Pool Equipment Cover Ideas

Top 40 Best Pool Equipment Cover Ideas – Concealed Designs

Few domestic luxuries compare to the ownership of a swimming pool, and most pool owners will tell you the pleasure far outweighs the labor and upkeep.

You’ve done a ton of planning and work to create the perfect backyard swimming pool oasis. You’ve picked your pool shape and size, the decking, and planted the perfect landscaping. You lean back into your lounge chair with a cold drink.
But then you see something awful. There, staring boldly back at you is the pool pump, purifier, and equipment necessary for caring for your pool. This is the last thing you want to be looking at when you’re trying to get your relaxation on.
Designers and contractors are taking backyards to the next level by coming up with creative ways to hide this necessary equipment. Try out some of their ideas on your pool’s equipment to hide it away and complete the relaxing aesthetic.

1. Simple Pool Equipment Covers

As a pool owner, you know that caring for your pool is essential for keeping the pool water crystal clear and beautiful. Whether you have an above ground pool or one in the ground with a pool liner, you’ll have a pump, filter, and possibly a heater. You don’t have to invest in something expensive and fancy to hide your pool equipment. A simple wall or box is all you need.

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A small storage box will fit just around these pieces of equipment to hide them away, dampen the sound they produce, and protect them from the seasonal weather elements. For the best protection, look for one with a lid that opens, vented sides, and hinged doors.

Measure the total length and width of your pool equipment. Then buy a box with dimensions that fit.
If you’re looking for something even simpler, you can place a vinyl screen around your equipment. These affordable screens are simple to assemble and are quick to erect. Just know that they don’t cover the top of your equipment and may not withstand the abuse of being outside year-round, year after year, the way other materials can.

2. Metal Pool Equipment Storage Ideas

Choosing a metal box as your equipment pool cover can be an affordable and low maintenance option. Unlike wood, you don’t need to do a lot to maintain the box. If you choose one made out of aluminum, then it’ll be rust and corrosion-resistant.

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Metal boxes typically come in neutral colors and have a sleek, modern feel to them. This pairs well if you have a more modern home.
When choosing your metal box, look for one that has slotted sides. This will help with air circulation through the box. Solid sides will be more effective at sound dampening, but can also encourage the temperature to rise too high.
If you’re looking for something slightly bigger, you can find ready-made metal shed kits. A kit can give you a bit more space for storage and provide you with an affordable structure. You’ll find some that are freestanding and others that are designed to back up against the side of a building.

3. Wood Pool Equipment Enclosure Ideas

You don’t have to build a box enclosure to hide your pool equipment. If your pool equipment is up against your house or a fence, you might consider creating a wood wall enclosure. Wood is a useful material for building your enclosure because it’s sound dampening and weather resistant. Start by placing posts where you want the enclosure to start and end. 

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Pool Equipment Enclosures

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Attach horizontal wood slats starting at ground level and working your way up. Do this until the wall is tall enough to block the view of the pool heater and anything else you want to hide. Let a gap between each slat that will allow air to flow through your wall. This style of cover is smart because it allows full air circulation and easy access for maintenance while also hiding the unsightly view.

Another option is to make an entire box out of wood. Automatic pool cleaners and heat pumps need to be carefully and strategically placed to be effective. This ideal location may not be in an easily hidden place (your pool cleaner filter shouldn’t be more than six feet above the pool’s water level). Building a wood box around the pump and filter can hide your equipment. It can also give you a place to mount equipment that would typically get attached to a wall.
When building your wood enclosure, be sure to use pressure-treated wood or hardwood. That way, it’ll last and continue to look beautiful for years to come. Using hardwoods will help create a spa-like atmosphere around your hot tub or pool area. Be sure to stain, seal, or paint your wood to ensure it’s protected from moisture to avoid rot.

4. Pool Equipment Covers With Hinged Lids 

At some point, you’ll need to access your swimming pool equipment. This is when having a hinged lid or doors will come in handy. You’ll be able to easily and quickly open the cover to access the storage area or work on your pool’s system.

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The most common solution is to build a hinged lid into the top of the box. But this only works if the box isn’t too large. Otherwise, you’re going to be bending over the side of the enclosure.

Consider installing hinged doors on the front of your enclosure. This will let you access everything easily. For the most access, you could install both a lifting lid and hinged doors.

When designing the lifting lid, think about how it will stay open. If it can’t stay open on its own, you’ll need to install a support bar or piston arms that can hold it open.

5. Large Pool Equipment Storage Ideas

If you have a large in-ground swimming pool, you may find that a simple wall or box isn’t enough. The size of your pool pump cover will need to be larger to accommodate the increase in the size of the equipment necessary to maintain your pool. This is especially true if you have a separate pool and hot tub. You’ll have different systems for removing bacteria and debris from each body of water.


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Large pool equipment storage covers are more like sheds. Instead of having a lifting lid, they’ll have a full-size door that you can walk into. These structures can look country-inspired, with wood barn doors, or modern with rich hardwood planks and sleek metal frame. 

If you have pavers or tile around your pool, you can blend your large swimming pool cover into its surroundings by using the stone or pavers to create the wall facing you. Just be sure to have plenty of ventilation on the other walls.

6. Small Pool Equipment Covers

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may have a small pool with an equally small pump and filter. In this situation, you don’t need or may not have the space for a huge walk-in shed. Instead, you can opt for a small pool cover.

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Look for one that looks like a chest. It could be made of wood or metal. It’ll surround your equipment on all sides and have a lid that lifts up. Some may even have a small door that opens in the front for more access.

If your pool pump isn’t against your house, then a chest might look strange. If yours is in the middle of your yard, you can still camouflage it. Create a garden around your pool pump. Then purchase a faux rock cover. Now it looks like you have a natural rock peacefully resting in the middle of a beautiful garden.

7. Unique Concealed Designs for Pool Equipment Covers

So far, we’ve talked about standard covers that you can buy. They typically come as a kit that you’ll assemble and put into place. But this doesn’t mean you’re limited to these standard designs. Creating a custom design for your cover will ensure that it perfectly matches your home’s backyard decor and style.

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If you have a privacy fence around your pool, why not use those same fence panels to create a wall around your pool equipment? They’re easy to cut down to size if necessary. Using the fence panels will ensure this wall perfectly matches the fence so that it’ll blend in. 

Another option is to turn your equipment cover into a shady spot. Increase the height of the boxes and add a pergola style roof that extends out beyond the box. Set up your lounge chairs in this shady spot. 

Sometimes you can hide things in plain sight by incorporating them into a purposeful design. If you want to use a vinyl screen to hide your equipment, why not add more vinyl screens and create an artistic display. Consider including decorative lighting and screens of different colors. The functional screen blends in with the overall creative decor.

Pool Equipment Cover FAQs

Do I have to have a pool equipment cover?

No, you can leave your pool’s equipment exposed. Most homeowners choose to cover their equipment, though. The cover blocks the unsightly view, dampens the unpleasant operating sounds, and protects your gear from the seasonal elements.

What if I want something bigger?

If these ideas for walls and boxes aren’t large enough, then what you want to build is an equipment cottage. These are small sheds that are large enough for you to walk into. These little storage sheds let you hide the equipment and have a place to stow away your pool toys and winter cover for your inground pool.

How do I choose between available materials for my cover?

Take your budget, the size of the cover, and your backyard’s aesthetic into consideration. Vinyl covers are inexpensive, durable, and come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Wood can be affordable and look beautiful in almost any outdoor setting. Stone and concrete may require a professional to get the installation right, which can increase the cost. But stone and concrete walls are incredibly durable, and you can achieve a completely custom look. Privacy glass is perfect for the ultra-modern home if you have the budget to spend on this expensive option.

Can I keep the chemicals in my storage box too?

This isn’t a good idea. You should have separate storage space for the pool chemicals. This will reduce the oxidation of the metal on your equipment. Even if your chlorine chemicals are stored in tightly sealed containers, it’ll still cause the metal parts on your pump, filter, and heater to rust.

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