What To Wear When Meeting Her Parents For The First Time

What To Wear When Meeting Her Parents For The First Time

One of the most intimidating interactions that a man must face in his life is the moment he meets his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. The event requires delicate tactfulness. A guy at this critical crossroad should keep in mind that he is attempting to impart a favorable impression on two individuals with polar opposite expectations and sensibilities. This is a dire tightrope balancing act.

The exterior of a man lends itself to instant first impressions. As a result, it is wise to fine-tune clothing for the purpose of garnering a positive initial reaction. Promiscuous masculinity will attract protective ire from her dad, while casual reservation can cause her mom to imply cold carelessness. Extremes in either direction are to be avoided. It can seem challenging to find the middle road, but the following guide covers every angle of a well-rounded presentation to make the meeting successful.What To Wear Men's Fashion

1. Preparation

Gather information and specialize accordingly. Gauge your exact clothing choices based on knowledge of their tastes, which can be directly provided by their daughter. Inquire about their occupations in advance. This is an efficient way to gleam useful tidbits about the personality of each parent. For example, do not dress in hippie garb if she has a military family, and avoid tailored suits if she descends from gypsies.

2. Shirt

No logos should be displayed, and illustrative t-shirts should be forgotten. The best choice is a buttoned shirt with a simple pattern. Stripes are too predictable, but zany designs are reproachable. Stick with distinct geometric lay-outs, and emphasize bold colors. Shades of blue have a psychologically relaxing effect that might be helpful to employ; similarly, red tones should be limited because they might stoke subconscious aggression.

Pay close attention to the sleeve length; make sure the cuffs reach the precise edge of each wrist in a tightly snug manner. Resist the tempation to pop that collar. Check for missing buttons, and keep them fastened in a formal fashion for the entire affair.

Remember the importance of comfort. Overly nice clothes can be confining, so a fancy presentation can lead to erratic motions caused by discomfort. It will be glaringly obvious if a man wears clothes that he has never tried on before. It is crucial to present an honest portrayal, so do not push the limits of established personal fashion. Being relaxed in a striking shirt signals an attractively calm confidence. What To Wear Men's Style

3. Slacks

Jeans are off-limits for this family get-together, unless of course it’s an outdoor or casual event. Shorts are also a bad idea. Truly, the only appropriate option is a pair of modestly professional slacks. It should not have to be stressed that the zipper should be carefully watched to avoid an embarrassing mishap.

Also, buy a new belt. Pants should not be excessively tight or baggy. Eschew gigantic buckles for something slightly more sleek. A massive emblem here shows confused priorities, and it attracts visual attention to a place that her parents do not need to be looking at. On top of this, make sure that underwear stays completely concealed.

4. Shoes

Do not wear an overly expensive pair of shoes. Extremely ostentatious shoes can result in questions about the purity of a man’s intentions with their daughter. New shoes are not necessary, and it is a wise move to have footwear that feels familiar. A few scuffs can actually showcase a down-to-earth nature. A simple pair of loafers is more than suitable enough for the job. Above all else, make sure to have matching socks underneath. Never flaunt sneakers. Sandals are even worse. If high class is needed, stick to streamlined leather. Snake skin and similar selections are too extravagant. Remember, do not upstage her father!

5. Hats and Hair

Generally, it is impolite to don a hat indoors; however, a classy headpiece can leave a lasting imprint when worn during an introduction. Sport caps are ill-advised, but fedoras and bowlers demonstrate smooth originality. A considerate man should always be willing to remove his hat when requested, so his hair should be kept in a presentable state. It should be freshly washed and neatly combed. If longer hair is present, it should be tied back for the first encounter.

6. Facial Hair

Unless given express permission, show up clean-shaven. If a man really wants to rock his goatee, just make sure that it is impeccable that day. Stubble creates an unkempt appearance that will deter parental approval. A lengthy beard can foster a haggard persona that might make them want to rescind their daughter’s partner. To be sincere and trustworthy, show off a sharp jaw-line. Stay away from noxious aftershave that can detract from the extra effort of shaving beforehand.

7. Hygiene

Cleanliness is more important than actual apparel. Avoid shades of white because they will make stains much more apparent. Visible grime can quickly negate a warm reception.

8. Perfumes

Cologne can instantly dispel any wholesome notions of monogamy. Suave scents can be indicative of a player mentality. To have their union taken seriously, guys should stick to basic deodorants or a lightly scented fragrance for this kind of occasion.

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