3C Hairstyles for Men

17 Best 3C Hairstyles for Men in 2020

3C hair is a type of curly hair characterized by tight curls with lots of voluminous strands that are perfectly packed together to enhance the texture. Compared to the other type of curly hair such as 3A, 3B, and 4A, type 3C is a relatively new classification. It was created and included in the hair type chart when the stylists discovered that there was a hair type missing between type 3B and 4A.

Many guys have type 3C. Unfortunately, some don’t know whether they have type 3C, and those who know, don’t know how to style it and how to care for it. Unlike the other types of hair, curly hair can be complicated when it comes to styling and caring for it. A mistake in styling or applying the products can make it look dull and lifeless.

But you don’t have to worry about that. We are here to reveal to you some of the best 3C hairstyles for men, how to style them, and the best way to take care of your type 3C curly hair. Ready? Let’s plunge in and learn more.

1. Long Afro

A beautiful extended afro styled on type 3C curly hair. The hairstyle has a lot of texture and movement

There cannot be a better way to embrace your type 3C than styling it into a long afro look. And your hairstyle will be even more thrilling if you have naturally thick curls. Though the hair will be stubborn to style, you will end up getting a hairstyle that is out of this world. When styling your long afro, don’t opt for a huge mop of locks, but go for a perfectly cut version that will make it easier to control your hair type. Remember, curly hair can be hard to maintain, especially if you keep an extra-large mop of hair.

However, remember that the long afro is not one of those hairstyles that you can DIY at home. For a perfect look, look for a skilled barber who will understand how to trim your 3C hair to accentuate your curls while keeping them less overwhelming.


2. Curly Pompadour

A curly pompadour with long curly hair in front that covers some part of the forehead with short manes on the sides and back

The pompadour hairstyle has been there for decades, and this haircut is a statement by itself. The best aspect is that you can achieve this hairstyle regardless of your hair type, including your stubborn type 3C curls. Closely packed curls will enhance the thickness and depth that is highly needed by your pompadour.

However, there is a catch when you style your type 3C into a pompadour. To make it remain in place, and perfectly work for your hair type, manage your natural waves. This will ensure that your tresses always look tidy and in place. Take advantage of naturally curly hair to rock a redefined pompadour.


3. Bowl Cut

A bowl haircut for men with type 3C featuring even curls on top and front bangs. Ideal for guys with round face shape

Ideal for guys with round-shaped faces, the bowl haircut has won the hearts of many men for years. While the traditional bowl haircuts featured smooth look, the modern bowl haircuts are characterized by lots of texture, and most guys wear it messy. As such, men with naturally curly hair find bowl haircuts an ideal look for their hair. This is because their hair type enables them to rock their hair messy and with a lot of texture.

To sport this hairstyle, tell your barber to style a low undercut and leave some long and voluminous curls on top that sits uniformly in line with the bangs. To complete the look, take advantage of the natural texture of your type 3C hair and play up things to get a cool and carefree look.


4. Hard Part

An edgy curly hairstyle paired with long and voluminous curls on top and short manes on the sides and back

If you want to rock a look with an enhanced edge and definition, then you cannot get it wrong if you choose a hard part. A hard part, which is achieved by cutting a line into the curls, can accomplish a sharp contrast between the varying portions of your type 3C hair. As such, it comes up with a clear distinction, which brings out the right balance between the textured curls and relaxed look, characteristic of all types of curly hair. Opt for this hairstyle if you love styling your curls to one side, and you need to rock a different hairstyle.


5. Men’s Lob

long bob men's hairstyle featuring long and close-packed curls. The curly hair covers forehead and cheeks

If you thought the long bob was reserved for women, this next hairstyle would prove you wrong. Men, too, can rock a lob, and you will be surprised they look flattering even more than women.

With type 3C curls, you can rock almost all hairstyles, and this rock-star inspired style is a good example. The curly hair gives this look enough texture, which is much needed in this style. However, if you choose to rock this hairstyle, you need to exercise a little bit of caution, especially when it comes to choosing the products to use on your hair. Choose the products that will maximize the natural volume of your hair.


6. Men’s Bob

A man with type 3C hair wearing a bob with medium-length tresses. A great look if you want to frame your facial features

This is another hairstyle that is mostly rocked by women. However, this hairstyle has become quite popular, especially among men with curly hair. The hairstyle features long close-packed curls that grow out to long length, reaching the shoulders. If you want to grow your curly hair, there is a standard length that you should grow it to.

Medium length is the right length that your curls should reach. This frames your facial features perfectly, while at the same time keeping your cheekbones and natural jawline distinctive.


7. The Shag

A man wearing a mid-length curly hair with a lot of volume and texture

If you need a hairstyle that will help you keep your hair length short enough for easy maintenance but not too long for styling, then you would want to choose the shag. This hairstyle can be rocekd in various ways, either messy or clean and smooth. It all depends on what you need. Guys like hairstyles that can be rocked for different events but give them a different feel. The shag for men is a classic haircut that will help you achieve that.

To rock this look, leave more curls in front, so that will be no much weight at the center. This gives your hair a lot of dimension and movement. The hairstyle looks flattering from the first day, and it looks more flattering by day five since the shape allows your locks to expand and give your hair a new feel.


8. Natural Slept In and Layered

A man wearing layered curly hair with natural volume

As the name of this haircut suggests, all that you need to achieve this look is to sleep with your type 3C hair and layer it in the morning. What a ridiculous way of attaining a flattering look like this!

The entire hair length is kept uniform. This improves the curl formation to create texture and brings out your well-packed curls in an extraordinary manner. This is an ideal hairstyle for college students who aren’t ready to chop their hair to a short length but want something professional. Besides wearing it on type 3C hair, this hairstyle can be rocked by guys with wavy and straight hair, but then they will need to invest in a quality curler and hair products to maintain the pattern.

We believe that getting the right stylist who knows how to style type 3C curls is as essential as getting the right haircut.


9. Shaved Sides Paired With Low Fade For Type 3C Textured Hair

A curly hairstyle with long and texturized hair on top paired with faded sides

Regardless of the type of fade that you opt for, low, medium or high, this hairstyle will always give you a neat and modern look. To rock this look, maintain long curly hair on top and fade the sides and back. You can also choose to taper the hair on the sides to skin fade, reaching slightly above the ears.


10. Tapered Short Afro Paired With Beard

A black man with short type 3C curly hair matched with beard

This hairstyle looks great for black men with type 3C curly hair. Want to maintain your manes short but at the same time stylish? This is the right hairstyle for you to choose if you have type 3C hair. And to make your look even more unique and stand out from the crowd, we recommend that you pair your haircut with a full beard.

This hairstyle is effortless and seamless to create and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.


11. Hard Part Curls

A curly hairstyle with a sharp distinction between the hair on top and the bottom, created by the hard part

Generally, a hard part is styled using a razor. The hard part isolates the hair on the top from the manes below.

To rock this look, you would want to maintain your natural curls tight on top and then have the hair on the bottom half tapered. To create a sharp distinction between the tight curls on top and the hair below, set your trimmer or razor to number one and carefully create your part. However, note that this can be risky to DIY at home unless you can hold the razor steadily. You require a lot of practice and patience to be able to achieve this hairstyle at home. So, the best thing is to look for a barber who can style a perfect hard part for you.


12. Angular Curls

Long angular curly hair with a low fade on the sides

This is a great look for men with medium length curls. It is a fashionable and modern look that appears great on guys with type 3C curly hair. The hairstyle features a lot of volume and dimension, and this makes it appear taller.

To rock this look, you should start by applying pomade on your wet curls and then tousle them. Then using a round brush, sweep the curls on top of your head to the direction you want to style them. Then use a round brush to brush your hair as you blow-dry it in an upward motion. Once your curls are moisture-free, apply hair wax to set the angle, and you are ready to go.


13. Short Afro

A type 3C short afro paired with a neat fade

Type 3C curly hair can be unruly, and in most cases, men find it challenging to manage it. As such, a short haircut means a lot to men than just a hairstyle. It means that you will be able to keep your unruly curls in control, while still rocking a stylish look. This is especially useful for guys who work in an office, or college students who don’t want to spend much of their time styling their hair every morning.

Therefore, a short afro paired with a fade makes an excellent choice for guys with 3C hair. To wear this haircut, tell your barber to crop the length of the hair on top and gradually taper it down on the sides to reveal the skin slightly above the ears.


14. Beach Curly Hair

Casual curly hairstyle with flowing beachy curls

Wondering which hairstyle to style for your type 3C curly hair that is appropriate for casual days? Look no further. Beachy curls give you a look that is suited for all casual events. Beach curly hair is also a great haircut for cool guys since they provide more options when it comes to styling and applying hair products. Yes, that is what beach curls can offer you; they look flattering when styled messily.

However, styling beach curls is not everyone’s cup of tea. Achieving a messy look can be hard to perfect. The trick is to look for a quality sea salt hairspray. This will keep your curls together when they become unmanageable.


15. Curly Undercut

A type 3C curly hair with long curls on top and shaved sides and back. It is a low maintenance look

The undercut is a military-inspired look. However, when styled with type 3C hair, it gives you a different and fresh look. Curls enhance the texture and dimension of this cool men’s hairstyle. Styling your curls into an undercut is the best way to control your curls for some reason.

For men with unruly curls, you will not need to spend a lot of time when styling it. This is because the undercut features short sides and back, and the only hair you will need to manage is the hair on top. Besides, an undercut looks amazing with different hair lengths. As such, you can choose any length that looks great for your face shape.


16. Glossy Curls

A sleek glossy curls with shoulder-length hair

Another way to style your type 3C curly hair is to apply a hair product that has a light gloss. Make sure that your curls are perfectly styled and have a little bit more gloss and give the top curls more texturized finish.

And if you need a more formal glossy hairstyle, you can slick it to the back. This will make your hair look sleeker and make a formal statement.


17. Curly Fringe

3C hairstyle for men featuring long fringe in front falling on the forehead and short hair on the sides and back

Though curly fringe flatters men with thick manes, guys with type 3C curly hair can also rock it and look great. However, make sure that your curls have enough thickness for an excellent look. After styling your curls using glossy pomade, apply some hairspray to make sure all the curls are in place.


Caring For 3C Hairstyles

Regardless of how you style your 3C hair, caring for this type of curly hair remains the same. For your hair to remain looking fabulous and flattering, you need to maintain it well.

To start with, 3C hair is a type of curly hair, and as such, all the litanies hold true: it is highly textured with full volume, and it is vulnerable to frizz and changes in weather. And because sebum produced from the scald doesn’t reach the lengths because of obstruction from the ringlets that leads to uneven distribution of oils.

Because of this, type 3C hair is vulnerable to dryness, damage, and dullness. So, that tells you how much moisture the hair needs. So how do you care for this hair type? That takes us to the next sub-topic.


3C Hairstyles Care Guide

Step 1: Wash and Condition Your 3C Hair Thoroughly

With this type of hair, which is usually much texturized, you should start by washing it. Opt for a moisturizing conditioner and shampoo that eradicates grease and oils without taking away important nourishment from the curls.

Step 2: Deep Condition Your Curly Hair

Type 3C curly hair can get quite curlier when dry. That means that when left dry, they can get quite delicate and look parched. So you would want to deep condition it after the regular conditioning. After deep conditioning, apply a quality hair product to make your strands lightweight and get the much-needed gloss.

Step 3: Choose the Right Curl Cream

You would want to choose a styling cream that makes your hair ringlets well-moisturized to maintain your curl’s shape and bounce. This will help your curls remain looking shiny and composed, accentuating the twist in each strand.

Step 4: Apply a Curl Refresher

Men with type 3C curly hair shouldn’t wash their manes every day. Because of this, most guys choose a product similar to a leave-in-conditioner to maintain their curls. The curl refresher, as its name suggests, rejuvenates your curls without water. It maintains the entire style looking fresh and smooth with some bounce and control for the next few days after styling.

We hope you have been able to choose your favorite hairstyle to rock with your type 3C curly hair. Having selected the best hairstyle for your hair type and knowing how to care for it, you are now unstoppable to style and flaunt your type 3C curly hair.

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