Top Best Beard Brush For Men

Top 15 Best Beard Brushes For Men – Brush Up On Your Grooming

Prohibition hipsters and lumberjacks have little in common besides their common appreciation for a well-groomed beard. Wild beards are in, but harsh tangles and lint balls are not acceptable everywhere.

Invest in a proper beard brush and you’ll be able to tame those locks at your own digression.
While searching for the perfect grooming tool can be intimidating, I’ve researched what it takes to be the ultimate beard brush and have discovered some truly inspiring products.
I recommend products that feature all-natural, single origin materials with genuine boar bristles. Those that display thoughtful composition when it comes to the ergonomics of the handle and the bristle arrangement and length also win in my book. Of course, a touch of exotic or sharp-looking wood always adds a bit to the cool factor.
Read along below to discover some of my favorite beard grooming tools and why!

Best Beard Brushes For Men

1. Zilberhaar Pure Boar Bristles Natural Firm Hog Hair Beard Brush

Beard Brush by ZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristles Natural Firm Hog Hair and Pearwood Works With All Beard Balms and Beard Oils Exfoliates Skin Helps Softening and Conditioning Itchy Beards Great for Travel
The ZilberHarr brush features pure boar bristle and a luxurious pear wood handle. With extra long bristles, you’ll have no difficulty evenly distributing beard oils nor untangling the bulky interior locks of your beard. What’s more, this brush comes with a lifetime guarantee.


2. Smooth Viking Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Beard & Mustache Brush and Comb Kit - Boar Bristle Beard Brush & Wooden Grooming Comb - Facial Hair Care Gift Set for Men - Distributes Products & Wax for Styling, Growth & Maintenance - Smooth Viking
The Smooth Viking is an aptly named, for this brush will transform your feral bush into a classy frontal panache. You can easily apply men’s hair oil or balm to seal in the perfect look.


3. Huntsman Beard Co Premium Mens Beard Brush

Boar Bristle Beard Brush - Perfect For Balms and Oils - Natural, Soft Boars Hair - For Help Softening And Conditioning Itchy Beards - Presented in Premium Gift Box
The handless Huntsman brush features dark stained wood and boar bristle. Its dapper shape and pigment make it for an old fashioned gentleman’s lounge. We’re confident it will help you to gently groom your modern beard too!


4. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Boar Hair Beard Brush

Men's Hair Brush- 100% Pure Black Boar Hair Natural Bristle for Beard, Moustache - Firm Military Style with Handmade Wood Handle – No Snags, No Scratch, Gentle Bristle – Use with Beard Oil
The Rocky Mountain beard brush is an all-natural wood and boar bristle brush that is designed to spruce up the most grizzly of beards. It’s black sheen and white typescript help it to stand out, but its fine-tuned bristles are what make it a truly wonderful investment.


5. Kent Gentleman’s Hairbrush Model No MG3 Oval Beard Brush

Kent MG3 Finest Men's Hair Brush & Beard Brush for Skin Care - 100% Natural White Boar Bristle Brush for Mens Grooming, Scalp Brush, 360 Wave, and Beard Straightener For Men's Hair Care
We cannot begin to explain our obsession with this palm-sized Beech wood and pure white boar bristle brush. With half-inch bristles, it tenderly massages those precious hair follicles to stimulate beard growth and exfoliate skin. The medium strength bristles stand up to disobedient hairs without causing breakage.


6. Percy Nobleman Oiled Austrian Pear Wood Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Beard Brush by Percy Nobleman - Made from Oiled Austrian Pear Wood - 100% Boar Bristle Brush for Men
The laser engraved, oil-stained Austrian Pear wood brush features pure wild boar bristles for gentle but manly grooming. Apply a dab of beard oil and give your frontal mane a stroke to untangle loose and unruly hairs. The Percy Nobleman brush is pocket-sized for easy travel.


7. Bfwood Black Walnut Small Round Boar Bristle Beard Brush

BFWood Beard Brush for Men - Boar Bristles Small and Round - Black Walnut Wood
We are obsessed with BFwood’s Sophisticated Wild’s round boar bristle brush. This brush offers equal parts style and utility. The natural bristles help stroke and stimulate the surface of the skin. However, they won’t stir up unsightly dandruff like the harsh synthetic bristles of your average hairbrush.


8. Jack Dean Military Style Beard Brush

Denman Jack Dean - JDMB55- Military Styling Beard Hair Brush – Made from Natural Bristle & Luxury Italian Beechwood for Men
If you want to tidy your beard without the austere look of polished wood and whimsical typography, this military style brush is right for you. Featuring a combination of nylon and boar bristles; it makes quick work of tangled tresses. In case you’re wondering, it is perfect for distributing oil too.


9. Kent Limited Edition Beard Brush

Kent BRD2 Men's Beard and Mustache Brush - Specially Cut Natural White Boar Bristle for Flawless Shaping and Grooming. Ergonomic Pistol-Like Grip Wood Handle. Dry or Wet Beard, Distributes Oils/Balms
After reviewing several Kent brushes, we were starting to think they were masters of the beard. This brush helped to confirm that. The unvarnished European beech wood and silver boar bristles offer a unique aesthetic. This brush also features some stunning decorative logo and dashing cotton drawstring pouch. If you prefer a handled brush, we highly recommend it!


10. Liberty Premium Grooming Co Beard Brush

It is hard to resist the black stain and gold lettering of the Liberty brush. Aesthetically, this tool is tantalizing. When it comes to utility, the wide paddle and generous boar bristles offer beard grooming perfection. Moreover, when it comes to applying balm or oil, Liberty does it best.


11. Magic Soft Boar Bristle Palm Beard Brush

Magic Collection Reinforced Boar Bristle Soft Palm Brush No.7723
The Magic brush is a highly affordable beard brush that features reinforced boar bristle and a natural wood handle. The mix of synthetic bristles offers more resilience against stubborn tangles, while the boar bristle helps to gently stimulate hair follicles.


12. Peters Beard Horse Hair Beard Brush

Beard Brush for Men - Round Wooden Handle Perfect for Beard Oil & Balm with Natural Soft Horse Hair Bristles Styling & Grooming Tool Helps Softening and Conditioning
A distinguished favorite of ours, Peter’s brush is in line with the simple, sophisticated style trend that is currently making its rounds. The chunky, circle base is easy to grip. Additionally, the long boar bristles project horizontally to optimize brush stroke coverage.


13. R. S. Stein Military Style Beard Brush

Military Style Brush by R.S. Stein
R.S. Stein’s military style brush doesn’t disappoint. The bounties of bristles provide full coverage to even the bushiest of beards. It tends to work best with subtly moist hair or with a dab of balm or oil. Moreover, the traditional rectangular paddle will fit securely in your palm for easy, efficient grooming.


14. The Rugged Bros Wild Boar Bristle Round Beard Brush

Beard Brush for Men by The Rugged Bros - Made from 100% Pure Wild Boar Hair - Best Round Hair Comb for Facial Care, Conditioning, and Distributing Oil - Perfect for Maintenance of Beards and Moustache
Finally, a brush that is ergonomically designed for easy brushing along the contours of your hidden but still ever so sharp jaw line. The Rugged Bros are all about bringing you the purest materials. From their hand carved handles to their long, durable bristles, their brush is a worthy investment. Your beard will thank you!


15. Zeus One Hundred Percent Boar Bristle Moustache And Beard Brush

ZEUS 100% Boar Bristle Beard and Moustache Brush with Handle for Untangling Beard Hairs - Made in Germany (FIRM BRISTLES) - J91
This last brush is not to be forgotten. Handcrafted in Germany, made with 100% boar hair, and pure pear wood handle, the Zeus beard brush is godly! While many of the competitors have chosen to purge their brushes of an elongated handle, the Zeus brush pulls off this handy feature with class. This brush is great for evenly distributing beard oils. Plus, it comes with a convenient, inscribed cotton satchel for easy traveling.


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