Taper Fade Haircut For Men

Taper Fade Haircut For Men – 50 Masculine Hairstyles

While it might be most notably called the taper fade among gentlemen today, the original term is actually just taper. However, regardless of what you call it one thing is certain, this style gives off a considerably well groomed appearance.

Not to mention, clean and neat too.

Even if you prefer a more messy look when it comes to your cut, the combo can create a great balance.

The original look: Understand that a taper isn’t a true hairstyle on its own, rather it’s more like an option you can add to the back and sides instead. What the style refers to is as simple as the word itself means, literally a “taper”.

Hair that’s higher up on the top and longer in length gradually gets shorter downwards towards the nape of the neck. Eventually, tapering into the skin.

Or in other words, your hair will progressive get shorter as you move down the head. For the back of the neck you’ll find it faded without a crisp straight line.


Explore this style:

To get a better idea of why this look has become so trendy lately, just explore these top 50 best taper fade haircuts for men below. You’ll find it paired with everything from pompadours, slicked back hair, the faux hawk and more.

If you’ve been thinking about adding another element to you cut the next time you visit the barbershop it’s hard to go wrong. Just remember, the taper can expose or better said, sometimes highlight, unwanted things like scars and acne.


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