Badass Tattoos For Guys

Top 103 Mind-Blowing Badass Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

The ink industry has recently witnessed amazing technological strides. As a result, it is possible for men to get bad ass tattoos that defy all previous possibilities.

If you want to shatter the norms of convention, then now is a good time to pursue the unfettered sex appeal of bad ass ink. This category is wide-ranging, but there is a mindfully masculine commonality that underlies every piece. Overall, the goal is to showcase something that audiences have never seen before.

With an advanced emblazonment, it is possible to utilize tricks of the eye. Creating the impression of tears in the skin is one route to facilitating extraordinary body art. Usually, bad ass tattoos are comprehensively intertwined, so they may take several inking sessions to finalize.

Warlords, pirates and samurai are timeless selections, and the same is true of falsified injuries. While blood and bullet holes are undeniably radiant, violence isn’t the only path towards “badassness” at all. In fact, grandiose pin-ups are equally bad ass, particularly since the feminine figure has always been an obsessive impulse for men.

To see how bad ass your ink can be, just navigate our personal picks below. You will be swept away in a deluge of stylish destruction and ravenous firepower.

1. Realistic Bad Ass Tattoos 

Realism lends itself to a bad ass tattoo design like no other style. When a skilled artist has mastered the art of realistic shading and linework to provide depth and contrast in a way that makes the entire piece look like a photograph come to life, the results can be breathtaking.

Realism is also the hardest style for an artist to master, so make sure to research your artist very well if you want this style to really hit the mark for you. The bad ass quality of these designs gets amped right up when they’re done right, the perfect mix of shading, negative space and linework creates images that seems  like they could get up and walk away from the skin canvas at any moment.

2. Religious Bad Ass Tattoos 

Religious imagery has a scale and power to it that really lends itself to the idea of a bad ass tattoo, as counterintuitive as it may be to call something religious “bad ass.” But when you see the epic scale of churches or sculptures, there can be no question that this is great subject matter for a bad ass tattoo.  

The key to a top quality religious tattoo is reverence for the subject matter, which is often poured into the chosen technique and style. Realistic shading, crisp linework and clean application are integral to these kinds of pieces. Shadow and light interplay can go a long way to add weight and gravitas to religion themed body art.

3. Bad Ass 3D Tattoos

People will often describe a good tattoo as one that “pops.” No application can pop better than an abstract 3D piece. Good quality 3D can be adapted to nearly any style, from realism to New Wave, to black and gray and neo traditional. In order for this to work the artist needs to have a masterful understanding or proportions and physics.

Where should a shadow fall? Which parts of the design should be in sharp focus and which parts should be softer? How should the linework be skewed to create the illusion of depth when there really is none? If your artist has a handle on these types of questions, 3D designs can look like they’re literally floating off of your skin.

4. Bad Ass Color Tattoos   

A true master of color can make badassery come to life in a way that simple black and gray ink can’t always pull off. Contrasting use of bold colors can elevate a design no matter what style was used in the application. You just need to have that perfect, punched in saturation and a palette the compliments the design features of the tattoo.

5. Bad Ass Sleeve Tattoos 

By definition, sleeve tattoos are pretty bad ass, so finding the perfect subject matter and a quality artist is your only real concern. The design needs to be depicted in a way that flows properly in a space that is much longer than it is wide. Your artist needs to understand how to use this space effectively, and master proportions, subtle fill and image placement to achieve a completely successful sleeve.

6. Small Bad Ass Tattoos 

Not every tattoo needs to be a full sleeve or back piece to qualify as a bad ass piece of body art. A killer design is all you need to accomplish your goals and it can be punched in on a bicep, a shoulder, or even on your hand if the design is right, and the artist delivers skilled, precise technical tattooing.

7. Bad Ass Animal Tattoos 

Nature is an absolute monster and deserves to be memorialized in a bad ass tattoo. Whether done in a realistic style, illustrative, or even something goofy and New Wave, capturing the ferocity and intensity of an animal can really hit the bad ass nail on the head in a way that other subjects may not be able to achieve.

8. Bad Ass Tribal Tattoos 

Tribal tattoos are the oldest style of ink in the world. Cultural significance, and their ongoing popularity of contrasting line and negative space design means they’re still prominent today. The most bad ass tribal tattoos need a fine balance between epic scale in detail and contrast, and utilizing the deepest, darkest blacks to create beautiful storytelling motifs. Patterns need to be tight and clear; saturation needs to be rich, and ideally the size is large and in line historically with the cultural style it’s inked in.

Traditional Bad Ass Tattoos  

Whether you’re dealing with Neo Traditional, American Traditional, or Japanese Traditional, these are the styles that rely heavily on specific rules. The color palette is standardized, the outlines are bold and punched in solidly, the designs are clean and easy to read. The result? A truly bad ass tattoo. 

Dark and Gritty Bad Ass Tattoos 

What’s more bad ass than a seriously dark and gritty image? From menacing skulls to powerful warriors, the subject matter of the design is just as powerful and important as the application in these designs. The result is the kind of finished tattoo that makes people stop and take a second look. 

Bad Ass Black and Gray Tattoos 

You could make a strong argument that black and gray tattoos are the most pure and elegant of all styles. There are no color tricks here, just art. Black and gray relies on precision linework and perfect shading to bring an image to life with a limited palette. That stark contrast can be extra powerful in a bad ass tattoo.

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