Best Asian Haircuts For Men In 2020

21 Best Asian Haircuts for Men in 2020

Heavily inspired by K-Pop culture, Asian haircuts for men are very popular since they are effortless to style and maintain. Thanks to their thick hair, Asian men can experiment with a myriad of hairstyles. That tells you why Asian guys are usually the first to rock the new hairstyles whenever they hit the streets.

From typical short haircuts to classic comb-overs, Asian men can rock virtually all the hairstyles for men. Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, you are sure to get a hairstyle that suits your hair type. Besides, if you want to create a unique statement, you can experiment with different shades and choose the one that brings out the real you.

If you are looking for a fresh Asian haircut to renew your hairstyle, here are some Asian haircuts inspirations you want to consider. Take a peek.

1. Curly Pomp

Styling a pompadour is an excellent way to tame your naturally curly hair. To rock this look, tell your barber to taper the hair on the sides and leave long hair on top. For curly hair, there is no need to apply hair product. However, for guys with wavy hair, you should apply some styling product to define the strands. If you have thin hair, a curling iron will help you accomplish this style. If you use a quality product, your hair will remain in check until the next day.

2. Disconnected Undercut

As the name suggests, a disconnected undercut features a sharp contrast between the long hair on top and almost clean-shaven sides and back exposing much of the scalp. In fact, you can notice the difference in hair length even when you are some meters away.

To rock this look perfectly, you would want to make sure that you have enough amount of volume in the top manes. That explains why this haircut looks great on Asian men with thick hair. And if you want to include a beachier look, create some waves.

3. The Messy Medium

This haircut is a traditional Korea/Japan undergraduate hairstyle. To style this hairstyle, you should grow out your hair to medium length. To make it appropriate for school, you would want to use some hair styling products such as hair wax.

4. Samurai Bun

Currently, the man buns are the talk of the town, and this is the right time to bring in the samurai bun. Originating from Japan, the samurai bun features a man bun styled at the top, looking like a top knot. It is a flattering Asian haircut, especially for those with angular facial features.

5. Asian Undercut

The Asian undercut has stolen the hearts of many Asian men, and the reasons are apparent. This cut is chic and sophisticated, and when you come across it, you will too want to wear it. Currently, it is one of the trendiest haircuts for Asian gents. This hairstyle features long hair on top ending at the crown and the faded sides and back.

Typically, the undercut begins high on the sides, and hair is cut very short length. Just like the disconnected undercut, this Asian undercut also offers a sharp contrast between the hair on top and the sides.

6. Bro Flow

The bro flow is all about creating layers that frame the face making your eyes the center of attention. This haircut works for all face shapes and is suitable for guys with thick hair. After washing your hair, blow-dry your locks upside-down to enhance volume and then comb it. Finish your look with a side part and let gravity do the rest.

7. Side Bangs

Adding side bangs is an excellent way of giving your facial features some edginess. This haircut features an asymmetrical line starting at the forehead to the crown. The hair on one side is styled subtly longer compared to the other side.

To improve texture and volume, the hair on top is combed forward. If you want this style to work for you, ensure that the sides are kept considerably shorter than the hair on top. However, how much shorter will depend on you.

8. Neat Side Part

The classic look of this hairstyle can be attributed to the extra extended hair on the sides. While you will spend some extra minutes styling this hairstyle in the morning, you will leave your home knowing you have a hairstyle to impress everyone at your workplace, including your pickiest boss!

9. Pocky Layers and Shaded Top

Asian guys also rock punk haircuts, and this is a classic example of one. The hairstyle features platinum dyed hair on top and pocky layers on the sides. Create this look, and you will have a show-stopper haircut. However, for the best results, don’t choose to DIY. This is not one of those haircuts that you can style at home. Always choose a barber who knows how to dye the hair perfectly and buzz the sides appropriately.

10. Faux Hawk

This Mohawk inspired haircut provides you with a lot of versatility that lets you customize your hairdo and rock the look you want. However, as opposed to the typical Mohawk, the fohawk is maintained short in the back, and then the hair is graduated into to extended top layer.

To style this look wash your hair and dry it using a towel and apply your preferred hair product to give the hair on top some lift. Buzz the sides for a more groomed look.

11. Buzz Haircut

Tired of styling your hair every morning? Well, the buzz cut is the right haircut to choose. The haircut is ridiculously low maintenance and looks great on everyone. However, it is highly recommended for those Asian guys with strong facial features since it amplifies jawline and cheekbones. One thing Asian men love about this haircut is that you can DIY it at home quickly, especially if you have an electric shaver.

12. Pompadour

The pomp is not only a typical haircut for Asian guys but all men regardless of their race. This gravity-defying hairstyle will give you several head-turns wherever you go. To rock this haircut, start by blow-drying your hair. Tease the hair on top to add some height and finalize your look by combing the hair in front up and then back to create pomp full of volume. To give the top hair some hold, apply quality hairspray.

13. Mushroom Haircut and an Undercut

This is the style you achieve when you combine haircut and an undercut. Just like tattoos which were associated mainly with gangsters is Asia and took a long time to be accepted as a fashion, this haircut hit the streets several decades ago, but it now when Asian men seem to appreciate it. Ideal for young men, it is a great haircut to show your rebellious character.

14. Asian Haircut with a Cropped Quiff

Not sure what an Indian guy loves? Well, you don’t have to worry. This haircut is a classic Asian man’s haircut. It is a chic haircut that looks great on men with thick manes. Apart from being a clean style easy to style, it is also low maintenance.

15. Spiked Haircut

Spikes work perfectly well for men with thick hair, and that is why this haircut has become so popular among Asian men. To rock this look. Choose the right length of hair on top to style your spikes. You may apply pomade to give the spikes some height and lift.

16. Long Flowy Hair

Long hairstyles are coming back, and this time they are more lively and adorable. We haven’t seen so many variations of long hairstyles since the ’90s. Just like women, men don’t like long hairstyles because they are high maintenance and styling them also takes time.

However, this long Asian hairstyle for men we have here is easy to style than you may think. To get that adorable ‘undone’ look, after washing your hair, let it dry in the sun. And if you need an edgier style, tell your barber to cut an undercut. This hairstyle goes well with a tie.

17. Low Fade

If you need a highly versatile haircut, nothing will offer you that better than a low fade. Apart from being versatile, the haircut is known for its texture and depth. All these features make it a must-try Asian haircut for you this year.

The hairstyle incorporates tapered low fade created slightly above and behind the ears. The length of hair on top depends on you. And for the hair on the sides, you may choose to fade it to the skin or trim it uniformly.

18. A Ponytail and Shaved Sides

If you are an Asian man, you don’t always have to rock high maintenance hairstyles when you have a lot of low maintenance options. For instance, this haircut features clean shaved sides with long hair, pulled up to create a ponytail. Match it with sunglasses, and all compliments will be yours! It is a great look for teens.

19. Slicked Back Look and a Fade

This badass hairstyle for Asian men has become quite popular since it is reminiscent of looks from the old days. If you have dark and thick locks, this would be an ideal haircut for you. Make sure to pair your haircut with a mid-fade to make the entire style look neat and elegant. To style this look, you only need a fine-toothed comb to comb your hair backwards from the hairline. Then finish your look with a wet gel to secure your hair and make it last the entire day.

20. Funky Hairstyle for Asian Men

Sometimes if you are an Asian man, you can decide to explore the extreme ends of hairstyles. And if you are a daring young Asian man looking for a funky hairstyle, this haircut will be a great place to start.

To rock this look, grow out your locks to long length and style a wide Mohawk. Pair it with a low fade ensuring you have enough hair on top to apply the dye. To make the bright strikes of hue on top hair pop up, brush the strands in front up and forward. This will draw attention to your hair rather than your facial features. It is a great look if you don’t have great facial features, and you want to draw attention away from them.

21. Faded Design.

Looking for the best Asian haircut for warm weather days, but that is still attention-grabbing? You should get inspiration from this faded design haircut.

To accomplish this look, you would want to shave your hair to a short length and tell your barber to create unique shapes. As to what shapes to create, it is all about your preferences. If you are uncertain about which designs will look great on you, your barber can help you in selecting one. This haircut is all about simplicity and a creative vibe.

We hope you will choose one or more haircuts from these Asian hairstyles for men. Some are more extreme hairstyles, while others are simple and easy to manage. Whatever option you choose, make sure it is something that flatters you.

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