Est Tattoo Designs For Men

30 EST Tattoo Designs For Men – Birth Year Ink Ideas

To most people, an Est. tattoo is nothing more than the abbreviation of the word ‘established.’ To others, this acronym means a lot more.

Some people associate their birth year with this particular abbreviation, but this is not always the case.

Tattooing a birth year on the skin is a way to show the world that you were born, but adding the ‘Est.’ to that year gives it a distinguishable meaning. The year of birth is no longer something that just happened and was simply recorded. The wearer chose to recognize this year as the year he was established. This man reclaimed something that some might see as chance, and he is now taking control of it.

The man who wears this tattoo is not here to live by chance but rather takes on life without remorse or fear. This type of man is going to forge his own life.

The tattoo could also be used by a person who wants to recognize a specific year or time. This year or time could be the moment that he feels marked the beginning of a new life. This man might have a story to tell, and it might start with that Est. year that he chose to tattoo on his skin. The tattoo can surely be a conversation starter.


3d Stone Mens Est 1978 Arm Tattoo

Clouds With 1994 And Est Script Lettering Guys Back Tattoos

Cool 1995 Negative Space Guys Est Outer Forearm Tattoo

Cool Mens Est 1990 Tattoo On Chest

Est 1973 Mens Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Est 1995 Guys Chest Tattoos

Established 94 Mens Script Lettering Chest Tattoo

Guys Old Font Est 1969 Tattoo On Upper Chest

Inner Arm Bicep Mens Negative Space Est 1996 Tattoo

Inner Forearm Banner Est 1993 Mens Ornate Tattoo Ideas

Manly Mens Est 1996 Outer Forearm Tattoo With Negative Space Numbers

Man With Amazing Est 1996 Arm Tattoo With Script Design

Masculine Script Est 1992 Mens Lower Chest Tattoo

Mens Decorative Black Ink Outline Est 1983 Tattoo On Stomach

Mens Est 1986 Forearm Tattoo

Mens Leg Calf Old English Est 1996 Tattoo

Mens Script Ornate Est 83 Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Negative Space 1989 Est Mens Back Tattoo Ideas

Old School California State Outline Est 1990 Tattoo For Men On Ribs

Shaded Black And Grey Ink Male Est 1985 Tattoo Design On Leg Calf

Upper Back Script Lettering Est 1986 Tattoo Designs For Men

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