Tricep Tattoos For Men

Top 49 Best Tricep Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Plenty of people agree that nothing is sexier than a guy with tricep tattoos. By accentuating manly muscularity alongside artistic flair, these creations are about to dominate your local parlor!

The essence of masterful masculinity is often traced directly to the arms, so this is a great spot to flaunt ink; however, most men only utilize the space up front. As a result, tricep tattoos have become underrated gems that are finally gaining the widespread appreciation they deserve.

These tattoos grant the best of both worlds when it comes to being ostentatious and discreet. The ink can be totally hidden in professional environments; afterwards, it can be unveiled to raucous public applause and admiration.

If you have a toned body that deserves more attention than it gets, then the fastest route to garnering praise is a subtly slick tricep creation. Tribal designs and abstract patterns fit the bill perfectly, but the truth is that anything goes. For an extra clever effect, you can pick a piece that extends long enough to stunningly wrap around the elbow.

To gain a serious grasp of these legendary ink choices, just scroll down further! You will witness a ravishingly refreshing revelation of stylish impacts.

1. Animal Tricep Tattoos 

Pay tribute to your favorite animal with a tricep tattoo. The movement of the tricep is an important thing to consider with the animal choice and position. For this reason animal faces are the most common choice. For a full-bodied choice, consider something with an elongated body, like a snake or a panther.

Animals with a circular face like a lion are also very popular, especially due to their versatility when combined with other styles like geometric or realism. Birds are also a great option to consider, whether it’s an owl face or a sparrow on a branch. The twist of the tricep makes it a great place to include branches that fold naturally with the skin. As a part of the body that is visible while still being tucked away, leave yourself a magical reminder. 

2. Geometric Tricep Tattoos 

Explore different dimensions with a geometric tricep tattoo! Whether you’re seeking a minimalist geometry piece or something with more intricate linework, be sure to look at the different examples to see what strikes the eye. Using a mixture of dotwork and linework, add some shading and further dimension to your geometric piece. Or try out linework of alternating thickness for a more embellished feel.

More often than not geometric pieces are done in black ink, but don’t be afraid to splash some color into the shapes. Consider going a more minimalistic route with dotwork or brushwork. Flip through some examples by artists such as M. C. Escher for more complex surrealist designs. The options are endless! 

3. Grayscale Tricep Tattoos 

Grayscale is an age-old choice for tricep tattoos. Illustrative styles are increasingly popular due to their versatility, but don’t feel restricted to any particular style! Using varying amounts of shading and dotwork, incorporate the full spectrum of gray and utilize the negative space to make the pieces pop!

Portraits or faces are also a common choice, as the grayscale shading makes it easier to have a realistic depiction. If you’re looking to have a good amount of detail your tricep tattoo might have to be on the larger end, so keeping it in grayscale is a great way to keep the cost of the tattoo down. But don’t think it has to be elaborate! You can use minimal grayscale shading with slight dotwork shadows to bring the piece to life while still keeping your tricep tattoo simple. 

4. Colorful Tricep Tattoos 

Make your tricep tattoo bold and stand out with a colorful tricep tattoo. American traditional and neo-traditional styles are especially known for their bright and striking color choices but feel free to take bits and pieces of inspiration to incorporate into the perfect design. Use a mixture of color and sharp linework to delineate your piece.

Flower ideas work especially well with the curvature of your arm. When you’re picking the placement of the piece, try out the design on the inner and outer parts of your tricep to see how it flows with the natural motion of your body. Think of what you might wear on your sleeve other than your heart. Arms are also a great place to incorporate vines and ivy so consider using the curvature from inner to outer as part of your design choices.  

5. Linguistic Tricep Tattoo 

Bear a reminder for your love of language with a linguistic tricep tattoo. The semi-hidden positioning of the tricep makes it a great place for a verse of poetry or a song chorus. Or for a more visual touch play around with quills and inkwells.

The tricep is a great place to explore with ink drip ornamentation and see how it might move with the rest of your arm. Whether you’re working vertically or horizontally, words or short phrases are a great thing to consider for a linguistic tricep tattoo. Due to the positioning you may not always find yourself being able to read the words, so think carefully about what you might want to keep as a reminder for yourself or for others.

6. Spooky Tricep Tattoo 

Get a gothic feel with a spooky tricep tattoo. Sneak in a skull or a skeleton hand. Pay respect to the dead and the undead. This is a great design choice if you want to experiment with grayscale shading. And since it’s positioning is tucked away, you don’t have to worry about giving yourself nightmares so go wild!

You can have your spooky tricep tattoo haunting everyone who looks back as you pass. Most artists have ghoulish images ready on demand in their flash collections, so be sure to ask your artists about their available designs. Skeleton motifs are the most common but be sure to talk to your artist about whatever ideas come to mind. 


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