Top 40 Best Suit Brands For Men Where To Buy A Suit

Top 40 Best Suit Brands For Men – Where To Buy A Suit And What It Will Cost You

When it comes to suits, it’s not about the price – It’s about the result! Luckily for gentlemen who want the best of the best, the sky’s the limit.

If you think a tailored, bespoke suit fetches a pretty penny, well, wait till you explore fabrics that are worth more than their weight in gold!

Of course, even if you’re not into or can’t afford things like vicuna, pashmina, or platinum threaded fabric, I think you’ll get a lot of value out of what you find below. If you’ve been on the hunt for a luxury suit, this list will ultimately become your closest ally.

Let’s face it, the type of suit a man wears says a lot about his personality and sense of style. Discerning gentlemen with the finest tastes will come to appreciate the brand of a suit they wear as a reflection of their sophistication and class. As not all brands nor tailors are created equal! With so many of them to choose from, it’s really easy to get stuck with a subpar option that leaves much to be desired.

I know, I’ve been there when I was younger. I have a closet full of suits I often regret buying from years and years ago. When I got serious about finding a quality suit, things changed dramatically. The results of my efforts shattered my expectations. With this list, I can promise that you can feel extremely confident about any suit making decision in the future.

From ready to wear to truly custom bespoke, these top 40 best suit brands for men below will steer you in the right direction. If you’re looking for budget and basic, honestly you won’t find it here. These aren’t just a list of brands; these are options for the sophisticated man who understands that you often get what you pay for in life. When it comes to suits, let’s just say they’re not something you want to cheap out on, ever.

Note, while numbered, this list is not in any specific order.


1. Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna Best Suit Brands For Men

$4,500 RTW – $5,000+ MTM

This brand, often known simply as Zegna, is one of the world’s leading producers of fine fabrics, suits, and other men’s apparel. It’s currently in its fourth generation after having been founded in 1910, and it’s headquartered in Milan, one of the centers of high fashion located around the world.

One of the things that sets Zenga apart is the fact that they make their own fabrics. By that I mean they actually own their own wool mills in Australia. They truly offer the highest quality fabric out there. It’s a good reason as to why brands like Brioni and Tom Ford use it.


2. Tom Ford

Best Suits For Men Tom Ford

$5K RTR + $5K+ MTM

Tom Ford himself has an impressive history in the fashion industry, having worked with major brands like Gucci, and the Tom Ford suit brand is exceptionally stylish while maintaining a minimalist feel that is both sophisticated and sleek. There are nearly 100 standalone Tom Ford boutiques in the world, including stores in Milan and Dubai.

While I own Tom Ford suits myself and personally love them, it’s a rather difficult brand to shop. If you’re not in particular major cities, your chances of buying it are reduced to pretty much, good luck! Exclusively aside, Tom Ford might be a hot brand name to some, but in reality, the suit quality speaks for itself. Out of this world to the say the least. Of course, that’s assuming you prefer the fashion forward look. It’s not for everyone.


3. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers Bespoke Best Suit Brands For Men

+$2500 RTW – $1.5-3K Bespoke

As the oldest clothing retailer in the United States with a history that goes back to 1818, Brooks Brothers represents a well-known and highly respected brand of premium men’s suits. Their logo and name came about as a result of Henry Brooks calling on his sons to help the business.


4. Brioni

Brioni Best Suit Brands For Men

$6-10K RTW – $7-25K Bespoke

If you want to look like a true celebrity, Brioni is the way to go. This brand has been worn by the likes of Jeff Bridges, Sam Jackson, and Denzel Washington, so you know the brand is in extremely high popularity. Italian brands such as this are exceptionally tailored and sophisticated.

You just can’t beat them. Their happy to work vicuna, exotic skins and yes, even diamond encrusted accents. The truth is, they are a strong bespoke business. Completely custom is what really sets them apart or as they like to describe it, “creating a second skin.” The process requires several fittings and a skeleton which is constructed base upon your own, unique body. Over 6,000 stitches are made by hand; requiring 20 hours to produce just a single suit.

If you’re in New York, check out their new flagship store on Madison Ave. With croc shoes priced at $10K, it doesn’t disappoint for men who want to either dream, or buy the finest the world has to offer.


5. Kiton

Kiton Top Suit Brands For Men

$2K+ RTW – $10K-$100K+ MTM – $50K Special Editions

The Kiton name is based on the ancient Greek chitone, a ceremonial garment worn by the aristocracy of that time period. The garment was a symbol of social distinction and the highest quality materials and skill available at the time. Kiton works to honor that glorious tradition with exquisite suits.

While special editions are offered for around $50,000, their most famous suit line goes by the Kiton K-50. Each takes 50 hours to produce and can only be handmade by 5 tailors. Each year only 50 are produced with a price tag that can go upwards of $100,000.


6. Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes R Jewels Diamond Edition Most Expensive Luxury Suit Brands For Men


Meet the R. Jewels Diamond Edition suit. I’ve included this as more of novelty, as it is more or less a PR stunt. If you want to the best money can buy, well technically it’s hard to beat the price tag consider it reaches close to a million dollars.

The suit consists of 480 VS2 quality diamonds (240cts), and requires an impressive 600 man hours to create. It has been said that only three will be offered for sale.


7. Oxxford

Oxxford Best Suits For Men

$4000 RTW – $4,000-$63,000+ Bespoke.

An American brand with over 100 years of experience in the art of fine tailoring, Oxxford produces a suit unlike any other. Each suit jacket is made by hand using over 165 steps that have been perfected in their tenure, and the materials are imported from Italy, Spain, and Britain.

When it comes to Oxxford the sky is the limit. You can pick everything your heart desires down the finest details. Interesting enough, I had a nice conversation with Julian about a man who walked out a two-piece suit and pants. The price tag: $63,000.


8. William Fioravanti

Best Suits For Men William Fioravanti

$7000-$12,000 Bespoke.

The William Fioravanti brand is famous for its ability to tailor a suit that will fit any man perfectly. Their master tailors make subtle adjustments over three fittings to ensure a pattern that is uniquely your own. They use fabrics made in England and Italy exclusively for their brand of fine suits.

While many brands say they are bespoke, William Fioravanti lives and breathes by it. The old world quality and all by hand craftsmanship is a passion they consistently kept alive. They no longer have a physical location, however, they still see client at the Regency Hotel in New York by appointment.


9. Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci Best Suits For Men

+$5K RTW

Stefano Ricci was born in Florence, and his suits have pursued the exquisite quality of Italian tailoring in spectacular form. These suits are the quintessence of true Italian elegance and refinement, and they are often lauded as the most luxurious in the industry. Few brands can match their premium allure.


10. Thom Browne

Thom Browne Best Suits For Men

+$3K RTW

Thom Browne started his brand in 2001, and it quickly expanded into a paradigm-shifting brand that helped the suit industry as it is today. He based his designs on traditional suit-making techniques, and by adding his own flare, he created innovations in tailoring that have started to overtake the industry.


11. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce Gabaana Best Suit Brands For Men

+$3.5K RTW

There are few brands of fine suits with the same global recognition and reputation as Dolce & Gabbana. Their suits are individual works of art, where the tailor has transformed from mere stitcher to composer of a beautiful piece. Each work is perfectly balanced with creativity and master tailoring techniques.


12. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Where To Buy A Suit For Men

+$2.6K RTW

Armani is a name that has been synonymous with exquisite suits for years, and their tailoring service showcases their attention to detail and their dedication to the elegance and exclusivity that made them famous in the first place. They meld innovation with tradition for the perfect example of modern tailoring.


13. Givenchy

Givency Best Mens Suit Brands

+$3.3K RTW

Paris is known as the fashion capitol of the world, and Givenchy is a distinctly Parisian brand of exceptional suits. The brand originated in 1952 when Hubert De Givenchy launched his own couture house with the aid of Louis Fontaine. To this day, the brand continues Givenchy’s legacy of quality.


14. Corneliani

Corneliani Best Suit Brands For Men

+$2.3K RTW

Corneliani is a brand that follows a philosophy of tradition, modernity, and quality, and that mantra has allowed them to thrive in the suit industry since 1958. They’ve been innovators in their field during their existence as a premium brand, and they derive their style from modern architecture and design.


15. Vaneltiono

Best Suit Brands For Men Vaneltiono

+$2.2K RTW

Vaneltiono suits are instantly recognizable for their craftsmanship and design, and despite having been formally founded in 1960, the brand truly found its stride in 2008 at the start of a massive overhaul to their philosophy and aesthetic. The result was a rich mixture of classic tradition and contemporary design.


16. Burberry

Burberry Best Suit Brands For Men

+$2K RTW

Burberry is one of those brands that every man should experience at least one in his life. The brand was started back in 1856 with the goal of producing amazing outdoor clothing, and they have since evolved into a full-fledged fashion and apparel brand. Burberry suits are well-made and lovely.


17. Lanvin

Lanvin Best Mens Suit Brands

+$2K RTW

Lanvin was first established in 1889, and since then they have changed hands many times, but their premium quality has never wavered. As one of the classic French fashion houses, the brand operated as an industry leader and trend setter for many years, and they continue to innovate even today.


18. Gucci

Gucci Where To Buy A Suit For Men

+$3.4- $4K RTW

Progressive and influential don’t even begin to define the Gucci brand, and their approach to modern fashion has completely reinvented the industry. They fashion house has come under new direction from Alessandro Michele, who has helped bolster the brand as one of eclectic appeal, design, and the best Italian craftsmanship.


19. Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Top Suit Brands For Men

+$2.5K RTW

Ralph Lauren may have started out as nothing more than a collection of ties, but it has become a cultural phenomenon which can’t be stopped. Their Purple Label brand represents their finest quality, and suits under that label are expertly tailored from the finest materials available in the fashion world.


20. Loro Piana

Loro Piana Best Mens Suit Brands

Loro Piana Record Bale Cost Top Bespoke Suit Brands For Men

$3.5K – $30K+ RTW

What makes Loro Piana stand out from other brands is their dedication to the finest fabrics in the world. They only use wools from the highest-caliber sheep, and their wool products are exclusively woven for their brand. That’s why their suits are regarded as some of the best available anywhere.

Their record bale produced enough for 40 suits back in 2011 with a price tag of $22,500 per suit. The current year’s market value was $4000 per kilo, which a cost of $15-$30K per suit.


21. David Lance

David Lance Best Suit Brands For Men

$7500 – $9500 Bespoke

When it comes to bespoke suits of premium quality, none can match that of the David Lance brand. Getting a suit tailored from this producer is an experience unlike any other, and they go through all the minute details of the process to ensure the final product is exactly perfect.

If price is of no concern, a Vicuna suit from David Lance will set you back $50,000. Per yard, the fabric alone costs $5,500. From picking out options to actually wearing your new suit, their process takes around 4 to 8 weeks.


22. Scabal

Where To Buy A Suit For Men Scabal

Where To Buy A Suit For Men Scabal Gold Platinum Fabric Cost

$ Varies – $37K+ Bespoke

The tailoring experience at Scabal is quite unique, and it begins with a selection of the finest fabrics from the best weavers. Once the fabric and style have been selected, the fitting process can truly begin. No matter what sort of suit you require, Scabal can fulfill the order eloquently.

At Scabal you’ll find everything from wool lined with 24K gold or platinum thread to Vicuna. Of course, they also offer diamonds and ostrich skin too if you’re into that sort of thing. For a different cup of tea try Vicuna. The animal lives in South America, mostly in Peru across 4000 meters. As a protected animal, very few companies that can legally trade it in.

In terms of cost, vicuna can run upwards of $7500 per meter. If you need 5 per suit that’s roughly $37,000 before tailoring costs. Should you elect to go with their private line, Super 180’s and cashmere, with platinum thread, it will run you $3100 per meter. That’s $15K for a single suit worth of fabric. If you want to walk out with black, navy and grey, you’re looking at $56,000 for just the fabric by itself!


23. House of Bijan

Where To Buy A Suit For Men House Of Bijan

$10K – $14K MTM

This appointment showroom located on historic Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is quite legendary for its beauty and premium aesthetic. Its marble floors, grand staircase, and exquisite crystal chandelier all point to a high caliber experience reserved for those with the most discerning tastes and the most abundant financial resources.


24. Jon Green

Jon Green Best Mens Suit Brands

$5.1K – 7.5K+ Bespoke

Suits of luxury are hard to come by, but Jon Green produces suits of such elegant sophistication that they have certainly earned the moniker of ‘bespoke’. That word originally derived from an Old English verb that meant ‘order something to be made’, and these suits represent the finest custom design.

On the low end you can generally expect to pay around $7,500. Typical suits run around $8,500 and $10,500 respectfully.


25. Gieves and Hawkes

Gieves And Hawkes Where To Buy A Suit For Men

$5K+ Bespoke

Gieves and Hawkes takes great pride in their bespoke suits, and they can produce an amazingly detailed and gorgeous suit in just a few months. The quality of the final product will be well worth the wait, and no suit leaves the shop until the customer happily declares its perfection.


26. Gianni Campagna

Gianni Campagna Where To Buy A Suit For Men

$3.4K – $12K+ RTW

Pierce Brosnan once famously wore a suit from Gianni Campagna in The Thomas Crown Affair, and while that’s not quite the same as James Bond wearing the suit, one can imagine that if Brosnan would wear the suit as a normal man named Thomas Crown, he would as Bond also.

On average Campagna and 120 tailors in both Milan and Parma, put together 700 suits per year; each taking roughly 63 man hours to produce.


27. Hermes

Best Suit Brands For Men Hermes

$35K+ Bespoke

Suits from this brand are iconic in their simplicity and modern design. The brand was established in 1837, so they have more than enough experience in the realm of luxury and excellence. Their suits are some of the most comfortable and widely sought after in the market of fine suits. Granted you won’t find them for sale without asking first.


28. H. Huntsman and Sons

H Huntsman And Sons Best Mens Suit Brands

$5K+ Bespoke

As one of London’s oldest producer of high-end suits, H. Huntsman and Sons has continued their legacy of excellence for generations. Their clients have ranged from movie stars to royalty, and those who are lucky enough to acquire a bespoke suit from this tailor should consider themselves quite fortunate indeed.

You can generally expect to pay over five-grand for a super 100 wool, entry-level suit.


29. Desmond Merrion

Desmond Merrion Best Suit Brands For Men

$1K MTM – $3K+ Bespoke

Desmond Merrion is a single tailor working in the UK, but that hasn’t stopped him from making a stellar name for himself amongst the major players in the suit industry. He uses a secret method that generates a suit unlike those made by any other tailor, creating beautifully unique suits.


30. Alexander Amousi

Alexander Amosu Vanquish Ii Best Suit Brands For Men


Another novelty of course, however: If you like things that are ultra expensive, Alexander Amousi has something up your alley. His one off creation costs around $21 per stitch, with over 5,000 per suit. Of course, you’ll also find 18-carat gold alongside buttons crafted of diamonds. For fabric rare Vicuna and Qiviuk have driven the price tag up considerably.


31. Leonard Logsdail

Leonard Logsdail Best Bespoke Suit Brands For Men

$6K+ Bespoke

Leonard Logsdail owns a small, unassuming tailor shop in New York City, but with his 45 years of experience as a master craftsman and innovative tailor, there are few that can match his attention to detail and inherent skill. Every garment in each suit is crafted and perfected on site.


32. William Westmancott

William Westmancott Best Mens Suit Brands

$5.6K – $20K+ Bespoke

As one of the UK’s most exclusive bespoke tailors, William Westmancott has experience that can hardly be beaten. He studied for 10 years under two of the most iconic fashion houses on Savile Row, and he recently launched his own. He has dressed many members of the British royal family.


33. Henry Poole

Henry Poole Where To Buy A Custom Bespoke Suit For Men

$4.3K – 7K+ Bespoke

The tradition of Savile Row in London is one that many associate with the finest suits, and that tradition is often attributed to the Poole house, which was one of the first tailors on the row. They use amazingly soft fabrics and the highest quality techniques for stitching and sewing.


34. Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson Best Suits For Men

$6.4K+ Bespoke

As one of Savile Row’s finest purveyors of exquisite suits, there are few tailors in the world that offer the tremendous quality of Richard Anderson. These 50 man-hour bespoke suits are available for those who prefer the personal feel of an expertly crafted world-class suit.


35. Ascot Chang

Ascot Chang Best Suit Brands For Men


Ascot Chang started as the dream of its namesake founder, who learned how to create beautiful clothing from a Shanghainese master tailor. He opened his own store in 1953 after demands from his door-to-door clients, and the brand has since grown into one of the finest clothing suppliers available anywhere.


36. Cifonelli

Cifonelli Best Suit Brands For Men

$6.8K+ Bespoke

Since 1880, Cifonelli has provided France with a premium producer of handmade bespoke suits, and that tradition has been kept alive as both the brand and the tastes of the world have evolved. This brand represents one of the trend setters for the French fashion scene, so they’re well respected.


37. Isaia

Best Suit Brands For Men Isaia


The diminutive red coral logo of the Isaia brand recalls the symbol of good luck found in Italian tradition. This brand was first officially founded in 1920 in the Italian city of Naples, and its tradition of excellence has only expanded during that time. Isaia suits are beautiful and tasteful.


38. Franc Milton

Best Suit Brands For Men Franc Milton

$4K+ Bespoke

Franc Milton suits are an iconic representation of men’s fashion and the classic American look. The tailor is located in Los Angeles, and their appointment fittings allow them to create stunning suits in a variety of popular styles. This tailor is perfect for those looking to expand their premium collection.


39. Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli Best Suit Brands For Men

+$6.7K RTW

Italian quality seeps from every seem of these fine suits from Brunello Cucinelli. The brand has been active in the fine garments industry for quite some time, and they’ve used their years of experience to hone the process of tailoring a suit to its most detailed and yet simplistic form.

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