Unique Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Top 67 Unique Sleeve Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Unique sleeve tattoos have quickly turned into today’s most sought after ink. Parlors in every district of the globe can immediately attest to their legendarily seductive qualities.

Modern technology is paving the path towards seriously inventive inking ideas, and this advancement is especially visible in the realm of unique sleeve tattoos.

Post-modern appeal is taking the body art world by storm, and connoisseurs are extremely thrilled with the results.

Sleeve tattoos have been definitively transformed in the last decade, and now they regularly feature a conglomerate of art styles that border on the edge of optic illusions and meta curiosities. Extensive art pieces can be executed with a direct focus on sublime stimulation. Highly detailed tribal symbols often mesh with futuristic machinery and pop culture icons. Flesh and sinew can be replicated to make it seem like the skin is practically non-existent.

Today’s unique sleeve tattoos are groundbreaking achievements, so all cutting-edge aficionados should partake in the ravishing revolution right away. There are no longer any confines to the posh potential of modern ink, so step right up to acquire a magnanimous metamorphosis.

As you will see in our packed anthology of unique sleeve tattoos, ink has never been quite this marvelous!

Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

3d Mens Colorful Unique Outer Space Planets Sleeve Tattoo

This sleeve borders on contemporary art. The realism of the solar system shading and detail is complemented by a fantastic depth and clarity of color, the use of top-notch ink, and an awareness of 3d principles to create a cohesive tattoo.

Amazing Unique Guys Shaded Full Arm Tattoo Sleeve Design

A fine example of traditional blackwork. This piece is all about the detail. Notice how the various shades are done intricately, using line work and an intuitive sense of depth to bring about different sections of the work.

Angel With Pocket Watch Unique Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Traditional blackwork meets realism in overdrive. This is the neo-classical style of tattoo that features artist talent and the understanding of different needles, gauges, and technical fundamentals to create Renaissance art on skin.

Atlas Mens Unique Shaded Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Awesome Unique Koi Fish Guys Japanese Tattoo Sleeve Inspiration

Once the domain solely of Yakuza crime syndicates Irezumi have spread across the world and developed into one of the most fascinating genres of tattoo. The Koi represents good luck and wealth – their scales are great for shade/detail work – with the golden colors contrasting nicely with the blue/black.

Birds In A Tree With Pocket Watch Mens Unique Sleeve Tattoos

Blue And Grey Ink Guys Unique Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

This piece is an interesting example of the abstract new wave style. Vivid colors create a backdrop for an almost weird choice of image.

Blue Ink Unique Sleeve Tattoo On Gentleman

This is another abstract contemporary work, although it builds differently to the one above by incorporating the bio-mechanical style of showing an alien underneath the skin to convey its message.

Chicano Unique Male Sleeve Tattoos

This is a hectic mix of styles done at bad ass boss level and would’ve taken a lot of time in the chair. Starting from the top you have the mix of Chicano style clown face with a classic pin-up, a splash of the renaissance portraiture of an angel figure, tied in at all levels by brilliant shade work. The classical style skull is fabulously drawn and executed.

Colorful Male Sailing Ship Unique Sleeve Tattoos

Irezumi principles meet new wave values. This sleeve uses some great contrasts to create an arm riot. Notice how the expert use of black outlining gives the piece it’s balance.

Colorful Mens Unique Full Leg Sleeves Tattoo

Wow. This is a unique and beautiful leg sleeve done with the finest ink you can load your gun with. What really makes it stand out is how the solid black juxtaposes the brilliance of the other colors to make them stand out further within their shapes.

Creative Male Unique Tatoo Sleeve Ideas

Creative Unique Mens Blue And Red Ink Abstract Sleeve Tattoos

This is a brilliant take on doing a classic portrait. Being able to bring about that degree of 3D imagery in this piece makes it a standout, and the colors further it by helping it almost pop off the skin.

Dotwork Pattern Unique Mens Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Only the best, most intense and patient tattooists even attempt dotwork, and this is an almost peerless piece. This work could have taken as many as fifty hours to complete. You could spend hours looking at different parts of it and identifying the different ways the dots have been used to create such amazing patterns.

Doves With Burning Candle Unique Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Dragon Claw Unique Mens Sleeve Tatoto

Dragon Mens Unique Sleeve Tattoo

This Irezumi style sleeve again utilizes tradition in the color usage and subject of koi and dragon – deep diving the origin story of the dragon in Asia is highly recommended. This also looks like an expert cover up, there’s Chicano style lettering on the forearm, and probably some other bits and pieces underneath the new ink.

Female Portrait Unique Mens Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Female Portrait With Doves And Skull Unique Guys Shaded Tattoo Sleeves

Flaming Wolves Mens Unique Sleeve Tattoo

This is a unique take on an animal realist style tattoo. The wolf is fierce and seems like it’s been lifted straight off a Nat Geo image, while the intensity of color in the flames make them really come alive.

Floral Mens Japanese Full Unique Sleeve Tattoo

Gentleman With Unique Dragon Full Sleeve Tattoo

A premier version of the dragon Irezumi featuring an unbelievable level of skill from the artist. Instead of using normal bright color structures, it emphasizes the amazing detail of the entire work by cleverly using solid versions of black and gray, with occasional shading and precision line work to create an almost suit of armor like feel in the scales and head.

Greek Building With Gods Mens Unique Sleeve Tattoos

Greek Gods Unique Male Full Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Greek Mythology Guys Unique Shaded Full Sleeve Tattoo

Guys Shaded 3d Unique Female Portrait Tattoo Full Sleeve Design

This is an exceptional blend of portraiture, 3D and new wave work done in black and gray. The feat of being able to create the woman’s image look like a motion capture is a real highlight, and the detail of the flower transitions the sleeve as it moves toward the man’s hand with the lower mandible of the skull on the inside forearm.

Hawaiian Male Unique Full Sleeve Tribal Tattoos

This Polynesian tribal design features the hallmark aspects of sharp color, beautifully crisp linework and patterning, with alternating parts either using – or not – solid black. It also does a really good job of using encompassing the previously inked flower on the lower forearm into its’ design.

Insane Unique Mens 3d Sleeve Tattoos

Japanese Swan Mens Unique Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Koi Fish Guys Unique Japanese Sleeve Tattoo

The is a sound example of the traditional Japanese Irezumi. It’s a good mix of color, traditional motifs such as the koi, and a nice use of pattern and geometry to blend the image along the entirety of the sleeve.

Masculine Unique Mens Full Sleeve Angel Tattoos

Mechanical Mens Unique Sleeve Tattoos

You don’t see many bio-mechanical tattoos like this one. The use of the blue ink in this tattoo is a brilliant contrast to more conventional gray shading of this style work. It’s a really commanding piece because of this aspect. There’s some great ‘metallic alien’ sinew dropped in from Area 51 and is quite mesmerizing to look at.

Mens 3d Skull Unique Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Stone 3d Unique Greek Mythology Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Unique Artistic Full Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Unique Sleeve Tattoo Of Hands In Chain

Mens Unique Tain Sleeve Tattoos

The Victorian era realism piece about trains is cool. It exemplifies how various methods of shading can come together to form a unique sleeve, with the two trains at either end joined by great smoke shading, and sharp shadow and line work in the clock image.

Nature Pine Trees With Wolf Unique Mens Sleeve Tattoo

This sleeve does a great job of using the whole arm to show off the realism of both the mountain scene – the inside arm is particularly well done in the creation of a river and falls by not tattooing parts of his skin. On the outside, the trees are well drawn, and the wolf is rendered with great impact in its fur and muzzle.

Outer Space Star Wars Unique Leg Sleeve Tattoos For Males

This piece goes with the very first example. The Star Wars themes are really drawn out by the epic detail in the emperor’s hands (and having seen this in full elsewhere there’s also a spot-on Darth Vader on the lower leg) But the excellent use of color is what really makes it pop, especially that wicked purple of the solar system

Outer Space To Ocean Depths Mens Unique Full Sleeve Tattoo

Owl Skull And Female Portrait Unique Sleeve Tattoo For Guys

Pattern Black And Grey Male Unique Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Pattern Male Unique Sleeve Tattoo

Pattern Mens Geometrical Unique Sleeve Tattoo

Puzzle Piece Unique Sleeve Tattoos For Guys

Realistic 3d Unique Sleeve Tattoo Of Armor Plate For Guys

Roman Numeral Abstract Guys Unique Sleeve Tattoo

Sailing Ship With Kraken Guys Unique Shaded Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Shaded Black And Grey Ink Guys Unique Wolf Tattoo Ideas

Shaded Unique Greek God Male Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Skeleton With King Crown Unique Guys Full Sleeve 3d Tattoo Ideas

Skull With Female Portrait Unique Shaded Sleeve Tattoo On Man

Stairway To Heaven Mens Unique Angel Full Sleeve Tattoo

Stone 3d Mens Unique Tattoo Sleeve Designs

Tiger Unique Mens Shaded Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Torn Skin Mens 3d Quote Scroll Unique Sleeve Tattoo

Train With Stairway To Heaven Guys Unique Shaded Sleeve Tattoos

Tribal Guys Unique Sleeve Tattoo

Underwater Ocean Unique Watercolor Blue Ink Mens Sleeve Tattoos

Unique Armor Plate Mens Full Sleeve Tattoos

Unique Chest And Arm Mens Sleeve Tattoos

Unique Mens Astronaut Outer Space Full Sleeve Tattoo

Unique Religious Mens Full Sleeve Tattoo With Cross Design

Unique Sleeve Mens Outer Space Tattoo Designs

Universe Mens Unique Colorful Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Sleeve Tattoo FAQs

How much do sleeve tattoos cost?

Firstly, it’s important to get a firm idea of the way in which your chosen artist does their pricing for sleeve tattoos. Experienced sleeve tattooists will have a good grasp of how long an artwork takes so will be able to accurately give you a per piece price, while others will stick to an hourly rate. It’s recommended you communicate effectively to avoid miscommunication.

For a full sleeve, you’re looking at 10-15 hours minimum, and pricing anywhere from $1000 to $3000 before tips. More complex sleeve work, such as Japanese Irezumi, abstract new wave, biomechanical, and dotwork can run to a price tag of $5000 for top quality artists and take up to 30 hours+ in the chair.

Half sleeves tend to cost anywhere from $500 to $2000. They tend to be quicker on the upper arm or thigh area, but there’s not a huge difference in time or price.

What arm is best for a sleeve tattoo?

Choosing the correct arm (or leg) for you is very much a matter of personal taste. It’s really no different to which arm you wear your watch on. There seems to be a tendency for people getting their first sleeve to choose the non-dominant appendage, although there’s no correct method.

Where do I start to get a sleeve tattoo?

Again, this can be a matter of personal taste, however sleeves take a long time to complete and may involve as many as four or five sessions in the chair.

Usually, if you’re committed to getting a full sleeve tattoo then the artist will work to get the outline completed in the first or second session, setting the table for the more complex shading, color, or matching linework to create your piece.

Another method to build a sleeve comes strategically via image by image, then joining the separate elements together via shading work, patterns, color or shape.

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