Beard Growth Stages

Beard Growth Stages – Growing With Good Expectations

There’s good reason why many men try growing a beard and quit early. While it may seem as easy as letting nature take its course, there’s actually a lot more to it.

To help set you up with the right expectations to reach your goals, I’ve put together a collection of all the beard growth stages.

From day one to a full year of growth.

I’ll show you when the beard goes from sandpapery rough to silky smooth, when the itchiness goes away, and how life living with a beard really is.

Here are the complete and full stages every man should know below.


Growing A Beard Stages

Day One – Week One:

Before you even consider growing out your beard, stop and make sure you’ve done the properly grooming first!

Most men tend to rush into the process right after a clean shave and let nature takes its course. Yes, that’s how a beard grows, however all your beard hairs will start poking their way into your face like a hypodermic needle.

If you want to cut back the amount of itchy and uncomfortably scratchy regret, then do this: Shave your face clean as normal and let it grow for a few days. Then use a trimmer at a 90 degree angle to cut it back down again. I know, it sounds like we’re going in reverse here, but this step is important! By grooming properly, you’ll make your beard hairs less sharp!


Week Two – Week Three:

For most men a heavy stubble will start sprouting up. Sure, it’s not a full beard yet but you have made progress!

At this point if you’re going to start feeling the itchiness and scratchiness of your never beard. Now, if you followed the step above just remember that it won’t prevent all the itch, but it will reduce a great deal of it.

To help reduce the itch even further, grab a foil shaver like the Philips Norelco OneBlade and cut your beard hairs straight across. Once that’s done, read up on the Beard Itch 101 guide. It’s a great primer for figuring out the basics of proper beard care, while the Beard Care 101 guide includes virtually everything you could ever want to know.


Week Four – Week Six:

At this point the itchiness should vanish. You’ll starting noticing your beard getting fuller, only it will look more messy and patchy. You might even think it looks terrible, but relax, this is normal and there is no reason to worry.

Remember, there is the timeframe where 99% of who want to grow a beard end up quitting. Yes, your beard will look awful unless you have perfect genetics. Your co-workers, family, wife, and friends will notice it too, and you might find their remarks discouraging.

Ignore it, don’t give into the temptation to shave nor trim!

At this point you’ll really want to trim up your beard, but now is not the time to do so. I’ll explain why in the next week below.


Week Seven – Week Nine:

The three months mark, you’ve made it. Great job, your beard now looks like an actual beard!

Here is where you’ll start seeing your beard really filling-in and taking on some serious length.

With a sense of your troubled growth areas, plus an idea of any spottiness, you can now comfortably trim your beard safely. Aim to trim about every couple of weeks or so.


Three To Six Months:

Your new beard will make eating and drink a problem. Food will get caught in your beard, while your mustache hairs will find their way into your mouth.

It’s a very weird feeling to constantly feel like there’s a hair in your food. Relax, it’s just your mustache being unruly. You’ll want to start using moustache wax so you can begin dry training it. Whatever you do, don’t cut it down! It can be easily parted to the sides and remain on the sides if you take the time to groom it properly.

When drinking, consider using a straw at this point, it will make your life a bit easier.


Six Months To Nine Months:

For some men, this is the beard stage where growth seems to literally fall flat. Growth seems to become slower than ever. Don’t worry, again this is completely normal.

With your new lengthy beard you’ll also start to notice it being carried by the wind too.

Remember, that at this stage you’ve amassed a lot of beard hair. When brushing it’s normal to see a considerable amount of hair making its way on out. Understand that most men shed anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs per day; it’s natural.

You might also start to notice dandruff collecting as well, if so refer to the Beard Dandruff guide to stop those pesky flakes.


Ten Months To Twelve Months:

You’ve made it to the “Yeard” stage!

By now your beard will be making itself more known. In the morning your beard will spread itself all over your pillow in every direction possible. You’ll need to start focusing seriously on proper grooming, from oiling to brushing.

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