, the haircut also paved the way for all sorts of variations, some of which played off the popular quiff. In a sense you could say that the untamed, carefree style helped lead to a more rebellious and bold fashionable attitude.

Elsewhere, like in Japan, the style attracted younger gentlemen in the 80s, most of which had never even stepped foot on a surf board. Even today you’ll still find the still in abundance, though it’s take on a new form with a more spiky, straight and lengthy cut.

With everyone riding the wave of this trend, it’s no surprise grooming companies started popping out of nowhere to cash in. Back in the 90’s you could find everything from surfer gels to shampoos all aimed at recreating the hairstyle without the beach.


How to style surfer hair:

Give it time to grow. Expose your hair to elements like surfers of the past and present.

Take a dive in the salt water, it’ll give you a natural lift when it comes to color. Though, just remember it will tax your hair with some serious dryness. To keep it more manageable over time, get it wet with salt-free water before heading out into the ocean.

An easy way to get surfer hair is with a styling product like Garnier Fructis Surfer Hair Power Putty. It gives you the “just-been-surfing” look without having to actually get in the ocean!

You should also invest in a quality detangle spray and fine-combed brush. Start by using your fingers to organize your long locks, then from the bottom comb until you reach towards the top.

With that said, go ahead and discover these top 50 best surfer hairstyles for men below. You’ll get a good vibe of what the beach life is really like, and see how modern men are reinventing the style in cool new ways.


Awesome Surfer Hair Men

Beach Sufer Mens Haircut Look Long Length

Beach Surfer Mens Hairstyle Look

Blond Curly Straight Mens Surfer Haircut

Blonde Surfer Hairstyle For Guys

Brown Hair Long Surfer Style For Guys

Casual Mens Long Surfer Hairstyle

Classic Wavy Surfer Hair For Guys Medium

Cool Mens Surfer Hair

Cool Surfer Hairstyles For Guys

Curly Long Length Surfer Hair For Guys

Curly Surfer Hair For Men

Debonair Long Length Hair For Male Surfers

Fashion Forward Mens Surfer Hair Look

Guys Brown Surfer Hair

Guys Surfer Hair Style

Long Wavy Male Surfer Hair Style

Man Bun Sufer Hairstyle For Guys

Manly Guys Long Surfer Hair

Man With Long Length Surfer Hair

Masculine Mens Surfer Hair

Medium Length Curly Guys Haircuts

Medium Length To Long Mens Wavy Messy Surfer Hair Look

Medium Long Mens Surfer Hairstyle

Mens Surfer Hair Look

Messy Short To Medium Length Guys Surfer Haircut

Neat Guys Long Casual Surfer Hairstyle Ideas

Popular Mens Long Surfer Hair With Beard

Pulled Back Mens Surfer Hair Style Ideas

Short Length Messy Mens Surfer Hairstyle

Short Surfer Hair For Guys

Surfer Guy Hair Man Bun Style

Surfer Hair Cut For Men Medium Length

Surfer Hair Cuts For Guys Curly Blonde

Surfer Hair Guys

Surfer Hair Styles For Guys

Surfer Look Male Hair Long

Surfers Hair For Males Medium

Surfer Style Hair For Guys Wavy Medium

Trendy Mens Messy Medium To Long Surfer Haircut

Wavy Mens Medium Length Surfer Hairstyle

Wavy Surfer Mens Hair Long Length

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