Victorinox Inox Watch For Men Review Titanium

Titanium Victorinox INOX Watch Review – Most Durable Men’s Watch Ever

Drop it from a 3 story building. Run over it with a 64 ton tank. Throw it in the washing machine for two hours. Burn it for more than a minute at 1,200 °C. Toss in in the washing machine for two hours or in a sulfuric and nitric acid solution…

And it will keep on ticking.

Meet one of the world’s most durable watches, or as Victorinox likes to call it, I.N.O.X.

With the 130th anniversary of Victorinox, there is said to be 130 extreme endurance homologation tests.

If you need a watch that can survive hell and back while looking handsomely stylish at the same time, then this is it.


Made to last:

You name it, Victorinox has probably done it.


Rugged good looks:

Victorinox Inox Watch Range Clothing

Victorinox Inox Watch Outdoors

Victorinox Inox Watch Hunting

Victorinox Inox Watch Business Suit Style

From training on the shooting range to camping and hunting outdoors, the INOX watch blends into any adventure with plenty of attractive appeal. Of course, the INOX watch fares well even when wore for weekend nights spent out in the city.

Pair it with your favorite dress shirt, a blazer, or perhaps if you’re feeling so bold, a suit. Even when worn with my hand-tailored Tom Ford suit, the INOX wasn’t overly distracting, unprofessional nor out of the ordinary at first glance. In reality, I really liked how the watch looked when paired against a more sophisticated wardrobe. With both rugged and professional details, the INOX is truly quite a universal timepiece. Needless to say, you can wear it with anything.

The finer details:

While the INOX is offered in Stainless Steel, Carbon and Titanium, my personal favorite was Titanium. The material is not only extremely lightweight but also hypoallergenic and downright remarkable to see up close. Upon taking a look, you’ll notice that it’s rather smooth and features a matte tone thanks to a sandblasted finish.

It’s paired with a black dial, analog quartz movement, brown leather bracelet, and scratch-resistant, triple-coated, anti-reflective sapphire crystal. And speaking of the strap, you may be surprised to know that it comes from the same flame-resistant material used for firefighter boots.

You’ll find retro style numeral markers at the 3, 6 and 9 hands along with the Victorinox logo at the 12. Military style markings are overlaid in red above the moving hands to give the watch a deep 3D look. When it comes to size, the INOX watch is just right at 43mm. The INOX also features an end-of-life indicator and has a water resistance of 200 M/660 FT.


Titanium Victorinox INOX Watch Review

Victorinox Inox Watch Review Box

Victorinox Inox Watch Review In Box

Titanium Victorinox Inox Watch Product Manual

Victorinox Inox Watch Review Unboxing

Victorinox Inox Watch Dial

Victorinox Inox Watch Back Titanium

Victorinox Inox Watch Leather Strap Back Detail

Victorinox Inox Watch Review Side

Victorinox Inox Watch Strap Detail Review

Victorinox Inox Watch With Swiss Army Knife Tools

Tastefully crafted, well-constructed.

To me, the watch is one that you’d want to pass down to the next generation. While the look is relatively new per say, I’m positive that it’s going to impress for a long, long time.

Sure, it’s not made of precious metals nor does the price tag require a considerable investment to acquire, however neither of these things truly matter in this case.

In reality, this watch can be confidently used and abused, so that when it the time comes, it can be handed off with countless stories to tell. Much like a Swiss army pocket knife, it’s something you’ll want to hold onto.


Simple operation:

Protective Rubber Bumper Cover For Victorinox Inox Watch

Victorinox Inox Watch Dial With Protective Bummer

Victorinox Inox Watch Review Back Of Case

Victorinox Inox Watch Illumination Review

While the INOX does come with a manual and instructions, I’ll save you some time.

To adjust the date or time, turn the crown towards you (counter clockwise); it will eventually pop out. Make adjustments. Once finished, push in the crown and turn in the opposite direction until it is snug/secure. Just remember to not do so between 9:00 pm and 3:00 am to avoid damaging the movement.

For illumination of the hands and numerals, simply charge these areas with a flashlight or by walking outdoors in the sunlight for a period of time.

To add the protective rubber compass bumper, simply slip it over the watch and press until it snaps into place and appears secure in all areas.


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