Ugg Mens Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket And Avalanche Butte Boot Review

UGG Men’s Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket and Avalanche Butte Boot Review

Contrary to common belief, UGG is an American company with Heavy Australian DNA and influence.

Hailing from Southern California, the brand would begin making shoes in 1978.

From here numerous milestones and innovations would push them to be one of the most recognizable brands today.

The story starts with an Australian who had a passion for surfing. This young man understood the beneficial properties of sheepskin the rest of the world would soon embrace.

Over several decades of growth, expansion and and increased customer base, UGG would gain widespread recognition. Today the brand has stores in several continents around the world from America to Europe and even in China.

Mens UGG boots and shoes are known for quality, durability and for being extremely comfortable. UGG also offers slide and thong sandals in leather or synthetic materials. By using waterproof leather and UGGpure wool lining, UGG is able to do what other boot companies cannot. They produce high quality footwear that simply lasts comfortably.

Combining traditional materials such as leather and wool with new technologies like Vildona and their Treadlite outsole, UGG brings to market a unique solution to men’s footwear we appreciate.

Below, you’ll find an in-depth look at UGG’s latest men’s Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket and Avalanche Butte Boot. After trying each piece on, I’ve found the style to be exceptional, quality top notch, and functionality incredibly pleasing!


Quick Highlights:

Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket

Mens Style Ugg Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket

– Ultra-smooth 100% Quilted Cotton Poplin construction
– Lightweight shirt jacket garment-washed for a broken-in look
– Soft jersey lining
– Front button closure
– Jersey lined front welt pockets
– Chest pockets with button closure


Avalanche Butte Boot

Outdoor Field Test Winter Ugg Avalanche Butte Mens Boots

– Military-grade waterproof nubuck leather and suede
– Non-wicking ballistic nylon on tongue and shaft
– Non-wicking taslan lace
– Waterproof and breathable DryTech membrane construction
– 200g Thinsulate insulation
– Soft UGGpure wool and sherpa textile lining
– Waterproof bootie insole with sherpa textile lining
– Treadlite by UGG midsole
– Vibram Arctic Grip and IceTrek rubber outsole for wet ice traction
– Cold-weather rated to -32˚C


Navy Men’s UGG Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket Review

Front Ugg Mens Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket

Ugg Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket For Men Back

Chest Pocket Mens Navy Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket

Collar Detail Mens Ugg Trent Quilted Shirt Jackets

Interior Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket For Men Jersey Lined

Navy Trent Quilted Mens Ugg Shirt Jacket

Quilted Cotton Poplin Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket For Men

Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket Button Closure Chest Pocket

Ugg Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket For Men Sleeves

UGG may be a global brand now, but it has always stayed true to its SoCal roots by providing clothes and shoes that combine casual, comfortable looks with sturdy, dependable practicality. The Australian-American company always crafts a carefully-designed throwback to a simple, relaxed day at the beach in every piece, and the Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket is a perfect example of this comfortable and sensible blend of styles.

The Trent Quilted Shirt Jacket comes in a dark blue navy color, with a front button closure and lined pockets. The fabric is soft and easily wearable, already broken in for a comfortable, relaxed fit. The quilted outer lining makes it a great choice for layering during the winter, or wearing between seasons during the spring and fall, when the weather’s only just beginning to change. The interior lining is made of a soft, pre-washed jersey fabric that will make this jacket feel just like your favorite old t-shirt.

Great for everyday use, the shirt jacket is built to last for ages, which makes it a good staple to add to your wardrobe. The lightweight construction and warm fabric also make it a good choice for outdoor living. Perfect for hitting the trails or for an early morning on a foggy beach, the Trent shirt jacket provides a warm outer layer that can be adapted to hotter days with the greatest of ease. Try layering it under a heavier jacket on cold days, or wearing it over a light t-shirt when you’re headed out for an all-day hike.

The stylish design and quality construction means that it’s just as well-suited for a day up in the mountains as it is for hitting a bar with some friends once you’ve come back down the mountain to rejoin the rest of the world.


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Chestnut Men’s UGG Avalanche Butte Boot Review

Mens Ugg Avalanchebutte Boot Shoe Box

Storage Bag With Spare Laces Ugg Avalanche Butte Boot

Mens Extreme Winter Weather Boots Ugg Avalanche Butte

Waterproof Nubuck Leather Ugg Avalanche Butte Winter Mens Boots

Ballistic Nylon Ugg Avalanche Butte Mens Boots

Certified Waterproof Tag Ugg Avalanche Butte Boots For Men

Chestnut Mens Drytech Ugg Avalanche Butte Winter Boots

Cold Weather Rated Mens Boots Ugg Avalanche Butte

First Side Ugg Avalanche Butte Boots For Men

Icetrek Rubber Outsole Ugg Avalanche Butte Mens Boots

Insulated Mens Winter Boots Ugg Avalanche Butte

Mens Boots Ugg Pure Wool Ugg Avalanche Butte

Seam Sealed Construction Ugg Avalanche Butte Mens Boots

Top View Ugg Avalanche Butte Boots For Men

Treadlite Midsole Ugg Avalanche Butte Boots For Men

Ugg Avalanche Butte Boots With Thinsulate Insluation

Ugg Avalanche Butte Mens Boots With Vibram Arctic Grip

Ugg Avalanche Butte Tags

Ugg Chestnut Avalanche Butte Second Side Mens Boots

Uggpure Wool Sherpa Textile Lining Ugg Avalanche Butte Boots

More than 40 years ago, an Australian surfer on the Southern California coast launched a line of comfortable, hard-working boots that were as perfect for the beach as they were for the trails and mountains beyond. Now, UGG is an international company that has gained global recognition, with multiple high-fashion designs and product lines that have turned heads the world over. However, UGG has always remained true to its roots, and the sturdy, dependable Avalanche Butte Boot shows that they still know how to make the perfect shoe for your outdoor lifestyle.

The Avalanche Butte Boot features the classic UGG design, but with a sturdy twist that makes these boots the perfect fit for a hard day of hiking or mountaineering. The reinforced rubber sole protects your feet against the roughest trails, and the wool-lined interior helps keep you warm even during the coldest days.

The shoe’s exterior is military-grade leather, waterproof and hard-wearing, but still slim-cut and with a classic, streamlined design that makes these shoes just as comfortable out on the trails as they are out for a night with friends. With a pull loop at the back and a simple lace-up design at the front, these boots are as attractive as they are durable, and can be worn in nearly any situation for a casual, easy-going look.

At its heart, the UGG brand has always been about function. Even as the company has grown and evolved into a high-fashion brand with designers in Paris, Italy, Tokyo, and Beijing, they’ve stayed close to their Southern California roots and built their brand around shoes that are meant to be worn outdoors. The Avalanche Butte Boot provides the perfect example of shoes that combine those high-fashion elements with the strength, practicality, and durability that has always been UGG’s style.


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