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Top 79 Thigh Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

The thigh is becoming an extremely popular area to get personal body art designs.

The upper thigh offers a large space, relative high pain threshold, and can be hidden or displayed with ease depending on the individual situation, so is a great position to depict your tattoo idea.

The large surface of the upper thigh area rivals the back for space to work with, which a tattoo artist enjoys when given the chance to get creative with range in size and application choices for your thigh tattoo ideas.

Thigh tattoos are also popular between genders as men and women have become more inclined to utilize the different parts of the thigh for their tattoo choices. Whether it’s a large thigh piece tattoo sleeve, or more intimate sexy tattoo, the thigh is a new go-to zone for the inexperienced and hardcore tattoo lovers alike.

Read on for 79 tremendous examples of thigh tattoo design you can use as inspiration for your next cool tattoo.

1. Portrait Thigh Tattoos 

Given its size and shape, the outer thigh is an excellent place for a portrait tattoo. The slope of your thigh vaguely mimics the shape of a human head, and the expanse of skin gives all the space you need. Placing a portrait on your thigh is a hugely personal choice. Since you can cover it up quite easily, you might choose the thigh tattoo placement for a portrait of a family member or somebody else who means a great deal to you, rather than a more visible arm tattoo or small tattoo on the inner bicep.

Thigh tattoos for men or the girl in your life feature portraits that can be photo-realistic, old-school or anything in between – a professional tattoo artist can do all sorts of cool tattoo designs in this position. Beautiful thigh tattoos don’t have to be large, intricate designs either, often a small thigh tattoo or tiny tattoo – can be executed with style and precision.

Thighs are also great places for testing out newer techniques like trash polka or watercolor, especially if you already have several pieces of more traditional ink elsewhere. If you’d like your portrait titled, varying thigh tattoo writing styles add that extra-personal touch with a name, dates or a quote.

2. Women’s Thigh Tattoo Designs

Abstract Animal Skull Thigh Pinecone Floral Tattoo Womens
Source: @daughterofmars.tattoos via Instagram

Linework Alien Thigh Floral Tattoo WomensSource: @alberto_rojo_tecolotl via Instagram

Colorful Candy Heart Womens Tattoo
Source: @tumblingdicetattoostudio via Instagram
Linework Alien Thigh Floral Tattoo Womens
Source: via Instagram
Neotraditional Color Pug Thigh Tattoo Womens
Source: @seangardnerisawesome via Instagram
Sakura Dragonfly Lantern Thigh Tattoo Womens
Source: @polly_sailor via Instagram
Shit Happens Crosstitch Thigh Tattoo Womens
Source: @tattoosbymell via Instagram
Surreal Black And Gray Thigh Tattoo Woman Skeleton Cuddling
Source: @danvtattoos via Instagram
Unicorn Thigh Watercolor Womens Tattoo
Source: @sammyjaynetattoos via Instagram

Whether a sexy tattoo or large design meant to show off the skill and art of a big idea, woman’s tattoo is mad .Flowers tattoo ideas, neo traditional wild and domesticated animals, sugar skull, animal skull tattoo, cross-stitch and bad ass side thigh abstract black and gray mandala tattoo art are just some of the tattooing possibilities. These beautiful tattoo designs for women aren’t your classic small floral tattoo, rose tattoo or butterfly tattoos picked from a wall of flash and then hidden away.

3. Animal Thigh Tattoos

While animals are one of the most popular tattoo art subjects anywhere on the body, the space and curve of a thigh makes them – just like portraits – a wildly popular choice. Photo realism offers the most lifelike animal tattoos, with fur and feathers that look so real they might just move at any second. However, traditional old-school tattoos, those featuring non-realistic blackwork, and even the oddball genre of colorful, cartoonish new school can all make for some incredible thigh tattoos.

Regardless of the artistic method chosen, your animal tattoo should really speak to you. A beloved lost pet is a classic and heartfelt choice. Perhaps an elephant tattoo, lion or butterfly should live on your thigh to guide and advise. Or maybe you just really love wolves! Whatever the reason, thigh tattoos large in size and style are exceedingly bold ways to show your animalistic side.

4. Asian Inspired Thigh Tattoos

Ancient and classical Asian artwork has been inspiring tattoos and tattooist s for generations. Rich in design and meaning, the artwork of Japan, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, India and many more eastern nations is beautiful and historic. Remember that some of the best thigh tattoos don’t stop at the knee – they can go up the hips or extend far below the knee. These badass leg tattoo concepts offer even more room and pack a massive visual punch!

For a modernized twist on traditional Asian artwork, consider style versus subject. Tigers and koi fish are gorgeous and classic, but how about a rabbit to commemorate your Vietnamese zodiac sign? The truly adventurous and bold may consider an illustration from the Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian Sanskrit book of lovemaking for an extra sexy inner or outer thigh tattoo. Asian artwork from many countries is packed full of fascinating themes, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box when approaching design and thigh tattoo placement.

5. Colorful Thigh Tattoos for Men

If you’re looking for a place to go bold and colorful for your new and beautiful tattoo, you needn’t look any further than your own leg. Colorful thigh tattoos are stunning when rendered skillfully. They run the gamut from traditional designs to neo-traditional and everything in between. They can be relatively small and singular to really pop a favorite design, or huge and cover far more than just your thigh.

When considering any thigh tattoo, be aware of your pain threshold and communicate this to your tattoo artist. In our opinion, any great tattoo is worth the momentary pain of having it inked. However, the inner thigh is particularly sensitive, with thinner skin and more nerve endings, so be prepared to suffer a (tiny) bit for that spectacularly bright new piece of artwork.

6. Black and Gray Thigh Tattoos

Bold and beautiful, black and gray tattooing – also called blackwork – is an exceptionally popular choice in thigh tattoos for men. Many different styles of tattoos have their roots in good old black and gray. Tribal, Chicano, Geometric, Dotwork and Photo-Realist styles are all most commonly inked in black and gray, with truly stunning results. 

Virtually any style of tattoo can be done in blackwork, even those which more traditionally use color. This can be done in order to blend with a body full of black and gray art, or to put a personalized spin on a particular design. Try it out for yourself – simply use your phone’s photo app to put a black and white filter on any photo you like. Experiment and you’ll soon see that the world of blackwork is anything but boring black-and-white. 

Bold and beautiful, black and gray tattooing – also called blackwork – is an exceptionally popular choice in thigh tattoos for men. Many different styles of tattoos have their roots in good old black and gray. Tribal, Chicano, Geometric, Dotwork and Photo-Realist styles are all most commonly inked in black and gray, with truly stunning results.

Virtually any style of tattoo can be done in blackwork, even those which more traditionally use color. This can be done in order to blend with a body full of black and gray art, or to put a personalized spin on a particular design. Try it out for yourself – simply use your phone’s photo app to put a black and white filter on any photo you like. Experiment and you’ll soon see that the world of blackwork is anything but boring black-and-white.

7. Horror Tattoo Leg Sleeve

This breathtaking piece showcases the true potential of the leg and thigh. All these faces might look confused or even distorted on a smaller area, but here they can all shine individually and come together to create a masterpiece of the macabre.

Thigh Tattoo FAQs

Is a thigh tattoo a good choice?

The thigh and upper legs are an increasingly popular area to get tattooed. A thigh tattoo presents the opportunity to cover a large surface area if desired and suits every style of body art application.

Full thigh tattoo designs offer a unique style, while smaller designs are quite easy to cover up or hide as the situation dictates. It’s easy to get creative with leg tattoos. They can be a deeply personal and sexy tattoo, or a tribute tattoo for something more privately meaningful.

The relatively high pain threshold for the thigh area also the makes tons of sense for those looking for an easier time at the tattoo shop, while the skin here shifts way slower over time, so thigh designs will automatically be more immune to aging.

The presumed extra privacy of thigh tattoos also enables designs that are more personal or sexy, particularly for the inner thigh.

Thigh tattoo design can join and extend along glutes, hips, and pubic area towards the abs. If done right, these tattoos can be an amazing design which features across much of the wearer’s body.

Do thigh tattoos hurt?

Some thigh tattoo options offer some of the least painful areas for an individual to get tattooed, especially on the outside and front of the thigh. The inner thigh, however, can be particularly painful, as it’s one of the more sensitive areas of the human body. There are quite a few nerves located in this area, so be aware that it could make you extremely uncomfortable when getting that sexy inner thigh tattoo.

Make sure if you’re undertaking an inner thigh tattoo experience, that you book into an appointment with an experienced professional tattoo artist. They can help in a variety of ways should the pain threshold be an issue – from the way they use the tattoo machine, to breaking up painful zones, or even taking regular breaks.

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