Traditional Hand Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Traditional Hand Tattoo Designs For Men – Retro Ideas

Along with our lips and our eyes, the hands can be expressive of our hidden inner feelings.

So much can be read from the movement of hands; while a person is speaking, or simply waiting, you can learn much about someone without ever speaking a word to them.

Hands held in supplication up to the heavens represent a deep relationship with a higher power. Hands in prayer show that we acknowledge just how small and insignificant we really are, and how we constantly seek love, forgiveness and understanding from those around us. What are you praying for? Everyone is praying for something in their lives, whether big or small, concerns and hopes that can seemingly only be asked of something greater than us.

The hands of our elders show just how difficult life can be. Small, wrinkled, covered with veins and scars, the hands of the elderly are battle scars that show the daily fight against mortality. Without our hands, how can we eat? How would we work? How could we touch and feel our loved ones? Just what stories could your hands tell the world? Give a glimpse of your life story with hand tattoos.


All Seeing Eye Arrowhead Guys Traditional Hand Tattoo

Anchor With Flower Cool Traditional Hand Tattoo On Man

Anchor With Spider Web Traditional Hand Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Angry Bear Traditional Guys Black And Grey Tattoo On Hand

Away Banner Sailor Jerry Mens Traditional Ship Hand Tattoo

Awesome Traditional Hand Mens All Seeing Eye Tattoo

Awesome Traditional Shark Mens Hand Tattoos

Castle With Medieval Weapons Mens Traditional Hand Tattoo

Cloud With Eye And Thunder Traditional Male Hand Tattoos

Cool Traditional Envelope Flower Mens Hand Tattoos

Death Before Dishonor Skull Traditional Mens Hand Tattoos

Detailed Bear Traditional Male Hand Tattoo

Dragon With Sparrows Traditional Hand Tattoos For Men

Eagle With Banner Traditional Guys Tattoo On Hand

Fish Hook Traditional Side Of Hand Tattoos For Men

Flying Sparrow Traditional Mens Hand Tattoo

Gentleman With Awesome Traditional Wolf Hand Tattoo

Gentleman With Traditional Tiger Head Hand Tattoo

Grim Reaper Traditional Hand Tattoos For Guys

Guys Traditional Rose Flower Tattoo Design On Hand

Guys Traditional Sailing Ship Tattoo Design On Hand

Guys Wolf And All Seeing Eye Traditional Hand Tattoo Ideas

Guy With Cool Panther And Nurse Traditional Hand Tattoo

Guy With Shaded Black And Grey Traditional Roaring Tiger Hand Tattoo

Hand Holding Heart Traditional Mens Tattoo Ideas

Hand Holding Torch Traditional Guys Forearm Tattoos

Hand Mens Traditional Nautical Star Tattoo

Handshake With Sailing Ship Traditional Mens Upper Chest Tattoo

Hands With Beach Landscape Guys Traditional Tattoo Ideas

Hand With Dagger And Chain Mens Old School Traditional Tattoos

Manly Traditional Bear Male Shaded Tattoo Ideas On Hand

Masculine Finger And Hand Guys Traditional Tattoos

Masculine Traditional Wolf Male Hand Tattoo

Mens Hand Blue And Red Rose Flowers Traditional Hand Tattoos

Mens Hand Tattoo With Traditional Bald Eagle And Horseshoe Design

Mens Hand Traditional Horseshoe Lucky Number 13 Tattoo

Mens Hand Traditional Skull With Wings And Flower Tattoo

Mens Traditional Eye With Tears Hand Tattoo

Mens Traditional Half Moon Side Of Hand Tattoo

Old School Snake With Panther Traditional Male Hand Tattoos

Panther And Tiger Traditional Hand Tattoos For Guys

Panther With Tiger Traditional Guys Hand Tattoos

Razor Blade With Red Rose Flower Old School Mens Traditional Hand Tattoos

Retro Bear Guys Traditional Old School Hand Tattoo Inspiration

Retro Traditional Blue Rose Flower Guys Tattoo On Hands

Retro Traditional Jesus Mens Hand Tattoos

Roaring Bear With Viking Helmet Guys Traditional Tattoo On Hand

Roaring Tiger Male Traditional Old School Tattoo Design On Hand

Roaring Tiger Traditional Mens Hand Tattoo

Shaded And Red Ink Traditional Tiger Male Hand Tattoos

Snake Traditional Mens Hand Tattoos

Sparrow With Diamond Traditional Hand Tattoos For Males

Tounge With Hand And Dagger Guys Traditional Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Traditional Angry Wolf Guys Hand Tattoos

Traditional Gorilla Mens Hand Tattoo

Traditional Mens Black Ink Panther Head Hand Tattoo

Traditional Old School Sailing Ship Hand Tattoo For Men

Traditional Wolf Male Hand Tattoos

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