Short Beard Styles For Men

50 Short Beard Styles For Men – Fashionable Facial Hair Ideas

Sometimes you don’t want to go for the ZZ Top look. Nothing against their long beardedness, it just takes a certain level of rock to be able to pull that look off. These are times where it pays to go for a nice short look.

Everybody knows that women love a rugged man, someone who looks like they can wrestle a grizzly bear and chop down trees with a single blow.

This is where the right use of a short bearded style comes in handy. One way to rock this look is to essentially keep your face at a heavily stubbled look. This might not be a beard per se, but it’ll garner as much attention as one for sure.

If you want something a little more substantial, you can look at what Ryan Gosling occasionally pulls off. It’s stubbly, but it’s enough to qualify as a beard too. Something like what Robert Downey, Jr. rocks is possible too. Be careful with that one, though, because it’s heavily dependent on your overall face shape. If you don’t have quite the right cut to your jaw, it’d be ill-advised to go with that one.

You can’t go wrong with a short beard of any style. They look tasteful and sexy and set you up to go for a longer beard style if you want one in the future.


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